My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Top Treasure Character Rune.

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Chapter 13, Top TreasureCharacter Rune.

Even the Sect Master watched him soaring all the way through the air revealing a dumbfounded consternation, the pure strength of Lin Chen's flesh shell and the strength of Qi Xiu breakthrough at the same time! Fighting Qi Xiu is the third step into the realm of gas refining. The pure strength of the carapace exceeds 1900 tiger power!

Lin Chen rushed to the 400th level all the way, and won a blue black iron chest.

[The host opens the Black Iron Treasure Chest and obtains a third-order intermediate-level gun Seven Star Soul Rifle, with a green-level top Soul Rifle Spectrum.

The reward of the second black iron chest is richer, making Lin Chen's pupils tremble!

Upon reaching level 460, Lin Chen caught the last treasure chest!

This treasure chest is completely different from the previous ones. It is dark, simple and unpretentious, with an ancient flavor infiltrated.

"What a magical treasure chest, what kind of treasure is inside..."

Before Lin Chen opened, the system popped up a light screen.

[The host opens the Archaic Treasure Chest: Obtain the Fragment Archaic Mind, Blue Level Intermediate: Chaos Five Spirits.

The treasure he got this time made Lin Chen take a breath!

Intermediate Youth! And it is the rarest and most precious secret of the heart method!

"My mother, I really picked up Dafa this time!"

Lin Chen trembled at the apex of his heart and walked towards the altar at the top of the mountain again.

The closer to the top, the higher the quality of the light **** and treasures that Lin Chen obtained. These are most likely left by the most top disciples of the first generation of Shen Wuzong, or the chance that the original ancestors of Shen Wuzong remained here.

By the time she reached level 493, there was no one attribute light ball, and the pressure on Lin Chen also reached a terrible level!

"You can't finish this way, the blood of the Qinglong is liberated; 70% of the power!"


A terrifying and violent breath came out, Lin Chen squeezed out the steps to catch the 497th step, and used the power of the blue dragon to push himself up!

The ancient altar exudes the constant breath of Heng Gu. Lin Chen fell on it, panting, and moving a finger requires a lot of effort.

Lin Chen was lying on the ground to recover his strength. In the middle of the altar, an unprecedented attribute light sphere was suspended.

It has the size of a fist, and the ancient runes like tadpoles are distorted in the attribute light ball, releasing the gray light that only Lin Chen can see. All the pressure passed by the altar comes from this attribute light ball.

"What the **** is this!"

Lin Chen has never seen this kind of attribute sphere, which is similar to the attributed sphere of the Qinglong Blood Vessel previously obtained, both of which exude a unique light.

After resting for a quarter of an hour, Lin Chen got up hard. Although he walked slowly, he was barely able to move. He slowly approached the attribute light ball and finally grabbed it in his palm.

[Congratulations to the host, get the "slow" rune, rune level: level 1.

"Characteristic rune, what attribute is this?"

Lin Chen's face was dumbfounded and he turned on the system.

[Host: Lin Chen

Cultivation: Refining Qi Realm Triple

Ultimate strength: 2179 tiger power.

Qi blood energy: 105884 points.

The essence of fighting spirit: 42465 points.

Mental Strength: 4209 points.

Practical skill: 20386 points.

Mindset: None.

Xihui exercises: Thousand Thousand Thousand Swords (satisfaction level) Tian Linghua Dan Jue, True Water Guiyuan Jue (10%),

Possessed items (Secret Tips): Popular Shoes, Seven Star Soul Rifle, Soul Rifle Spectrum, Four Demon Seals of Chaos, Chaos Five Spirits.

Possession of Bloodline: Blue Dragon Bloodline (45 points)

Character Rune: Slow Rune Level 1 (500 Rune Power)

The energy of each element: 8268 points in the fire system, 6471 points in the soil system, 6325 points in the wood system, 7266 points in the gold system, and 8432 points in the water system.

[The system prompts the host that the characteristic rune belongs to one of the host's attribute capabilities. It has a unique and exclusive ability that can be attached to the host's combat gas attack or used alone. Slow runes; when slow runes are used, they can cause individual strong or designated areas to fall into a slow state.

The systematic explanation made Lin Chen grow his mouth! The power of this characteristic rune is estimated to be terrifyingly strong. At a critical moment, an attack that slows the enemy is enough to affect the direction of victory and defeat!

"Hey hey, this harvest has at least doubled my strength!"

Lin Chen simply sat on the altar. Who knows if the Sect Master would turn his face on the spot and turn the attributes he just obtained into combat power is the first thing!

"System, I want to practice the Five Spirits of Chaos."

[The host cultivates the five spirits of chaos, consuming 13,000 power points and 3,000 points of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth energy.

The new cultivation memory of Daichi Initiation poured into Lin Chens mind, and the Qihai in Dantian began to turbulently transform, expanding, becoming several times larger than the original, and at the same time, Qihai became colorful, and finally condensed in all elements Qi Hai Nei.

"Chaos Five Spirits recipe; can cultivate five attributes of qi, gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. The more elemental energy absorbed, the stronger the qi attribute."

Lin Chen opened his eyes, burning a red-orange flame of flame in his palm, and then transformed into a golden lotus, vivid.

"My fighting spirit has attributes, and the power to display combat skills will be multiplied! With my flesh shell power, the fighting power is not improved!"

Lin Chens eyes were shining, and the increase brought by the green-level mentality was already called the word of terror. Lin Chen did not exert any combat skills, but only displayed a simple combat attack, and the power was not inferior to the previous "Meng Lei Qian". Jun Jian.

If this power is blessed on the top-level green combat skills that are several times stronger than the green-level advanced, Lin Chen's combat power will more than ten times!

Lin Chen continued to sit on the altar, the disappearance of the slow rune made the pressure here begin to reduce, he must seize the time.

"System, I want to practice the three green-level combat skills of "The Soul Ghost Spectrum", "Four Demon Seals" and "Wind, Thunder and Fire Step"."

[The system prompts the host that the skill is not enough to fully practice the specified three combat skills. Soul grabbing spectrum or the four demon seals will have a combat skill that cannot be practiced to completion, please choose the host.

"The skill is not enough? Then learn the spectrum of the soul gun first, and you can have as much proficiency as the four kings of the demon."


Below the altar, the suzerain saw Lin Chen ascending the altar for a long time without any movement.

"Is there any danger above? What happened to this kid?"

The Sect Master frowned, but suddenly found that the pressure on the altar began to slowly decrease!

"Huh? The ban on the altar is gradually disintegrating!"

When the Sect Master saw this, he was about to wait for the altar to be lifted and rushed up to look at Lin Chen's situation. His figure finally appeared on the steps.

A volley jumped, Lin Chen was in a gust of wind, and he returned to the Sect Master in a blink of an eye.

"How is it all right. Have you ever found something or a treasure on it?"

The Sect Master asked with a rare excitement, but Lin Chen shook his head slightly, "June Sect Master, there is nothing on the altar. When I went up, I was suppressed by the pressure and couldn't move, but I don't know why. It gradually disappeared and I came down."

Well, there is no treasure, how is this possible?

The Sect Master's eyes became sharp in an instant, and he was about to see through the secrets of Lin Chen's whole body.

However, Lin Chen was completely empty, and there was indeed no place to hide things. It was finished at a glance. As his former foreign sect disciple, obviously he has not yet reached the background of possessing the Naling Ring.

Strictly speaking, there is really nothing on the altar. That characteristic rune can only be seen and obtained by Lin Chen.

Facing the eyes of the suzerain, Lin Chen was neither humble nor overbearing, and even had a taste of not being afraid of the other party!