My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 135

Chapter 135: All Targeted

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Chapter 135

That's incandescent aurora stone! Each one contains extremely rare energy of the light system, and the best materials necessary for casting top-level warships are just one of them, which is priceless and marketless!

Not to mention in the 24th domain, even in the entire Lingzhou, every occurrence of incandescent aurora stone will cause uproar!

Such a precious top treasure is actually regarded as a roadside stone by a teenager under the age of eighteen.

What kind of family background must this have? Hidden sects? Eternal giant power?

This sect of the **** giants can't help being so profligate!

This is no longer a description of a violent disaster, it is simply heartbroken and mad!

"No! How come he still has so many incandescent aurora stones! The last time this kid blew us up, we had more than thirty?"

"Did there be another mystery under the lake at that time?!"

"Grass! This must be the case! Lost, lost to grandma's house! We are miserable!"

The strong individuals in the Tiangang realm who had previously chased Lin Chen suddenly realized that he shot his thighs and jumped upright! The look was as annoying and regretful as if he had eaten shit.

If they did not chase Lin Chen back then, these large incandescent aurora stones belonged to them!

This is lost to the ancestral family!

"This young man, Lin Chen, has at least detonated more than 120 incandescent aurora stones..."

Gray shirt old woman old face trembling, this is an unimaginable monstrous wealth for any sectarian force in Lingzhou!

Aya Ziqi's lips are slightly open, and the man Sister loves is really unique in Lingzhou!

Yun Manqing stared at the young man's back almost obsessively and obsessedly; although he was a bit coquettish when he was chased by the sky, he looked like he was throwing incandescent aurora stones.

At the time when Lin Chen caused unprecedented shock; Leng Yueqi and Bai Ruoyan seemed to have spirits in their hearts, and the gods took two Bai Qianyuan fruits from a height without knowing it!


As high as more than two thousand feet, the black and white Qianyuan tree shaped like a mountain peak was blown to pieces. Lin Chen exploded ten incandescent aurora stones for the last time, tearing a black and white tray into a shocking crack!

[The host obtains 10,000 points of light energy, 9500 points of light energy, 8800 points of light energy,]

The entire void was suspended with a dazzling array of light attributes. While Lin Chen grabbed it, the Purple Phoenix wings rolled up a stream of purple flames and rushed into the black and white tray, grabbing two pairs of black and white Qianyuan fruit. !

Lin Chen held two pairs of Qianyuan fruit, and the energy flowing in his palm made him feel a little lingering!

Two black Qianyuan fruits and two white Qianyuan fruits are the highest quality of the whole Qianyuan tree!

"Baby! I will blow up nearly three hundred incandescent aurora stones in one go, no loss, no loss!"

Lin Chen laughed with pride; the Purple Phoenix wings spread and flew to Bai Ruoyan's side.

He handed the two highest-quality Bai Qianyuan fruits to Bai Ruoyan.

"Sister Ruoyan, a little meaning, no respect."

Someone Lin didn't care much and laughed.

Seeing that he actually grabbed the two Bai Qian Yuan fruits of the highest quality, and still sent them to him in the first time, the rare ripples in Bai Ruoyan's heart took them seriously.

"Thank you, brother Lin Chen. I will never forget this kindness."

Everyone knows the value of Bai Qianyuan fruit, he can give it to himself so easily, this feeling is not to be understated!

Seeing Bai Ruoyan so solemn for the first time, Lin Chen even felt strangely embarrassed and scratched his head and smiled.

"It's too early to say thanks. After all, we are being watched by everyone."

At the end of the speech, when Lin Chen turned around, he saw a group of people rushing towards them under the black and white Qianyuan branches!

The team headed by the old man is Tianji, followed by the ghost-faced swordsman and other people who have conflicted with Lin Chen; there are also four or five solo knights in the Tiangang Realm!

"Kill this kid and take his Phoenix Wings!"

"The highest quality Bai Qianyuan fruit, old and decayed, will never let it go!"

This group of people is like a hungry wolf, and there is only violent fighting and greed in the eyes!

"A group of elderly people that day; give it to me. I took the Bai Qianyuan fruit, and their goal should be me, you retreat first, or find a chance to fight back."

Bai Ruoyan put away the Bai Qianyuan fruit cautiously, Kong Gu Youlan's elegant smile.

"Are you sure? If Sister Yan, your cultivation has not been fully recovered."

When Lin Chen was amazed, the beautiful lady smiled, and the beauty was gorgeous!

"Brother Lin Chen, when her sister is in nine continents, Tiangang Realm can be wiped out with just a wave of hand~"

Bai Ruoyan quietly turned into a ray of light smoke, and his body was so profoundly mysterious that even Lin Chens Zijin pupil could not see a trace!


The colorful and energetic Xiaguang swept across the sky and was located at a position of more than 1,800 feet in the black and white Qianyuan tree; Bai Ruoyan confronted six Tiangang realms, including Tianji elderly!

"Don't let this woman go, she took the highest quality Bai Qianyuan fruit and destroyed her!"

The old man of Tianji shouted loudly; offering his own fortune teller's Eternal Ancient Machine Scroll, and the dragon and phoenix dancing in the sky, depicting a word from the void, suppressing the world and suppressing Bai Ruoyans actions!

"A mathematician who doesn't even have a font name, and dare to speak like that."

Bai Ruoyan's clouds are breeze and light, a gleam of golden light quietly extinguishes the pupils, between the slender jade fingers flicking, and the three fingers of the strong wind easily tear the old man's ``Eternal Time Machine Volume''!

"What? What combat skill is this? Hurry up!"

The elder Tianji was frightened and panicked, and the powerful people around him were all around! Bai Ruoyan swayed in white sleeves, his jade fingers flicked, fighting alone and being strong, still prevailing!

Afterwards, the three heavenly gangs that flocked to the battle also joined the battle. Bai Ruoyan fought the battles in a row, and the aftermath of the collision easily shattered anything in the space of tens of feet!

"Great! It seems that if Sister Yan had reservations before, since that's the case, I have to come up with some trump card!"

Just when Lin Chen rubbed his fists and eagerly tried to pull out the remaining incandescent aurora, he suddenly froze!

An astonishing and bold idea; again emerged in Lin Chen's mind, he couldn't help but reveal a childlike innocent smile, laughing like a child!

Leng Yueqi on the side saw this scene, and there was an inexplicable palpitation in her heart. It was the same when I saw the incandescent aurora stone for the first time before this product!

"It is said that this black Qianyuan fruit is the best for refining the body, and I am now in a bottleneck in refining the body. The blue dragon arm is also at an opportunity to break through. Today I want to see what a superb method is!"

Two black Qianyuan fruits are suspended in Lin Chen's palm. The quietly throbbing energy in the fruit is like a heartbeat with life, which is extremely mysterious!

"Is he thinking?"

Leng Yueqi's expression was shocked, and her cold and proud face appeared stunned and shocked, just about to speak!