My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 129

Chapter 129: The Temple Opens

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Chapter 129: The Temple Opens!

From the "Dark Soul Banner", Lin Chen played 680,000 dark energy attribute values. The value of this treasure has exceeded the level of the fourth order, and I am afraid that it will reach the rank of the fifth order! Placed in the Tiangang realm are all treasures of the highest grade!

"It's worthy of being the evil realm of the earth evil, and it didn't take long for me to enter it. The two attributes of "light" and "dark" that were difficult to find in the outside world were actually collected here by me!"

Lin Chen excitedly said that the two attributes of light and darkness are the strongest attributes in the mentality of "Genesis Nine Tribulation"! Just from Lin Chen's "Light Fury" just now, you can see the terrifying world of its power!

Moreover, there are more than 400 incandescent aurora stones left in Lin Chen's Naling Ring. If all of them are absorbed, his attribute value can rise again!

But the explosive power of incandescent aurora stone is not trivial, Lin Chen intends to make full use of its value.

"How many secrets do you have? The speed of progress is as fast as this. From entering the secret world to the present, obviously you are much stronger than before!"

Arrogant as Leng Yueqi can't help but be amazed at Lin Chen, this student of his own really has infinite potential!

Every time when you feel that you have seen his limits, you will unconsciously discover that it is just the tip of his iceberg!

"I now doubt if you are a saint or a saint from a certain race."

Leng Yueqi shook her head and smiled; Lin Chen couldn't help but wonder.

"What is the Holy Son?"

The two girls looked at each other; Bai Ruoyan smiled and said.

"Yes, just tell you in advance. At your growth rate, you will know sooner or later."

"The Son and the Virgin are the world's respect for the young and proud of certain forces. The young people with this title are the most terrifying existence on the mainland of Kyushu.

Bai Ruoyan seemed to think of something, and smiled with a smile; "The two nizis who came to our city's main palace to inquire about your situation should have been seen before, and they are very likely to be the sage of a certain race."

The moment Lin Chen recalled; he blurted out in surprise; "Is Ning Qingxuan and Ning Qingxue?"

"Yes, at the beginning of chaos. Heaven and earth gave birth to an eternal flame. This flame has the root force of creation and extinction. At that time, the first batch of human races who could bathe the flame and receive the baptism of the flame appeared. It is also one of the strongest human clan forces on the mainland of Kyushu; the strong who come out of their clan are the supreme existence that destroys the world!"

Talking about this, Bai Ruoyan's always light and breezy expression appeared a complex look.

Suddenly, Leng Yueqi took over the conversation, and Leng Yan's cheeks appeared a faint struggling expression.

"And the people who stand out from their family, the youngest arrogance that can best suit the baptism of the torch, will be designated as the son and the daughter!"

Bai Ruoyan glanced at her curiously and nodded; "Yes, these sons and daughters have the potential to be based on the pinnacle of the human power of the Kyushu mainland. Of course, the area outside the mainland of Kyushu is unknown. It is said that Kyushu In addition, there is a brand-new human world."

"There are different numbers of hidden sects in the nine continents that can bathe the holy fire. They are born before they are born.

After listening to the introduction of the second woman, Lin Chen sincerely lamented the vastness of this world!

It turns out that there are so many places in these nine states that have not carved the legend of someone in Lin, no! This force, I must pretend to be the nine continents all the way!

"You two can know these things, it seems not easy. The story of the two beauties, I think I will have a chance to know later."

Lin Chen grinned, after he pointed; naturally when he had enough strength!

Bai Ruoyan covered his mouth and smiled; Leng Yueqi just shook his head and smiled.

"It is said that there are the heaven and earth treasures you need in the temple, then set a small goal first and help you get the black and white Qianyuan fruit and the nine heart ice lotus!"

Lin Chen rubbed his hands; went to the direction of the temple with the second daughter.

Close to the observation; Lin Chen discovered that the grandeur of this temple was far beyond his imagination!

Yuzhu Qingtian, jade tiles cut. Splendid gold, magnificent shore, the temple material is cast like black iron, the light is free.

No matter from far or near; overall, it looks like panlong pan lying, there are even a few ladder-like buildings suspended in the void, just like a miracle!

At the entrance of the temple; the gathering of heroes, masters like clouds!

On the bright side of the wasteland, there are only more than twenty strong Tiangang realms; at the entrance of the temple, there are nearly 300 Tiangang realms!

Undoubtedly, those who are hidden in the twenty-four domains, all the powerful, hidden old monsters, all surfaced here in the territory of the evil king!

There are also some top Tianjiao and sectarian strongmen from Lingzhou!

"So many strong men, Ma, it's so cool to pick up the attribute light ball when Laozi plays!"

Lin Chen swallowed and rubbed his hands excitedly. Leng Yueqi and Bai Ruoyan beside him are solemn.

"Sister, look, it's the boy from before!"

Southeast of the gate of the temple; among the two beautiful alluring women, one of the twin ponytail girls Aya Ziqi said in surprise!

"Hush, I've seen it for a long time. But now the things in this temple are more important. In case the master finds out, how do you let me be a man."

Sister Yun Manqing murmured in a low voice; her eyes were a little hurried to say goodbye to her master, and she was relieved when she found nothing unusual.

"Hehe~ It turns out that my sister had discovered it already."

"Are you looking for a fight?"

Over time, more than 20 Tiangang realms arrived at the entrance of the temple; everyone said nothing or talked in secret.

In the territory of the Evil King of Earth Sha, everyones actions are suppressed. Under normal circumstances, there is no absolute difference in strength.

Lin Chen paid attention to a detail. Many of the powerful Tiangang Realms who were traveling together were standing on the ground, and those Lianxia Tiangang realms were flying in the sky.

Bai Ruoyan noticed Lin Chen's doubts, and her ethereal voice was secretly transmitted.

"Some of the people present were actually not the first time. They knew the mystery inside the temple. The aura of heaven and earth inside the temple was extremely thin, almost barren to a point where there was no such thing, so it was impossible to fly inside. Action must rely on its own fighting strength."

Lin Chen suddenly realized that there was a ecstasy in his heart!

"My green dragon arm and characteristic runes don't need to be urged by the fighting force. On the contrary, when these guys enter the inside, their combat power will be greatly reduced. This time it is very advantageous for me to enter the temple!"

At the time of Lin Chen's ecstasy; the thousand-height high gates of the temple were dotted with densely spaced lines, and began to shake violently, slowly opening!

At this moment; all the strong are ready to go!