My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 125

Chapter 125: Hello I Feel That Life Has Reached Its Peak

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Chapter 125, Hey~ I feel that life has reached its peak!

"Grandma's, it was the original thing that was blown up to get the attribute light ball inside!"

At the same time, Lin Chen was excited; a crazy thought came out of Lin Chen's heart!

Leng Yueqi and Bai Ruoyan's expressions are solemn; at this time, the situation is extremely crisis, and Lin Chen is surrounded by 17 groups of heaven and earth.

If they kill in, it may cause all Tiangang groups to attack.

It was in this crisis situation; Lin someone shouted abruptly.

"Hey, the old ghost over there, the master asked you, am I handsome?"

Lin Chen pointed to an old man in gray. He heard this wonderful problem and couldn't help but be surprised!

"Grass! How dare you hesitate!"

Without saying a word, Lin Chen urged the gods of wasteland nine tactics to inject the thunder system of war is another throw, the second incandescent aurora petrified into a meteor falling, slammed through the sky, and suddenly exploded!

"Do not!"

All Tiangang realm burst into tears!


The aftermath of the explosion of the incandescent aurora rock swept the sky again; beautifully, round and round of the incandescent aurora bloomed, and everyone looked dumbfounded!

Only a few breaths! Blasted the second incandescent aurora stone again! This Nima is crazy!

Lin Chen determined once again that there were four attribute light **** suspended in the space of the second incandescent aurora exploding!

"Little beast! Laozi slaughtered you!"

A middle-aged man with red skin all over his body, the scars on his face were fierce and fierce.

"You say it again? I don't think it's enough for you to have two flowers, right? You want three flowers, right?"

Lin Chen lifted the third incandescent aurora stone, and in the calm smile on his face, there was a touch of almost crazy excitement!

"Long Chi, calm down for the old man! He will be blasted again when this kid is irritated!"

All the Tiangang realm suddenly glared at the naked man, Lin Chen's fierceness and madness they had really seen!

No wonder this kid dared to enter this evil king's secret realm with triple levels. This is a lunatic!

"Are we going to pass?"

Leng Yueqi was ready to go and asked Bai Ruoyan.

"Wait; this little guy seems to have other plans. Let's look at it again and watch the changes."

Bai Ruoyan saw Lin Chen's eyes filled with an inexplicable confidence.

"Little brother, dont bother with these big bosses, so lets talk about your conditions. How can you hand over the incandescent aurora, although you have a helper, but we have so many heavens in the world, you cant always Is it right for a person to swallow these incandescent aurora stones alone?"

An old man in a white robe, whose spirits and spirits seemed to be immortal, smiled and smiled; a glance of killing intently crossed his eyes.

"Less nonsense, answer my question first. I am handsome or not handsome!"

Lin Chen grinned cheaply; playing with two incandescent aurora stones in his palm, the old man in white robe was shocked.

The latter hurriedly clenched his fists and smiled; "Handsome, the younger brother is certainly handsome. Since the old husband has lived for thousands of years; Xiaoyou is one of the most handsome people the old husband has seen. There is no one in the future. Hegemony."

This old man's tone can be said to be quite respectful and numb; this all made the go-go goose bumps in the next strong Tiangang.

"Well~ I can see that you are still sincere."

Someone Lin nodded his head very'usefully'; the white-haired old man asked with a fist clenched face.

"Where and where, Laozheng just told the truth, but after all, Laozhuang wants to ask Xiaoyou this incandescent aurora instead of everyone..."

"Don't ask! Don't ask! The question is to **** you up; it must be the kind of double-shot cannon! I can only ask you now, and when I am satisfied with the answer, I will give you these bad things. "

Lin Chen's complexion instantly became very bad; in a word, the other party swallowed back the words in the throat.

"It's your turn, big eyebrow. Right, right, that's you, the one who doesn't wear underwear. What do you look around; I ask you, I'm handsome or not."

Another Tian Gang situation was picked by someone from Lin; the other person blushed and cheeked out a few words;

"Um~~ Then I ask you, I am handsome or stand-alone Wang Shuai."

Lin Chen raised another question that made everyone puzzled; who is the stand-alone king?

"Of course you are handsome!"

I was afraid that he had exploded two incandescent aurora stones, and the other party gritted his teeth out of the teeth.

"What? You actually think that Brother Ji is not as handsome as me, so what are you looking for?"

I don't know; Lin Chen was inexplicably violent and thunderous! The incandescent aurora stone in his hand shines a strong light again!

"No no no! The brother is handsome, the brother is handsome!"

The other party said quickly and sweatingly; these two incandescent aurora stones exploded, and he would have to peel off without dying!


Even the extraordinary woman such as Bai Ruoyan was teased by Lin Chen. He actually used the incandescent aurora stones to turn this group of veteran Tiangang powerhouses together.

These older generations are in the twenty-four domains on weekdays; or in a certain region of Lingzhou, they all have a head and a face, and have a respectable presence. what!

But it was not acceptable, no one could tell that this kid was not a soft-footed shrimp. He was so anxious that he might have blown up all the aurora stones, and then everyone would have nowhere to go!

"Where's this wonderful ghost come from? I rely on it, I have asked everyone that it's not over yet?"

"Why dont we rush up and grab the incandescent aurora stone!"

"Then you rush first, he threw two or three incandescent aurora stones in one breath to see who was blown open."

Many Tiangang realm secretly communicated in secret; although they are now united to lock Lin Chen, but they themselves are enemies, no one wants to believe who, and even less likely to take the lead.

What's more, there are two women of great strength around Lin Chen who help out; no one dares to shoot first in this chaotic situation.


It was another earth-shattering explosion. I dont know which unlucky egg made Lin unhappy. This time, two incandescent aurora stones were blown away in one breath!

"Damn, I can't help it! This kid didn't plan to let go of these incandescent aurora stones, you can't go, our brothers!"

Two one-eyed swordsmen rushed to the crown in anger, if the sword in their hands jumped out spiritually;

The two backhands beheaded with a sword-like anger, Dapeng spread his wings and fought against the sky. Dao Qi Yu Yun is like a storm destroying the sky, coming down from the top of Lin Chen's head!

"I'll go to your uncle!"

Two incandescent aurora stones were injected into the thunder system, and Lin Chen threw it into the air, and the vast and hidden light system energy was suddenly released!

"It doesn't matter! Whoever grabs it is who it is, this kid didn't plan to hand over the incandescent aurora stone from the beginning!"

Seventeen sky gangs swarmed up; Lin Chen's eyes were fast and he threw ten incandescent aurora stones in succession with one hand like an afterimage, exploding in succession, and a shocking energy storm swept across the lake!

A stream of purple flames pierced the storm; Lin Chen's laughter sounded all over the sky!

"Oh, hey~ I feel that life has reached its peak~"