My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 132

Chapter 132: Tianji Old Man.

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Chapter 132

Just when many strong men gritted their teeth, ran into majestic fighting spirit, and their momentum was tumbling, preparing to consume another wave of fighting spirit to brew the second kill.

Tear ~~!

The breaking wind screamed; the blue light fell across the sky, falling from the sky!

A young silver robe figure broke through the smoke, and the overwhelming blue dragon's claws violently beat the skull of General Skeleton!

boom! !

Earth-shattering collision sounds like a meteorite falling to the ground, the airflow collapsed in an instant, the blue dragon claws slapped the skeleton general who was about to fight back, and the whole body burst into crackling bones!


The green dragon's claws were spinning in the sky, Lin Chen twisted the skull of the skeleton on the spot, and took the attribute light ball located in the back of the brain.

[The host gains 50,000 runic energy,]

"Shenhuang Nine Tips Light and Fury!"

The white light of the palm is magnificent, bright and dazzling, and gathers into a ball of combat energy. Lin Chen, who spins in the sky, throws out!

A wrath of anger blasted the other skeleton general at the end of a strong crossbow, and the light ball of the rune energy attribute rolled down.

Putting the second attribute light ball quietly away; Lin Chen put away the green dragon arm, facing the group of heroes, with a calm face, patting the dust on the shoulder, pointing the way of Jiangshan.

"Well~ you guys are working well together, the coach is very pleased, I hope we can play such a beautiful combination in the next adventure."

Seeing Lin Chen's appearance, part of Tiangang's mood didn't hit one place, the forehead had green bars exposed, and his teeth were gnashing his teeth!

Combine your sister's skills! You little speaker!

You need to be shameless!

Your kid is so sober and refined about picking up human heads, what about his face? The face! Do you want a face?

"I suddenly wanted to kill this kid."

"Count me in!"

"I haven't seen this shameless, wouldn't it be necessary to ride on our head if I were given him a few more years?"

"Brother Li, forget it, don't be impulsive, after all, this kid just killed so many skeleton soldiers for us just now, which can save us a lot of energy, let him go."

Among the many masters, only a few strong ones realize the key to the problem!

The master of Yun Manqing, the old lady in the grey shirt, slowly looked up to the sky, his old eyes narrowed, and a stroke of fine light crossed.

"The position where he rushed down from the sky just now, my wife, I didn't perceive it at all, but that's not the distance and position that can be met by physical and military skills."

Yun Manqing and Aya Ziqi looked at each other, and the expectation of the former's beautiful eyes grew stronger!

Lin Chen's hands were empty, and under the attention of many people, he found Bai Ruoyan and Leng Yueqi in the crowd.

"Why do you become the focus wherever you go, aren't you afraid to blame your upper body! Can you keep a low profile!"

Leng Yueqi's face was as cold as frost, and she was cold. This action is about her life for her. She doesn't want her team to become a target, and therefore misses this opportunity only once!

"I also want to be low-key! But the strength is not allowed! Even if the strength allows, my handsome is not allowed, hey, this **** handsome, looking too handsome is really annoying!"

Lin Chen sighed for three consecutive times, almost making Leng Yueqi angry on the spot, or Bai Ruoyan spent a few words to calm her emotions.

"With your temper, I really doubt how you lived to the present."

Bai Ruoyan Fanghua peered at Lin Chen with a peerless look, and someone in Lin Mei shivered, looking up at the sky with melancholy.

"Probably, because he is handsome."

Second daughter: "..."

Two skeleton generals fell to the ground; the entrance to the secret passage at the end of the ancient palace was unobstructed, but no one dared to enter first.

This strange environment without even Reiki has a very limited range and distance to explore.

If there is an emergency in the secret road, no one can guarantee that they can evacuate safely.

"Cough cough~ Since everyone is more cautious, let the old man and others take the lead."

At this moment; an old man in sackcloth, walking on crutches, came out slowly.

Beside him, there are also five old Tiangang elders, three men and two women, and they are very young! Looks like he was in his early thirties.

As soon as the old man of Mai came out, the ghost-faced swordsman and the strong man in the lineup of Yun Manqing were all in shock!

"It's the old ghost of Tianji. I didn't expect that even when he entered the secret realm of the evil king, he came."

"This old guy is not dead yet. I'm afraid this time it was for that thing."

"I didn't think that even the older senior mathematician of Lingzhou also came out of the mountain. It seems that this trip only needs to follow them and have soup."

The Tiangang realms from Lingzhou each harbored a ghost birth; Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and he recognized at first glance that the old man was an arithmetician.

In the same way, his Zijin pupil also detected a little dangerous breath from inside the secret passage, so he would definitely not take the lead.

The elder Tianji, who gazed at the entrance of the secret road, gradually became dignified; with one hand holding the void, a roll of extraordinary and unearthed scrolls of oil was floating in the void.

The elder Tianji held the pen with one hand and used blood as ink to embellish the picture scroll. The pen fluttered quickly. The self-painting scroll quickly outlined a mysterious ancient picture and obscure lines. No one except the person concerned could understand it!

The pen stopped suddenly, embellishing heaven. Yin turned to gather together, wandering scroll.

The old man of Tianji pushed the scroll with his hands, and a sparkling ripple pattern flashed out of the scroll and spun from the void!

"Jiangshan Vangu v. TianjiXianren's way to explore the danger is dangerous.

The sky pen was suspended in the sky, and under the premise that no one was controlling it, the simple sky pen began to move rapidly on the scroll, and dazzled everyone!

"This should be a fortune-teller's life tool. The level of this old-timer is like a world apart from the Yan Jiwen I have been in contact with before. The difference between Haoyue and Firefly is not a grade at all!"

Lin Chen was surprised. Through Zijin pupil, he could even see some obscure world threads formed by the old man of heaven and earth!

The pen stopped scrolling, and the old man in the sky quickly put away the scroll, carefully peeping at the content on the scroll, and five young men and women were watching him with all his attention.

"Hahaha! Well, Sure enough, the Emperor does not live up to his intentions. What a little organ is nothing, let's go!"

After observing the content of the scroll, the old man of Tianji laughed in the sky, crutches and the five of them broke into the secret road first!

The rest of the Tiangang Powerhouses glanced at each other, followed closely!

"Let's go too!"

Bai Ruoyan looked solemn, but Lin Chen suddenly pulled her catkin, mysteriously smiling.

"Sister Yan, don't worry. The good show hasn't started yet."


Bai Ruoyan doubts, she doesn't want to miss the opportunity to find the black and white Qianyuan fruit first!

"Did you forget my identity?"

Lin Chen smiled cheaply; Bai Ruoyan suddenly realized!

Lin Chen, who couldn't watch the tone, was helpless, Leng Yueqi had to stand by.

After most of the people had entered, it was not a quarter of an hour before the deafening explosion sound came from inside the secret passage!