My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 133

Chapter 133: Black And White Qianyuan Tree

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Chapter 133

"There is an organ in it? How do you know!"

Leng Yueqi glanced at Lin Chen curiously; the latter said very owedly.

"Want to know? I will tell you as soon as Master Leng kisses me."

The former's face instantly became very cold, and a cold and proud face showed a cold and beautiful smile; "Yes, put your face together."

Someone Lin was scared back a few steps, just then, a burst of applause sounded.

"It turned out that Tianjiao was a teenager, and it seems that I, Man Qing, did not misunderstand anyone. It is the wisest to act with you. The teenager, dare to ask where the teacher comes from, what his origin and origin, and his high name."

The old lady in grey shirt and a group of figures walked next to Lin Chen, the former asked with a kind smile.

"Oh? Under the handsome name Lin Chen, he was born in the dark horse club, but the club's brand. Without a teacher, the people in the rivers and lakes are called Shi Lezhi, and the people in the Tao are handsome and the little black dragon.

Someone Lin clenched his fists in a fist, and twitched a bunch of bells and whistles, stunned without revealing any details.

"Sister, these two sisters are so beautiful, you have to come on!"

Suddenly, Aya Ziqi beside the old lady smiled amusedly.

"If you talk more, I will sew it up later!"

Yun Manqing was ashamed and angry, Xia Fei's cheeks, and the afterglow of his eyes aimed at Lin Chen from time to time.

Seeing Lin Chen refused to reveal his details; the old lady in grey shirt smiled.

"Little friend Lin Chen really is a strange person, my wife and I don't turn around, this temple is extremely dangerous, many allies also have multiple help, all can be divided equally in the temple, how are we working together?"

Lin Chen shook his head and shook his fingers.

"No, seniors, you have a lot of strength on the side. In addition to the higher value, there is no advantage to cooperate with you."

The two young people in purple clothes behind the old lady heard the blue muscles exposed. Why is this person shameless than sentence!

After talking, Lin Chen broke his finger and counted; "There is another breath, and it has to be exploded twice."

Bang ~~! !

Lin Chen's words just fell; there were two shocking explosions in the secret road!

"Okay, Ruoyan, let's go."

With a smile and a wave of his hands, Lin Chen walked casually with his second daughter into the secret passage.

"Zhenaiqiren too!"

The old lady in grey shirt puts her eyes down, one-handed.

"We keep up with him too!"


The three Lin Chen crossed the secret road; unimpeded. All the organs inside were triggered completely, and the three followed the big army, and no crisis was encountered. The strength was most completely preserved.

When you pass through the secret passage and reach the second temple, the atmosphere is suddenly different!

Inside the second temple; the light is brilliant and the lights are bright. In the depleted space of the aura, there stood a vigorous ancient towering tree deeply tied in the very center of the temple!

The white branches and black leaves of the towering ancient trees are very mysterious. The swaying rod is swaying with vitality, and the whole body is covered with streamline lines, flowing unprecedented vitality!

The whole is as high as a thousand feet, and its foliage is lush, like a relic of civilization in ancient times!

On the pure white branches, fruits of two colors of black and white are produced. Upon closer inspection, the two fruits add up to hundreds!

All Tiangang realms in the audience held their breath and stared at the black and white fruits on the ancient trees!

At this moment, the atmosphere becomes a crossbow!

Even Bai Ruoyan, who had just arrived in the temple, had ripples in his heart that were difficult to calm.

This is the only black and white Qianyuan tree in the realm of Dixie King!

At this moment, all Tiangang realms show their minions, killing heart, desire!

This thing has a divine effect for the Tiangang Realm. Bai Qianyuan Fruit can be rebuilt or broken through. The user can break through a realm below the sixth level of the Tiangang Realm, and there are no restrictions on taking it. You can take it again!

This has a fatal temptation for any Tiangang environment present!

Every realm of Tiangang Realm takes decades or even hundreds of years to advance. I dont know how many heroes and heroes stop in Tiangang.

A breakthrough in the realm is not only the growth of strength, but also the continuation of Shouyuan! Can live hundreds of thousands of years!

Although the black Qianyuan fruit is slightly inferior, it still belongs to the physical refining artifact; for the physical refining martial arts, it is like a treasure, and its value is comparable to countless fifth-order natural materials and treasures!

"Hahaha! I am destined to borrow another two thousand years from heaven!"

The heavenly old man who has always been light and windy can't restrain the ecstasy in his heart at this time, and laughs in the sky!

"Grab it! This is the only chance to break through the five levels of Tiangang Realm in your lifetime!"

Many older generations of Tiangang Realm have a roar in their hearts, this battle will probably be the last burning of their martial arts life!

The spirit of war is shining, the light shines on the whole temple, and all the powerful people are crazy!

The silhouettes are criss-crossing, and everyone is rushing towards the black and white Qianyuan tree like chicken blood. The fighting spirit and the cards reserved in the first round of the ancient temple are all sacrificed!

What's the "eight-step ghost shadow" cloud crane dragon" nine shadow stars", "chasing the wind to catch the moon" three minutes of instant shadow", ordinary people's eyes are rare in life, unique skills, now in many Tiangang realm frequently Endless, any kind of outside is enough to cause uproar!

The battle started in an instant to surround the black and white Qianyuan tree, and many powerful players in the Tiangang realm quickly fought against each other!

A kind of precious rare rare medicine is now crammed into the mouth as if you dont want money; the battle is only in a blink of an eye!

"I got it, I got Bai Qianyuan fruit!"

An old man in Tiangang Realm who cut out the encirclement cut off the branch of Qian Yuan, and when he got the white Qian Yuan fruit with one hand, he couldn't help but growl in a frantic and excited manner.

He was about to put it in the Ring of Naling, **** blew up the airflow, and penetrated his arm in front!

Holding Bai Qianyuanguo's arm crashed down, two old men in black robe had just received it, and a sword of evil dragons swallowed the mountains and rivers, strangling from the sky, and they retreated!

Similar scenes were staged frantically around the black and white Qianyuan tree. Everyone killed their red eyes just for the black and white Qianyuan fruit!

Less than a dozen breaths after the battle, there has been a gang of siege on the spot!

The top powerhouses placed in the 24 domains on weekdays, at this time, only sleep here!

"It's crazy, this is the way of martial arts climbing, one person can do everything!"

Aya Ziqi's pretty face behind the old lady in the grey shirt was slightly pale; even though she was of extraordinary origin, she was the first time she saw so many battles in Tiangang Realm!

On the other side; Lin Chen urged Zijin Tong, did not act for the first time, but observed the whole black and white Qianyuan tree!

"Since you want to grab, then grab the best!"

The moment the Purple Phoenix Wing unfolded from behind Lin Chen, the face of the old grey shirt suddenly changed!