My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Qian Lei Yuan Guo

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Chapter 122

The moment when the vortex of space emerged; many strong men coincidentally jumped up and flew into the vortex.

Some strong men do not intend to fight in advance.

"The entrance to the secret realm is more than this one. After entering, we must be ready to fight at any time!"

Wearing a large black robe, Bai Ruoyan's voice was solemn.

Through the Zijin pupil, Lin Chen could barely peep out that her cultivation behavior seems to have dropped by a large part, it should be taking the secret medicine she said earlier.

"Hold on! After entering, there may be a strong impinging airflow, don't be washed away!"

Bai Ruoyan clung to Lin Chen, Leng Yueqi hesitated a little, but still stretched out the snow-white catkins to grasp Lin Chen's palm.

When the hands of the two stunning beauty's slender and delicate jade were held tightly; let someone in Lin feel a little like a horse, at this moment, Leng Yueqi brought Lin Chen's ear with a murderous voice.

"If you dare to do anything beyond boundaries, I can freeze you into an ice sculpture in an instant."

"Dare to threaten me?"

Lin Chen teased; five fingers deliberately kneaded the back of Leng Yueqi's delicate hands. The latter's pretty face was like a frost, and she was about to shoot.

"We went in too!"

Before waiting for Leng Yueqi to get angry, Bai Ruoyan jumped into the space vortex.

For the first time in this space vortex channel connecting with other spaces, Lin Chen's first feeling was that the world was turned upside down and he lost his center of gravity. What followed was a violent and violent space hurricane!

Bai Ruoyan unfolded a light barrier of war, just like a coating, protecting the three people from being blown away by the space hurricane!

The same is true of the other strong men who entered the vortex, deploying their defenses to protect themselves, and let the vortex of the space itself bring them into the deeper!

However, although Bai Ruoyan's cultivation practice is extraordinary, she has been suppressed by the secret medicine for most of her strength at this moment. To protect Lin Chen and Li Hanyan in this vortex tunnel at the same time, she is somewhat powerless.


A bright space wind blade passed by, hitting Leng Yueqi's combat gas barrier fiercely, cutting the combat defense in half!

The tremendous impact force flew her out, and Lin Chen's hand was loosened!

"not good!"

Bai Ruoyan screamed badly; a long golden whip flowing from Lin Chen's palm blasted out, trapping Leng Yueqi's slender willow waist.

This golden long whip is unusual. Although it is not a high-level weapon, it can reach the destruction of this space hurricane!

"Mr. Qi, start your combat defense!"

Lin Chen drank, Leng Yueqi stabilised her body for the first time, and moved her hand to the void; Youhanmang condensed into an ice crystal light shield, resisting all the hurricanes that destroyed space!

Lin Chen pulled Leng Yueqi, and Bai Ruoyan resisted the space hurricane directly in front. The three of them reached the end of the space vortex with the passage of time.

Through the end of the vortex in space, the world reflected in Lin Chens eyes is a parallel continent, mountains, seas, lava volcanoes, ice and snow, dark jungle, everything in this secret territory!

"Parachin No. 1 Lin Chen is ready!"

Lin Chen, who fell from the sky, laughed loudly, and both women looked at him suspiciously.

I saw Lin Chen turned his head, hehe smiled.

"Relax, I'll kill you at least 29 and take you to eat chicken."


Dark clouds thundered.

In a dilapidated ancient city; three figures appear.

"You have such a trick, why don't you bring it out early!"

Leng Yueqi's eyes stared slightly at Lin Chen, meaning Lin Chen's golden light whip just now.

Lin Chen said seriously: "If I took it out earlier, wouldn't I be able to take advantage of it."

Bai Ruoyan and Leng Yueqi were speechless, and it was so fair to say that he took advantage of it; he was the first one...

"Be careful, there are several strong men nearby."

Bai Ruoyan said cautiously; Leng Yueqi glanced coldly at Lin Chen. If the situation was not the same now, she had to hurt Lin Chen.

"I depend, good stuff!"

Lin Chen had no sense of crisis, and picked up a dozen attribute lightballs that thundered on the ground.

[The host gains 18,000, 13,000, and 21,000 thunder energy.

Stimulate the purple golden pupil; the free and turbulent energy thread between the world and the world becomes complicated and colorful!

"There is baby over there!"

The eyes lit up; Lin Chen took the two beautiful women's catkins without saying anything, unfolding the true flame purple phoenix wings and skimming away from the ancient city!

Perceiving that several strong men in the vicinity seemed to have no interest in this side, Bai Ruoyan breathed a sigh of relief.

There is more than one entrance to the Di Sha evil king's secret realm, and no one knows who else enters the secret territory this time. Here, no one dares to be arrogant enough to provoke anyone.

Lin Chen and his two daughters flew to a mountain top dozens of miles away in the ancient city. The whole mountain was covered with dark clouds, and the lightning flashed vertically; a 100-meter-high ancient tree grew on the mountain top.

The ancient tree is bluish, and every branch and leaf flows with an arc, which is very mysterious.

In the ancient tree of thunder and lightning, two blue fruits of the size of fists are formed. The fruit is wrapped around the crackling arc and contains endless lightning energy, just like a thousand thunder.

On the top of the mountain; there is also a blue python with a length of more than 20 feet.

The python seemed to sense the arrival of Lin Chen and the others, woke up in an instant, and his whole body entered a state of tightening and tightening.

"It's two fifth-order Qianlei Yuanguo, and the fourth-order pinnacle of refining blue three-grain python. Molt yourself to break through the fifth rank."

Bai Ruoyan saw much knowledge; he broke the situation on the top of the mountain in one word.

Leng Yueqi gave Lin Chen a surprised look. How could this kid find this place so accurately, how did he find such treasures?

"Sister Ruoyan, do me a favor and take those two Thousand Lei Yuan fruits away. I'll get rid of this big guy!"

Lin Chen licked his lips excitedly, his blue dragon arm was already hungry and unbearable!

With a look of interest, Bai Ruoyan smiled and said: "Okay, no problem."

The moment Lin Chen leaped to the top of the mountain and put Bai Ruoyan and Leng Yueqi down; the Lianqing Sanwen Python screamed and slammed into it!

Its physical strength is not trivial, this culling is like lightning!

"Qinglong BloodlineLiberation!"

The Qinglong arm was born, and 980,000 tigers pushed the mountains, rivers and rivers, slamming their hands! Slammed on the head of the Refined Blue Tri-striped Python!


Lin Chen waved his green dragon arm for more than a dozen times, and the whole mountain was crumbling; unexpectedly, a fierce and fierce python tail swept out under Lin Chen's mad attack!

"Tiangang fighting spirit!"

Jin Guang's fighting spirit flowed on Lin Chen's body surface, and the python tail bombarded away. Lin Chen was swept away and Tiangang's fighting spirit showed a crack!

Lin Chen's strongest defense was actually smashed by this refining three-stripe python!