My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 127

Chapter 127: Temple Advancement.

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Chapter 127: The Temple is Born.

In the end, there were only eight Tiangang realms chasing Lin Chen, and two Tianjiao girls.

The attack that they broke out along the way attracted countless powerful people. When they saw Lin Chen using incandescent aurora as a disposable consumable, they were all stunned and dumbfounded on the spot!

This chasing battle lasted for a day and a night, Lin Chen exhausted most of his preparation of the Elixir, and maintained the highest speed of the True Flame Purple Phoenix Wing throughout the process; in the end, even the two Tianjiao girls were lost.

After he exploded forty incandescent aurora stones, there were still three Tiangang realms pursuing and killing him. He decisively took out nine incandescent aurora stones and detonated them together, exploding the other three into serious injuries!

Finally, when no one is chasing Lin Chen again; he returns in the same way and starts to collect all the light energy energy light **** exploded along the way!

[Host gains 6100 points of light energy, 5200 points of light energy, 6000 points of light energy]

During the return of Lin Chen's original road, the property light sphere was harvested wildly; the energy of the light system began to surge for the first time!

Lin Chendan's nine-color battle spirit, the pure light of the fighting spirit began to glow for the first time, showing an unprecedented growth trend!

Each incandescent aurora stone contains between 2 and 4 light attributes of the light system; Lin Chen returned to the original road and gained 590,000 points of light energy along the way, the "Shenhuang nine tactics" method and the "creation of the nine disasters" 'Heart method has opened up a whole new field!

There are Purple Phoenix wings in the body, as long as it is not a real Tiangang Realm strong shot, in the field of speed, not many people can match Lin Chen.

In this secret realm that has been suppressed and cultivated, there is no real human race heaven!


One day later; Lin Chen returned to the lake where the incandescent aurora first appeared.

This time, his purple golden pupil urged the highest state of "Pingsheng Zidian"; the scene presented in front of Lin Chen was completely different!

The light of Zijin Tong passes through the deep bottom of the lake; under the bottom of the lake, it is tens of thousands of meters deep, and then extends through the bottom of the lake to the position of the next 17,400 meters; there is a dazzling dazzling aurora.

The pure white aurora because the energy crystal deposits accumulated at the bottom of the lake are too rich, which completely obscures the signs of their existence!

"Sure enough! I was right, there are mysteries under the lake!"

Lin Chen's heartbeat accelerated; before he entered the lake has become the goal of all Tiangang realm, just a glimpse of the deeper bottom of the lake, did not have time to explore carefully.

He is almost certain that there are more incandescent aurora stones deeper under the lake!

Investigate the surrounding circle as far as possible; make sure that there is no strong man within a hundred miles, Lin Chen jumped down and entered the lake!

Entering the range of the lake, the characteristics of the Purple Phoenix Wing have been suppressed a lot, and the speed can only be played less than half of the previous.

Lin Chen sneaked into the bottom of the lake at full speed, because he was not sure whether the strong man who entered this evil king's secret realm existed more powerfully than his treasure appraisal.

After reaching the bottom of the lake, Lin Chen drew the black abyss gun from the system and suddenly stabbed down!


Lin Chen urged the Nine Skills of God's Desolation, and the marksmanship danced at a rapid pace. The colorful guns opened like a peacock, pierced the stars and shattered the moon, and crushed the hard rocks under the lake!

Lin Chen, who was advancing at full speed, dug a tunnel of a depth of 10,000 meters, and a lot of lake water poured into it. If it were not for Lin Chen, a carcass as strong as a wild beast, it would have been crushed by water to the end of blood.

Lin Chen, who spent nearly half an hour, finally cut a tunnel to his destination.

The bottom of the lake is down; 17,000 kilometers.

Lin Chen stepped on the energy crystal mine of Meiruo gemstone under the pressure of the lake water. These are the spirit stones of the world, more like a small spiritual vein.

Lin Chen was unmoved. It was precisely because of these energy crystal deposits that he masked the existence of a large amount of incandescent aurora.

"Let me see how much stock there is!"

Promote the green dragon arm; turned into a huge dragon claw, Lin Chen swooped down with a palm, and the violent and violent amount of thousands of horses penetrated the energy crystal mine instantly, and broke and shattered!

Kaka Kaka~~! Wow~~!

Lin Chen was rushed deeper through the energy crystal mine through the surging water, and the bright white blaze aurora like Shenxia rushed to the sky, almost blinding Lin Chen's eyes on the spot!

The light penetrated the ground, making the whole lake exude a dazzling radiance, like a miracle!

"Damn, so much? No matter, take it all away and talk!"

Without paying much attention to it, Lin Chen can't open his eyes, and explore the location of the incandescent aurora stone with his mental strength.

"There are about four hundred incandescent aurora stones, seven or eight times more than before, ha ha ha! You slipped away, I dont have to worry about the energy of my light system!"

After pretending to be full, Lin Chen evacuated decisively; he turned a blind eye to those energy crystal mines.

Maybe those energy crystal mines can be used to forge a large number of third-order weapons, and the value is extraordinary, but Lin Chen now has no extra space for the Lingling ring to take them away. If you delay time here, it will be endangered by the strong mans siege. In life!

After leaving the lake, Lin Chen spread his wings, and the streamer that disappeared into the sky disappeared.


Three days later; Blood Chi Lin.

Lin Chen and Bai Ruoyan gathered together, and Lin Chen had the star jade left by Bai Ruoyan. If both parties wanted to find each other, it was a breeze.

"Brother Lin Chen, you are really bold, you dare to provoke the seventeen heavens, and the seventy-two incandescent aurora stones, are you really destroyed?"

Bai Ruoyan looked at Lin Chen with a smile, and found that his attributes of fighting spirit seemed to have improved a bit, and could not help but marvel.

This younger brother, Chen Chen, has a completely unpredictable style of action. This strange transformation may have something to do with his explosion of incandescent aurora stones.

"Hey, it's all blown up. It's really a pleasure to destroy this valuable thing!"

Lin Chen grinned cheaply; the value of the incandescent aurora stone is no longer expensive, and it is not comparable to the "Genesis Nine Tribulation" he wants to practice. The cultivation of one's own self is growth.

"You are really a weirdo."

Leng Yueqi exclaimed that everyone had their own secrets, and she had never planned to investigate Lin Chen's details, but felt that his acting style was probably the only one in Lingzhou!

"Let's go. By the time you left before, sister Leng Yueqi and I have investigated where are the next two destinations we are going to?"

Bai Ruoyan Yingying floated, the three of them flew into the air, and they became the three streamers of the sky.


Seven days later; Evil King Secret Realm West.

When the three people penetrated the distance between the eastern and southern regions of the secret realm, they collected a lot of heaven and earth treasures, most of which were absorbed by Lin Chen's green dragon arm.

What I gained in these seven days finally put Lin Chen's green dragon arm into a state of near saturation, and even Lin Chen was very much looking forward to what kind of changes will happen at that time!

The three arrived at the edge of the Western Region; a long-lasting shrine stood standing and reflected in everyone's eyes.

It is thousands of feet high, heading straight into the sky, magnificent, like the vast gods of the heavens and the earth, not blasphemy, carrying the atmosphere of ancient civilization!