My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 134

Chapter 134: What Is The Situation?

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Chapter 134 !

Lin Chen led the second daughter, the purple phoenix wings flew up in anger, streaming a stream of purple flames in the void!

Almost in a blink of an eye, all strong men were frightened by Lin Chen's sudden burst of speed!

It is different from everyone present; the speed of Lin Chen Zhenyan's Purple Phoenix Wing mainly depends on the strength of his flesh shell refining, and the repair of Qi is secondary. Will not be affected by the exhaustion of Aura at all!

Whether entering the secret realm of the evil king or in the temple, these restrictions are equivalent to none for the true flame purple phoenix wings!

"Phoenix Wings? A terrible realm can actually master such mysterious mysterious creatures' secret treasures. This is really terrible!"

The old lady in the grey shirt glanced at the light, and while everyone was attracted by Lin Chen, she took her four disciples to act suddenly!

"Hurry, stop him! He wants to take away the highest quality black and white Qianyuan fruit on the Qianyuan tree!"

The ghost-faced swordsman standing at a height of thousands of kilometers in the black and white Qianyuan tree is terrified; pulling the sword and wiping dozens of mysterious sword shadows, destroying Lin Chen!

The heavenly gangs who climbed to the height of the black and white Qianyuan tree invariably attacked Lin Chen, even the old man on that day!

"If I'm afraid that you will attack, I won't fly in the sky to serve you as a living target~"

Lin Chen teased a smile; Zhenyan Purple Phoenix wings flapped in succession, the volley rotated 360 degrees, and the corners rotated back and forth for a week, all evading the attack that destroyed him!

"What? So fast!"

The crowd was shocked; Lin Chen's speed was not so much more than that of a powerful person in Tiangang Realm!

In the chasing battle of the incandescent Aurora Stone; the seventeen Tiangang realm encircled and suppressed Lin Chen, almost all returned empty-handed, in this depleted environment; no one could touch him!

There are also some strong men who have used flying weapons that Yuelin Lin has used, but in this case few strong men will use them.

Because those auxiliary weapons are only suitable for the warriors in the terrible environment, in such a strong environment as the cloud, the speed is not fast enough to only become a living target for everyone!

At a distance of more than two thousand feet, Lin Chen rushed to the top in almost two breaths, unimpeded!

The top of the black and white Qianyuan tree is full of dozens of complex black and white branches and leaves, shaped like a tray, holding two pairs of black and white Qianyuan fruits.

The two pairs of black and white Qianyuan fruits have deep colors, the light flows, and the energy fluctuations released are the most intense of all the black and white Qianyuan fruits in the audience!

Just as the strong men ascended the heights, Lin Chen was only a few steps away from the two pairs of black and white Qianyuan fruits; his face was slightly pale, and everyone shouted no in his heart!

A black and white beam of lightning flashed out from the leaf tray, Lin Chen's pupils shrunk, and Tiangang's war was instantly launched!


The powerful aftermath swayed in the void, passed from more than two thousand feet to the ground, and rolled up the violent wind, just like a big explosion!

Seeing the void, Lin Chen was bounced away for a distance of more than two hundred meters, and the cold ice flakes fell from the void.

"Are you OK?"

Bai Ruoyan, who was holding the jade hand of Lin Chen, gave him a slightly worried look, and Lin Chen nodded with a smile;

If it were not for Bai Ruoyan and Leng Yueqi to defend in time, Lin Chens Tiangang fighting spirit alone would not be enough to fully resist the counterattack of the black and white Qianyuan tree!

"Hahahaha! Boy, I didn't expect it. The most central part of the Qianyuan tree is protected by self-awareness. Do you think the best black and white Qianyuan fruit is what you want to take?"

"Amazed, not surprised?"

"The big ups and downs in life are unimaginable!"

When the powerful of all parties broke into laughter and ridicule, Lin Chen sighed and sighed!

"Yeah, it's really a surprise and a surprise. However, if you don't see the end of this ups and downs, how do you know who can laugh to the end."

Lin Chen pushed horizontally and placed the second daughter at a distance of two thousand feet from the Qianyuan tree.

Afterwards, a star-like dazzling aurora bloomed from Lin Chen's hands, and all the strong men were about to fight, and were attracted by this aurora.

Lin Chen's palm is suspended with three fist-sized incandescent aurora stones, and the flowing energy of the light system makes all the powerful people present are surprised!

"This kid has incandescent aurora stones?"

"Good guy, there are so many good things about this little devil. Later, he will take away this white Qianyuan fruit and simply kill him!"

The strong people of the Quartet stared greedily at the incandescent aurora stone in Lin Chen's hands, only the strong individuals in Tiangang Realm seemed to see ghosts! !

"I got a grass! Wouldn't it be again..."

The words didn't finish; Lin Chen's childish face lifted a hint of innocent smile!

He urged his thunderous fighting spirit, the incandescent aurora stone suspended in the palm of his hand was thrown out in anger, and fell into three meteors into the top branch tray of the black and white Qianyuan tree!

Time; It seems to freeze at this moment.

More than a hundred Tiangang realities haven't figured out what Lin Chen wants to do. When he threw out such precious treasures as incandescent aurora, a tremendous explosion exploded from the sky above the entire temple!

boom! Boom~~! !

Dazzling rays of light resembling the newborn sun shone down from the sky, the airflow reversed, the wind raged, and a mushroom cloud rose in the void.

When everyone looked at it again, he could not help but take a breath!

The branches and leaves around the black and white tray were all blown up, and the top of the tree of the black and white Qianyuan tree looked like a torn and fierce as if torn away in the distance!

It is the three incandescent aurora stones that have made many powerful people stupefied, and thus evaporated out of thin air!

Gone! ?

The energy ore that is comparable to the fifth-order intermediate-level weapon has just exploded once and disappeared?

I haven't waited for everyone to react; Lin Chen took out five incandescent aurora stones again!

"This time I will give you a bigger one. I see how hard you are! You can beat me harder?"

The five incandescent aurora stones seemed to be free of money. They were fired like cannon **** in Lin Chen's hands and shot out suddenly!

Bang Bang Bang ~~! !

A series of shocking explosions sounded again; this kind of power is no more than a heavy attack in Tiangang Realm!

"I let you sneak attack on this handsome man, grandma, I can't blast you!"

"Isn't the Banban, isn't it just a few broken fruits, spicy chicken! When I blow you up, the scene will strip you alive and fall on the spot!"

"You are a small speaker, you can't turn it on, you can't turn it on!"

Along with Lin Chen's series of insults, a large number of incandescent aurora stones were thrown by him crazy, either three or five at a time!

What the **** is this!

All the powerful people in Tiangang Realms feel their scalp tingling, and some even stay in place on the spot, even forgetting the black and white Qianyuan fruit!