My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 124

Chapter 124: Friend From The Mountain How Are You?

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Chapter 124: Friends from the mountain, how are you?

The green dragon's arm was surging with majestic violent power, and because of the fear that the green dragon's arm was too large, Lin Chen specifically shrunk to the length of the king.

The true flame purple phoenix wing behind flicked up, and actually faced the three Tiangang realm killers!

"Huh? Physical training martial arts!"

The two Tiangang realms exclaimed in unison; the fighting overshadowed Zhou Tian, brewing a trick, and wanted to shoot Lin Chen!

Lengyue Qixian's delicate jade hand gently held the ice bow, and a half-moon-shaped delicate crystal ice bow floated on the jade hand, pulling dozens of ice arrows through the clouds!

Bai Ruoyan's fingertips flicked, and the thin needle-like needle-line thread pierced through the void, which was more terrible than Leng Yueqi's attack, and the expressions of the three Tiangang realms were horrified!

"The strength of these two women is not trivial. Damn, how can such a strong enemy emerge at this knot!"

Before they could react, Lin Chen's mouth smirked a bit, and his body turned sharply, his real flame purple phoenix wings flicked and swept away in the direction of the lake!

"No! The kid's goal is incandescent aurora!"

An old man in a black robe looks cold, the palms of the old hands have the fighting spirit of the mysterious Xuanhuang, and there is a tendency to suppress the eternal age.


Xuanhuang's big fingerprint was pierced by Bai Ruoyan's thread, such terrible attack power even the old man couldn't help looking slightly changed!

The other two Tiangang Realm aware of Lin Chens intentions, and when they wanted to stop, Bai Ruoyan and Leng Yueqis offensive arrived in an instant, the temperature of the entire high altitude suddenly fell, and the cold was bone-cut!

Some of the fierce battles in the surrounding Tiangang realm saw a terrible territories. They even bypassed the battlefield of the mighty powers and swept down the lake. They took a shot, and a variety of fighting forces attacked and destroyed!

A flaming goshawk turned into a fierce fighting spirit and struck behind Lin Chen.

His true flame purple phoenix wing turned upside down, making Lin Chen's figure appear in several'Z' shapes to avoid many attacks!

"What? How can the speed of a terrestrial triplex be so fast?"

"The wings behind him are weird! This is not like a treasure that can be mastered in the realm of evil!"

Many strong men were terrified, and Lin Chen was less than twenty miles away from the lake!

When the thoughts moved, the true flame purple phoenix wings behind Lin Chen swiftly expanded and nearly doubled, and a purple flame flew across the sky!

The higher the level of his body refining, the stronger the power of True Flame Purple Phoenix Wing!

Such a rapid increase in speed, even the other Tiangang environment failed to react, Lin Chen got into the lake at one end!

"No, this kid has gone to the lake!"

The expressions of many powerful gangsters suddenly changed and hurriedly stopped the battle.

When Lin Chen drilled into the lake and took a closer look, the incandescent aurora stone presented a completely different scene.

The interior of the incandescent aurora stone emits light similar to the attribute light ball, but its energy fluctuation is the attribute energy Lin Chen has experienced for the first time!

"You can't be wrong. The fluctuation of this attribute energy should be the energy of the light system!"

Lin Chen excitedly waved his left arm, and the blue dragon's arm swept through the clouds, bringing all the incandescent aurora stones into the blue dragon's arm.

The energy of the light system is the new elemental energy that Lin Chen can obtain after the update of the 2.0 system of the Tiandao picking system. The mentality of Lin Chong's "Creation Nine Tribulation" contains exactly two kinds of "light" and "dark". Extremely rare fighting strength attribute.

"Fuck! Why can't you get it out?"

When Lin Chen brought all the incandescent aurora stones over, he found that he could not absorb the light ball of the light attribute inside!

"Boy, get out!"

An old man in a yellow robe waved his sleeves lightly, engraved with seven "kill" words, the majestic energy giant hand penetrated the clouds and beat down!


The lake screamed hundreds of feet of water. All the powerful people in Tiangang were scattered at the same time; the whole lake was surrounded by a circle.

They were still fighting the previous moment. After Lin Chen took away the incandescent aurora, they immediately attacked Lin Chen with the enemy.

"Don't move! Whoever dares to disturb Lao Tzu blows up these junk stuff!"

I saw the startling sky of water; Lin Chen stood in the air, and the blue dragon arm held 72 incandescent aurora stones with one hand.


All the powerful people in Tiangang Realm looked at each other and almost did not laugh out loud!

"What's so special about you?"

"This is incandescent aurora stone!"

"True heavyweight treasure, can't be met, you dare to blow? Lao Tzu handstand shit!"

Several Tiangang powerful men laughed in the sky, and Lin Mou's mouth scratched a crazy smile!

"Charged Rune: God's Desolate Thunder Explosion!"

Lin Chen's palm infused an incandescent aurora into the incandescent aurora, and the whole ore suddenly shined!

Throwing it with one hand, Lin Chen decisively threw it at the middle-aged man who said "handstand shit" just now!

Bang~~! !

The shocking explosion exploded, and the incandescent Aurora Stone really exploded in front of all the strong!

The white light of energy blooming in the sky was exploded, and the scattered energy beams spread all over the space of thousands of feet.

This kind of power makes the powerful people who are suppressed and cultivated frightened!

The strong man was almost caught in the center of the explosion just now, and he couldn't help but sweat and sweat, this power is not inferior to the attack of the Tiangang Realm!

"What a nice view"

Bai Ruoyan couldn't help but praise, even Leng Yueqi was dumbfounded.


Seventeen Tiangang realms stared at the white light beams spilt in the sky, stunned, almost chin dropped!

He actually dared to blow up the incandescent Aurora Stone! The bomb just now was equivalent to destroying a fifth-order intermediate weapon!

The treasures of this rank, which are placed in the top first-class forces in the wilderness, belong to the treasure of Zhenzong!

How many of these veteran Tiangang powerful players can have?

"Come on! Please start your show, you pull one upside down and show me!"

Lin Chen's domineering smile, holding the second incandescent aurora stone in his hand, watching this action, it may explode again at any time!

Just now, the middle-aged Tian Gangjing, who threatened to stand up and shit, swaggered at the corner of his mouth and swallowed drastically!

He didn't expect Lin Chen to be so ruthless, such rare treasures are said to be fried!

The remaining 16 strong Tiangang realm can't wait to cut a few knives to the middle-aged Tiangang realm who just spoke out loudly. His provocation made this kid blow up such a precious treasure of heaven and earth!

But for Lin Chen; now he has to blow up!

If these old monsters were not deterred and were besieged by groups, even if Bai Ruoyan and Leng Yueqi joined forces, they would not be able to stop the seventeen powerful gangsters who were suppressed and repaired.

"Hi~~ friends over there, how are you~~!"

Lin Chen smiled innocently and waved his arms to say hello to several Tiangang situations in the direction of the mountain cliffs, scaring them to retreat quickly!

Good brother-in-law! Incandescent aurora stone you use as a bomb? Im not as crazy as you are for a neuropathy!

Suddenly; Lin Chen's eyes suddenly shine!

His Zijin pupil suddenly saw the location of the incandescent aurora exploding, and suspended three dazzling white **** of light!

Attribute light ball! It is the attribute light sphere of light energy!

"Grandma's, it was the original thing that was blown up to get the attribute light ball inside!"

Lin Chen almost jumped with joy!