My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 130

Chapter 130: The Property Light Ball Everywhere

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Chapter 130 !

The moment the gate of the temple opened; many powerful people poured in!

"Let's go!"

Lin Chen and the second daughter entered the temple together, and more than three hundred people poured into the temple in a few breaths.

After everyone entered, the gate of the temple suddenly closed. Quiet and quiet, as if Henggu did.

Inside the shrine; when the gate opened, the powerful arrived in a wide ancient temple.

"Huh? What's going on!"

"This temple has no aura?"

"How can it be so weird!"

Some of the Tiangang realms that entered the temple for the first time were all shocked, and they felt that their connection with heaven and earth seemed to be completely isolated!

Losing the aura space, they quickly fell from the void to the ground and could not fly.

The earth is in a terrible situation, and its own fighting spirit is one after another.

Tian Gang realm, the fighting spirit blended into the world.

When it is integrated into the world with war energy, it can replace the original sensory functions of the human body.

For example, the Tiangang Realm can use its characteristics to integrate into the heavens and the earth to unleash its own wide range of combat gas exploration, without relying too much on the naked eye to observe.

However, the situation of extreme lack of aura in this temple is equivalent to cutting off all the realm advantages of the Tiangang Realm, leaving only your own strong fighting spirit!

In this case, everyone's fighting strength is greatly reduced!

Those strong people who know this temple did not show such gaffes, but all were extremely cautious.

In the ancient hall, the light is bright and the fire is bright. Everyone can clearly see the structure of the whole hall. The terrain is extremely high. At the end of the hall, there are skeleton armor soldiers lined up side by side!

The skeletons of these skeleton soldiers are gleaming with a sapphire-like light, and their strength is nothing short of extraordinary!

The strong men who arrived in the ancient temple saw the skeleton soldiers, and their faces were very dignified!

On both sides of the ancient hall; there are still many remains lying, the skeleton of the dead is crystal clear, as if it is a black mine, the hardness is not unusual.

It can be seen that the strength of the master during his lifetime is as extraordinary, but it still falls here!

"I have lost the space for Aura, and I have to save as much combat energy as possible."

Lin Chen was thinking about it; suddenly opened his mouth!

Near the numerous remains on both sides of the ancient temple, scattered property light balls! In addition, there are also attributed light **** at the feet of skeleton soldiers!

The attributes of blue, white, red, gold, green, yellow, and many colors of light **** are everything, colorful, and the water of a certain population of Lin is about to flow down!

What a treasure trove!

"That's too much! Grandma, I'm afraid I'm going to die on the spot, hahaha!"

Lin Chen excitedly licked his lips, looking at Bai Ruoyan and Leng Yueqi puzzledly.


The smoke is rolling and the wind is roaring! The earth vibrated; I saw those ghost soldiers blazing in the hollow eyes of the ghostly fire!

"Those who break into the temple, die!"

Hoarse and obscure voices came from the two five-foot giant skeletons at the end of the skeleton soldier's back row, as if they had come through the ancient times and tried everyone's life and death!

The expressions of all the powerful people were shocked, and more than 500 skeleton soldiers stepped out neatly. They were fierce and aggressive, and they were divided into five teams.

Bang~~!! Tear ~~!

At the moment when many wars of attack were urged, countless strong men moved on the wind, and afterimages crisscrossed the ancient palace!

In the space where the aura is exhausted, the mighty people cannot fly, and immediately fight with many skeleton soldiers!

The strength of each skeleton soldier is comparable to the masters of the Nine Heavyweights. Even the weapons they wear are top-grade, and their combat power is not bad.

In such an environment that needs to be guarded against at this moment, even the powerful Tiangang Realm that has been suppressed and repaired will have to spend some effort!

Bing Gong has two hands, two ice arrows freeze a skeleton soldier, Leng Yueqi is beside Lin Chen, whispering.

"It seems that these guys have no plans to join forces and want to consume each other's energy here first."

"These heavens and lakes come from all corners of the world, and even the superficial team will not trust, everyone would rather go it alone."

Bai Ruoyan seemed to be expected, and Yingyingmei's eyes flashed a hint of strangeness. Xianxianyu fingers popped a stream of light, silently pierced through the armor of a skeleton soldier, and fell to the ground to die.

"You break through first, and I'll be there later."

Lin Chen stooped to pick up several attribute light **** and said with a smile.

It seemed that she was accustomed to Lin Chen's unique style of acting; the second daughter was not surprised, and she nodded very calmly.

The green dragon's arm turned into a huge green dragon claw. Lin Chen turned his hands and shot in anger, killing three skeleton soldiers a dozen times in a row.

Such terrible fighting power, even many nearby Tiangang realms cast a dreadful look.

In this depleted aura space, this child's combat power is still so fierce, it is a real enemy!

"Huh? These skeleton soldiers still have attribute light **** after their death?"

Lin Chen picked up two white light **** at the head of the two skeleton soldiers.

[The host gains 4000 Runic Energy.

The light screen popped up by the system made Lin Chen's eyes shine; an attribute light ball is 2000 rune energy, then are these more than 500 skeleton warriors another huge amount of rune energy?

"There are treasures everywhere! Master, I will first slaughter a wave of these nondescript guys!"

Lin Chen's eyes flashed bare feet, not afraid of the fierceness of wearing shoes!

"Since there are so many attribute light **** next to me, let me try new tricks first!"

Immediately, Lin Chen urged the fighting spirit, raised a dark fighting roulette in the palm of his hand, and shot it with anger!

"Nine tactics of God's wasteland-dark bite!"

The 30-odd-century fighting roulette spins like an abyss, rapidly expanding from the skeleton soldier group, and the skeleton soldiers shrouded in this dark line of fighting spirit are smashed silently in the dark attribute fighting energy!


A horrifying voice sounded, Lin Chen's palm scared the side of five or six days to the side, Lin Chen's palm directly let ten skeleton soldiers fly into smoke!

"It's a weird fighting spirit, this is a terrible triumphant place, and he can actually display such fighting skills!"

"No wonder dare to enter this evil king's secret realm, even if it is outside, the old man may not have won this kid, unless the cultivation of the secret realm is suppressed."

Many strong men were frightened; Lin Chen strode meteor, picked up the colorful light spheres at the same time, and madly urged the "nine tactics of the **** shortage" to start attacking the skeleton soldiers!

Lin Chen's nine-color battle spirits burst into a lot of fighting spirit, and a series of lights flashed in my palm!

The air of the wind system swept through the sky, and the cracked wind swept through the air and condensed into thousands of swords, and the airflow collapsed. The fighting spirit of the water system is like a mad dragon going to the sea, sweeping the eight wastelands, destroying the mountain and breaking the veins!

"Wind crack and water tsunami!"

The light of the fighting spirit rises from the sky, the radiant energy ball falls into the sky, and the hundred lightnings turn into Tianwei anger, splitting in the bodies of many skeleton soldiers, and bursting into the storm!

"Lightning and thunder burst!"

The earth-shattering momentum frightened hundreds of heavens into retreat one after another. Lin Chen was like a heart-wrenching maniac, exerting the nine tactics of Shenhuang with all his might. He urged the spirit of "Genesis Nine Tribulation" unscrupulously.