My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 123

Chapter 123: Incandescent Aurora Stone

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Chapter 123, Incandescent Aurora Stone!

As a fierce beast about to break through the fifth order, the strength of this refining green three-grained python is second only to Ling Tianyu who Lin Chen has played against!

The python tail twisted, encircling Lin Chen in the air, constantly squeezing his Tiangang fighting spirit.

A flare gun pierced the tail of the three-line python of Linqing, Lin Chen left the green dragon on his left arm, and held the gun on his right arm.

Lin Chen is about to fight again, and then look at it; at this time the Lianqing three-grain python has turned into an ice sculpture, cold and awe-inspiring!

Lin Chen gave Leng Yueqi a helpless look. The latter only left a cold and noble back to him, making him helpless. He also wanted to explode this refining blue three-striped python and drop a little more attribute light ball to supplement his blood. Energy.

[The host gains 310,000 points of qi and blood energy, 380,000 points of qi and blood energy, and 450,000 points of qi and blood energy]

Lin Chen picked up the attributed light sphere that fell out of the body of the refining green three-stripe python, and the strength of the flesh shell climbed rapidly!

"It's worthy of the fierce beast that is about to break through the fifth order. This one time made me rise 150,000 tiger power!"

Lin Chen exclaimed aloud; his flesh shell strength had broken through the 600,000 tiger power mark, and the green dragon's arm only increased a few hundred tiger power.

This 980,000 impact on the 1 million tiger mark is not so easy.

Lin Chen madly picked up, and around this ancient Thunder tree, it was full of thunder light balls! In a breath, it increased 300,000 points of thunder energy! The power of his Nine Nine Secrets surged again!

"Little guy, then."

Bai Ruoyan raised his hand and threw Qian Lei Yuan Guo to Lin Chen. His blue dragon had a roll on his left arm. Two Qian Lei Yuan fruits were included in the Qing Long tattoo; they disappeared.

"Good domineering energy, but my blue dragon arm can absorb them all!"

Lin Chen was shocked that the energy of the thunder system in the blue dragon's arm was completely included in the white aura by the blue dragon arm swallowed by the world.

Even Bai Ruoyan was very surprised. Without any supplementary medicine, even the ordinary Tiangang Realm dared not directly absorb the fifth-order Qianlei Yuanguo. His left arm could absorb two at a stretch. Pcs.

"It seems that your adventures are not small."

Leng Yueqi looked at Lin Chen's left arm in amazement.

"Hey, good luck, compared to your two beauties, they are some tricks."

Someone Lin humbly smiled, and had not waited for the three people to investigate the situation nearby. A deafening explosion was mixed with a strong hurricane from the east!

"There are a lot of strong men fighting, so fierce fighting!"

Bai Ruoyan and Lin Chen reacted for the first time, the former said in surprise.

"Are we going over."

Leng Yue asked indifferently, her face was astonishing, like a blooming ice rose, with a beautiful cold edge.

"Of course I have to go, why don't you have a baby come to the door!"

Lin Chen laughed with great pride, the real flame purple phoenix wings lifted up the sky of purple flames, and the three changed into a streamer of the sky, skimming to the east!


The Secret Realm of the Evil King, outside the Thunder City 3,780 li.

In a shining lake, seventy-two white ores shining brightly reflect the purity of heaven and earth!

The incandescent ore is round, the whole body is crystal clear, the light is colorful, and each one emits pure and strong energy fluctuations!

A thousand feet above the lake, dozens of figures criss-crossed, and the colorful combat spirits sometimes turned into raptors, or magic weapons, or fist prints.

All of these people who are fighting fiercely are all powerful people in the Tiangang Realm!

Even if they suppressed Xiu Wei at this moment, with their understanding of the field of fighting spirit and the spirit of heaven and earth, they can still achieve a flight similar to that of a strong person in Tiangang Realm, but the speed of flight is far less than that of their heyday.

At this time; these powerful men have a terrifying battle because of the rare and precious mines that are born under the lake!

The strongest tiangang realm who entered the mysterious realm of the evil king this time are all cultivated under the fiveth level of the tiangang realm. The boundaries.

Therefore, the cultivation of these strong men is very close, and no one can end the battle in a short time!

Lin Chen and the second daughter approached quietly; lurking in the cliff of the lake hundreds of miles away.

"Sister Yan, are these old monsters in the Gang Gang realm lost their ambitions? There are so many rare and precious mines, and they can all get it together. Why do you need to fight here?"

Lin Chen hid behind the cliff, very puzzled.

When Bai Ruoyan and Leng Yueqi really saw the treasures in the lake, they exclaimed in unison.

"Incandescent Aurora Stone!"

"What kind of stuff is that?"

Lin Chen wondered; he urged Zijin Tong to take a rough look, and found that this rare and precious mine was ranked as a fifth-order product. Although the fifth-order strange mine is very valuable, it would not allow so many days of old monsters Fight!

"Little guy, incandescent aurora is a rare type of ore in heaven and earth. It contains the rarest energy properties of the light system between heaven and earth. On a single value, a fist-sized incandescent aurora is comparable to a fifth-order intermediate-level warfare. , Or the top-level Qinggong exercises."

Bai Ruoyan concealed his lips and smiled, then added a sentence; "Now do you know why they fought."

"Five-tier intermediate?"

Lin Chen was so shocked that his chin almost fell off. The value of this single one is so high. Isn't the seventy-two summed up as fast as the top-level exercises?

For the top-level exercises of the Qing tier, Lin Chen has only one copy of "Shenhuang Nine Tricks" and the undecided "Genesis Nine Tribulation" obtained by chance and chance.

Undoubtedly, if these seventy-two incandescent aurora stones are placed outside, it will set off an earth-shattering **** wind and stir up countless days of deadly fighting.

"Wait? The energy attribute of the light system?"

Lin Chen's mind suddenly crossed a horrifying thought, but he hadn't had time to use Zijin pupil to investigate again.

"We were found, be careful!"

Bai Ruoyan's hand is a trick; the tiny tip of the needle tip is ejected from the slim jade finger, piercing the entire knife instantly!


However, the aftermath of Daomangs explosive atmosphere scattered all over the mountain, turning the cliffs into ma honeycombs!

In the void beyond Baizhang, Lin Chen and the second daughter walked in the air.

"The guy who came here also wanted to touch the incandescent aurora stone. Hey? The earth is terrible in triple trash?"

The three Tiangang strong men each seized one side and stopped fighting. They were murderous, and at this time they stared at Lin Chen and others.

When it was found that Lin Chen's terrestrial realm triple dared to enter the evil king's secret realm, it was both stunned and sneered!

The terrible situation is triple? Here is equivalent to cannon fodder!

"Are we going to fight, or are we going to retreat.

Bai Ruoyan asked Lin Chen indifferently; although the other party's number was dominant, she was not a simple generation.

Although the value of this incandescent aurora stone is extraordinary, for Leng Yueqi and Bai Ruoyan, they do not have too much attraction. They each entered the secret realm of the evil king with their own purposes.

"Fight! This incandescent aurora stone, I'm someone Lin will make!"

Lin Chen's eyes shone with a strong fighting spirit and excitement!