My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 126

Chapter 126: An Unprecedented Pursuit Battle

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Chapter 126: Unprecedented Pursuit!

Detonating twelve incandescent aurora stones, Lin Chen opened a gap to escape from the heavy encirclement of Tiangang Realm!

"You go first and leave it to me next."

Lin Chen whispered a secret to the second daughter; the Purple Phoenix winged away from the air, three points faster than before!

Bai Ruoyan and Leng Yueqi nodded, and immediately retreated.

"Catch up with him! He has a terrible situation, and the old man does not believe how long he can maintain this speed!"

"On the cultivation base, we are a hundred times stronger than this kid. The old man doesn't think he can maintain this speed for so long!"

"His grandmother is a bear and dares to play with the old man for so long. After I catch this kid, I will peel him off myself!"

Faced with the trade-offs between the seventeen strong gangsters, no one would choose to chase Bai Ruoyan and they chose Lin Chen!


There is not only one entrance to the evil king's secret realm; there are also many entrances to the secret realm outside the 24 domains or within Lingzhou.

In the southern part of the mysterious realm, in a primitive wilderness full of vitality, at this time; two beautiful ladies are flying in the sky.

The girl with a double ponytail headed is lively and cheerful, with a small devilish smile drawn from time to time, charming and playful.

The girl smiled playfully at her sister beside her.

"Sister, why did you refuse to pursue the son of Sunkun Palace Xiao Kun?"

The long-haired woman has picturesque eyes, exquisite facial features, slim waist like willow, gentle and pleasant temperament, and elegant appearance. She gave the girl a white look; she sighed slightly.

"Are you a little girl asking for some reason? That Xiao Kun is not a man or a woman, she looks like a woman, there is no masculinity at all."

The girl and her sister were playing together, and Yingyingyanyan smiled.

"What kind of man does that sister like? Strong? Handsome?"

The beautician smiled at Yan Si.

"Me? The man I like should be stronger and smarter than the rest of the world. The face of crisis is not in danger; he has to be funny and humorous, and he has a unique way of acting. Worthy of being my sweetheart~"

"Poop~Sister, how can there be such a brilliant man? Look at the few other men in Lingzhou like you said, you are thinking of spring dreams!"

The girls with double ponytails smiled like a flower, the long-haired beautiful lady's pink fist hit her a few times, white her eyes, her beautiful eyes flashed a rare splendor, murmured.

"Unfortunately, Lingzhou has never had such an outstanding man among our peers. I still dream that one day he will marry in the seven-color cloud..."

"Take your dog's life!"

The woman's Sichun fantasy is not over yet, a few thundering shocks broke the silence of the sky!

"Pretend to be like the wind, always with me. Hahaha! Can't catch up, get angry, come and beat me~~~"

"You turtle, you have the ability to steal incandescent aurora, you have the ability to come and single out!"

"It's a man who fights for three hundred rounds. You're a bastard, dare you dare to fight?"

"Bah! That's a group of your two stunners. The big handsome guy is just helping you decide who you belong to. Besides, can the handsome thing be called stealing? Brother is called outsmart, outsmart! not educated!"

The jubilant and arrogant laughter of the teenager resounded through the sky; the second female's splendid body shook her head and looked away.

In the sky; the teenager struck a silver robe, wore purple flame wings, bathed in flames, the smile on the corner of his mouth was confident and evil, fast as lightning, and cut through the sky clouds!

What is even more shocking is that the dozen of Tiangang Realm behind him flew towards him in a net-like lineup!

But every time the teenager can escape calmly, even throwing a beam like a meteor from time to time, rolling up a shocking explosion!

"This boy was chased and killed by seventeen gangs?"

The long-haired beautiful lady covers her red lips lightly. What the **** has been done to make this happen!

"Sister, look at it! He looks like the legendary incandescent aurora stone in his hand!"

The two ponytail girls said excitedly; before waiting for the second woman to be shocked by the number of incandescent aurora stones in Lin Chen's hand, Lin Chen grabbed with one hand, and suddenly flicked at the two Tiangang realms blocking him in front of him!

"You still want to catch up with me, **** you!"

Bang~~! Bang ~~!

When the incandescent aurora stone exploded completely; the two women were stunned on the spot!

That's the fifth-order odd mine treasure; incandescent aurora stone!

Placed among the denominations in their Lingzhou is also a top-notch treasure that can be encountered, just like this bombed by this young man?

Those Tiangang realms that just wanted to surround Lin Chen were blown up and dizzy, and when they just showed their fighting strength, they were escaped by Lin Chen, and their speed was simply unpredictable!

"Damn! If it's not in the secret territory, this kid's speed is at most equivalent to the level of Tiangang Realm between one and two, and the old man can catch him with three breaths!"

"Don't **** your mother, try to find a way to capture him. This kid exploded twenty incandescent aurora stones in less than a quarter of an hour, and it would really blow up in this way!"

On weekdays, Reed's high prestige, light and windy old seniors, no gesture at this time, one by one anxiously corrupted, angry above.

Hearing their verbal abuse, the second woman opened her lips slightly, staring incredulously at the teenager who was about to fly towards them. This teenager had already destroyed twenty incandescent aurora stones? How violent this is!


The sound of breaking wind hit; Lin Chen passed the direction of the two beauties, only a few feet away.

"Yeah, there are girls here."

Both sides pass each other; Lin Chen teased humorously, flicking the second female coquettishly, and immediately swept the wild wind!

The long-haired beauty was like an electric shock, her body fluttered gently, staring staringly at Lin Chen's back.

Regardless of the background of these two women, 17 Tiangang realms ignore the two women; they are crazy and chase Lin Chen!

No matter how powerful the 17 Tiangang Realms are, they are slower than Lin Chen from the beginning to the end because of cultivation.

"He's actually playing with the old seniors of these gangs?"

The double ponytail girl said inconceivably; her sister immediately responded after a short pause.

"Go, let's follow up!"


Lin Chen straddled almost one-twentieth of the secret area, and bombarded the sky gangs who hunted him all the way, exploding all the light energy energy light **** in the incandescent aurora stone, floating in the void in.

At the beginning, there were 17 Tiangang realms for chasing and killing Lin Chen, five were bombed by Lin Chen until he was seriously injured and retreated, and four were abandoned due to excessive consumption of fighting spirit.

Before they chased Lin Chen, they had already gone through a big battle. If they chase it down again, they will not even have the capital they have snatched, but they may take their lives instead.