My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 128

Chapter 128: Black And White Qianyuan Fruit And Nine Heart Ice Lotus

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Chapter 128, Black and White Qianyuan Fruit and Nine Heart Ice Lotus

The three arrived thousands of miles away from the temple; they were resting in a barren forest.

"Black and white Qianyuan fruit and nine heart ice lotus?"

When resting, Lin Chen listened to Bai Ruoyan and couldn't help looking at the second daughter with surprise.

"Yes, the black and white Qianyuan fruit is what I need to restore quickly. Cultivation of Jiu Xin Bing Lian is a heavenly treasure that Sister Yue Qi needs to break through with her mind. It is even rarer than incandescent aurora. Minute."

Bai Ruoyan nodded his head, and turned his gaze to the ancient temple in the distance, solemnly saying; "The black and white Qianyuan fruit is in the temple in front. This time, there are not a few strong men who come to this treasure. This trip I Only two white Qianyuan fruits are needed; the extra hand is also a hot potato."

"If Sister Yan is at ease, she will definitely get it, after all, I am there."

Lin Chen was so confident that Bai Ruoyan smiled with a word.

"A strong man suddenly came to us, be careful!"

Leng Yueqi and Bai Ruoyan reacted almost simultaneously; Lin Chen's eyes shone with one hand, and the purple-gold pupil glowed.

"What is this?"

After urging Zijin Tong, Lin Chen saw the monstrous darkness, like the cracks of the void torn by the heavens and the earth, surging the dark tides that swallowed the heavens and earth!

Above the Baizhang Void; a flag with a violent wind flew across the Void, sweeping through the sky with a majestic darkness!

"Beating it down!"

Lin Chen drank aloud; the sole of the foot stepped on the ground suddenly, and the earth's fighting spirit broke out, condensing a hundred-foot-high thick soil wall, blocking the black flag!

"Huh? The terrestrial ants in the terrestrial realm dared to enter the realm of the evil king?"

"He Fang Xiaoxiao, dare to shoot at the prey of my ghost-faced swordsman, unable to find death?"

One old and one young walked in the air, the young man was dressed in a black robe, and his face was wearing a mask of a half-scarred evil spirit, and he was wearing a black and red sword.

The sword is not out of the sheath, and there is a tendency to cut off the void, disturbing the surrounding airflow into a saw shape, and moving the sky!

Like the two female Tianjiao a few days ago, this is a terrible realm from Lingzhou, which is more than several times stronger than Ling Tianyu's!

Another old man in a grey shirt looked at Lin Chen and others shamefully, and the fighting in the palm of his hand turned into a snake-like gas, which may be shot at any time!

Suddenly, Lin Chen said excitedly: "You help me hold these two guys, I want this banner!"


Lin Chen didn't even look at the two of them. The Black Abyssal Gun flashed and held in his hand. The Purple Phoenix Wings unfolded. While the gun body was spinning, he waved a round of fighting spirit and aimed at the black flag and smashed past!

"Dare to ignore us? Find death!"

The young man who claimed to be a "ghost-faced swordsman" was sneering with anger; the backhand slightly shook his palm, the sword blade came out of the sheath, and burst into a dragon-like sound!

A black and red light emerged from the black and red sword, absorbing the stars!

The sword light is like a moon in the night sky. A sword wields like a blue sky and a half moon. The sword light sweeps through the eight wastelands, illuminating nine days and ten places!

This mastery of swordsmanship, sword grade and fighting spirit cultivation, far surpass those geniuses of the Heavenly Branch!

The so-called Ling Tianyu, in front of this young man with a "ghost-faced swordsman", is really unworthy of even lifting shoes!

The old man shoved his arms out of ten sleeves, ten warrior giant pythons were more than ten feet long, volley attacked Lin Chen, and the sound of the breaking wind was sharp!

Leng Yueqi pulls the ice bow; the two women make a shot together and face the front!

Lin Chen on the other side; when the Black Abyss gun shot, he urged the "Tai Chi Bible", a few white spiritual sword lights pierced the void, and the black flag shook slightly!

The rifle wheel turned over and smashed past; the whole sky turned into a flaming gun wheel! Smash the inky flag on the ground!


The flag shook violently several times, and three dark and deep attribute light **** were dropped!

Black attribute light ball! This is the first time Lin Chen has seen!

"Sure enough; this flag is not a mere thing, it already has a certain spiritual consciousness. The most important thing is that its attribute is the most rare dark attribute!"

Lin Chen was overjoyed, but he has not yet discovered that his Black Abyss Gun is quietly appearing at this time!

The flag flicked again after shaking a few times, trying to escape!

"Want to run? Obediently stay with me!"

Lin Chen held the gun in his backhand, urging Zijin Tong to predict the direction of the flag in advance!

The pure power of his whole body was thrown in anger, the black abyssal gun crossed the void, and the gunshot slammed past, just stabbing the dark flag that was about to fly!

"Take a look at my new tricks, Nine Skills of God FamineLight and Fury!"

Lin Chen raised his head with one hand as a king-like tripod; countless aurora converged from the palm of his hand and condensed into a huge light sphere of ten feet.

"Come again; Charge Rune!"

When using 200% Charging Rune, the Bright Energy Sphere has expanded by one more point!

While the Rune of Charging was promoted, Lin Chen leaped out! While the energy ball of light flew at a rapid speed, the surface was dotted with a circle of energy ripples, which contained the universe, the sun, the moon and the stars!

With one move, the Black Abyssal Gun flew back to Lin Chen's hand if it was spiritual, but the dark flag could not escape! The front was bombed and hit!

Bang~~! !

The spiral of violent and fierce energy storms raged and continued to expand, such as the big mouth of a giant beast, and finally affected four people in two other war circles!

"The power of being overbearing, can this little guy perform this kind of combat skill in a terrible manner?"

Bai Ruoyan gave Lin Chen a stunning look. This was the first time she felt sideways.

"His cultivation mind may be second only to me in terms of rank..."

Leng Yueqi secretly compared herself.

The "Ghostfaced Swordsman" and the old man in grey shirt are equally shocking.

Disha Realm can have this kind of strength. If this son let him enter into Disha Realm, wouldn't it be the number one in Lingzhou?

"Master, we should not fight hard today, we must retain our strength to enter the temple."

The old man in the gray shirt secretly heard the voice, and the youth of the ghost-faced swordsman gave Lin Chen a deep look and nodded. "Well, this kid has extra strength. These two women are quite different. Let's retreat temporarily. Now is not the time to fight hard. "

The two retreated quietly, and Leng Yueqi and Bai Ruoyan did not pursue, but looked back at Lin Chen.

The Yu Wei of the "Angry" gradually dissipated, and Lin Chen opened the Tiangang fighting spirit to break into the Yu Wei storm, with one hand to control the slightly incomplete black flag.

The three characters "Dark Soul Banner" are clearly engraved on the banner, which is like a demon god.

"Hey, it's a treasure. I'll use it when I get a chance to fix it."

Lin Chen checked it again and determined that there was no light energy sphere with dark energy remaining in it, and then received it in the Naling Ring.

Then, Lin Chen stooped to pick up the black attribute light ball scattered on the ground!

[The host gains 13,000 dark energy, 11,000 dark energy, 17,000 dark energy,]

Lin Chens nine-color battle spirit is also derived from a layer of dark and deep energy circle, and his last attribute of fighting spirit dark attribute is also available!