My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 131

Chapter 131: Invisible Pretending The Most Deadly.

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Chapter 131, Invisible Pretending, The Most Deadly.

"Damn, this kid is a lunatic!"

"He was so arrogant and profligate here, so there is only one way to go!"

"It's such a perverted destructive power. His fighting spirit is magnificent. It's nothing like a terrible triple!"

"This little rabbit is so strong, it seems that when he robbed the incandescent aurora stone a few days ago, he was not without the power to fight back..."

Although the powerful people in the Tiangang realm were surprised by Lin Chens destructive power, they laughed at his ignorance more. In this case, they dared to squander their fighting spirit unscrupulously. Stupid and reckless!

[The host gains 20,000 rune energy, 48,000 essence of fighting spirit, and 198,000 energy of blood,]

[The host gains 30,000 rune energy, 98,000 essence of fighting spirit, 188,000 energy of blood,]

Many attribute light **** scattered on the ground were picked up by Lin Chenqing's dragon arm, and they all picked up, and he laughed in the sky!

"Hahaha! Cool! Happiness, come again!"

Hearing Lin Chen's laughter, many Tiangang realms couldn't help but ridicule and ridicule, and some simply rushed into the back of the ancient palace on the spot.

Yun Manqing, who was breaking through the side, followed Lin Chen silently and saw that he was so reckless and couldn't help but feel disappointed. This is not what she expects the person she should be...

"No! Sister, be careful!"

Aya Ziqi suddenly screamed, and in the front row of the breakout she saw four or five skeleton soldiers emerge from the rear and jumped up, attacking Yun Manqing!

The beautiful lady's expression was cold, and the palm of her hand radiated light, and she was about to launch a counterattack.

Roar ~~! boom!

A blazing flame swept through the flames; the eight skeleton soldiers were burned and destroyed, and the skeleton soldiers who attacked Yun Manqing were also destroyed.

Lin Chen struck the silver robe, and passed the back of Yun Manqing like a ghost.

When the young man flew by; Yun Manqing saw it inadvertently, and the young man's mouth hung with a self-confident smile of evil spirits!

This glorious glance shocked Yun Manqing!

Not only did Lin Chen's fighting spirit weaken because of the brazen fighting just now, but he broke through in a straight line!

Not only that, his flesh shell also glowed with a majestic and overbearing momentum, and his strength became more and more condensed!

Lin Chen walked like a violent wind; after killing many skeleton soldiers, he went to the dead bones near the corners of the temple and slammed into the air!


Within a few breaths, Lin Chen's fighting strength was bursting into a super strong momentum, passing on the fighting strength that broke the shackles!

His cultivation behavior; arriving at the ground is fourfold!

"He broke through to cultivate? This young man is actually practicing? But what is the principle? Without the aura, his body training and fighting strength are violently blasting in a straight line!"

Yun Manqing's face is full of unbelievable!

This young man is unusual and definitely not as reckless as everyone sees!

On the contrary, the opposite is true!

What he is plotting is like that day when he saw him play with seventeen gangs easily!

"Very good, after absorbing the light spheres of these strong men's attributes, it just happened to reach the quadruple ground. My pure strength of the shell has already reached 830,000 tiger power, and the ultimate strength of the blue dragon arm has reached 990,000 tiger power!"

Lin Chen satisfactorily put away his own fighting spirit, the essence of the fighting spirit in this ancient temple is not much, he can no longer squander his fighting spirit!

Lin Chen jumped into the air with his foot, his right hand was like a meteor hammer, bombarded and smashed on the top of a skeleton soldier's head, hit it with bones and clicked!

Volley draws a whip leg, crushes the skeleton soldier, and kills with two blows!

Lin Chen stepped into the wind, the whole person jumped like a projectile, hurricane burst into the group of skeleton soldiers, two fists slammed, one leg kicked horizontally, and a skeleton soldier was destroyed in two or three times!

Lin Chens Green Dragon Arm has 550,000 tiger powers and can already fight against the ordinary earth-shaking realm. Now, with his own physical refining realm, there are 830,000 tiger powers and the Green Dragon Arm 990,000 tiger powers. You want to kill these skeleton soldiers. Grass mustard!

"Good! Not only is the strength of the fighting strength strong, but even the physical training belongs to the leaders of the younger generation."

Just before Yun Manqing's beautiful eyes flashed with splendor; staring at Lin Chen intently.

As she looked into God, an old lady protruded out of the palm of her hand, condensed into a powerful hand, grabbed her, and pulled back into her camp together.

"Man Qing, why did you make such a low-level mistake, now is not the time to distract, we have to deal with the two big skeletons together!"

The old woman in grey shirt scolded; Yun Manqing quickly apologized, focused on the opponent in front of him, and temporarily gave up observing Lin Chen.

Many strong men saved a lot of energy because of Lin Chen's mad beating, but they did not break through the rear secret passage of the ancient palace, but were stopped by two tall skeleton generals!

The two Skeleton Generals hold bronze swords as large as the size of the panel. Each time they wield the sword, they force the dozen swords to retreat to the ten powerful gangsters!

The strength of these two skeleton generals is comparable to that of the real Tiangang Realm.

If it is placed outside the secret realm, for any strong Tiangang realm on the scene, they can be suppressed by turning the hand!

But in this secret territory of the suppressed evil king, it is still in the temple space where the spirit is exhausted. These two skeleton generals are the real enemies!

"Their armor is extremely strong, and we must concentrate all the attacks, otherwise we will not be able to survive."

The young man with the ghost-faced swordsman suddenly drank coldly; no one wants to reveal the cards first, and there is an implicit tacit agreement, that is, first kill the general skeleton together!

"Nine Xiao...Sword Skill..."

When the heroes discuss the countermeasures; the two skeleton generals move their swords together and gather their swords; the obscure murmur comes out, the blade is like Jiu Xiao's horror, and the sword is swept out, the sword sweeps the eight wastelands!

"Shoot together! Otherwise everyone will die!"

I dont know who yelled it; the eyes of the powerful people in the Tiangang realm became unified and killed at this moment, and the powerful fighting spirit in the whole body was like a frenzy!


"Fighting Phoenix Claw!"

"Silver flames!"

"Heaven broke the golden sword!"

"Ghost Shadow Seven Killing Sword!"

The sword light is vertical and horizontal, and the sword is full of steam. Fist and palm prints spread all over the sky, and the rays of Shenxia glowed like smallpox, blooming in succession.

Numerous high-level combat skills are unrivaled, all at the moment!

No one flinched, not only warned the people around them, but also showed their real strength and the two big skeleton generals were hard!

Even if the cultivation base is suppressed, the space where the aura is exhausted, with the strength of its own background, more than three hundred strong men hard-wired the full attack of two skeleton generals!

Bang Bang Bang! !

The ground shook violently, and the temple shook several times; smoke and dust rose, and a group of powerful gangsters fanned out, encircling the secret entrance at the end of the ancient temple.

"Roar~! Those who break into the temple... die..."

When the majestic and turbulent fighting wave was released; the look of many people changed slightly! The tricks of condensing so many strong men haven't died yet?