My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 136

Chapter 136: Lin Chen Who Respects The Old And Loves The Young.

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Chapter 136, Lin Chen who respects the old and loves the young.


Lin Chen took a bite and took two black Qianyuan fruits in three bites!

At the moment when the black Qianyuan fruit was chewed and swallowed, the two magnificent and vast energies resembled two dragons. In Lin Chen's body, he wanted to come out and turn the river!

Roar ~~!

Two green dragons roared and roared; a glazed dragon light began to flow from Lin Chen's left arm, leading directly to the white aura in Dan Tian.

The glazed dragon light is like a more powerful and more powerful dragon! Suppressing the two energy dragons in the face, dragging them to the white aura in the Dantian!


Lin Chen's eyes turned white, his nostrils were smoky, and his body twitched, his flesh shell strength was violently broken, and he broke through!

"He actually ate the black Qianyuan fruit?"

"Crazy! Even the masters who have reached the level of refining the body of the body do not dare to mess up!"

"Don't worry, after killing him and then breaking the belly, the energy of the black Qianyuan fruit is extremely domineering and vast, and it is impossible for him to absorb this small body in a short time. He ate two more, just to die!"

Leng Junfeng, the ghost-faced swordsman, couldn't help but sneer, pulling the sword in the scabbard, as if the sword energy of the reincarnation was reverberating in the mouth of the scabbard!

"Ghost-faced swordsman Leng Junfeng, isn't it? Today I'm going to look at the level of the peripheral blood of the Leng family."

An ice arrow crossed the cold ice line of the void, and quickly passed between Leng Junfeng's eyebrows!

The cold was released, and Leng Junfeng's eyebrows slowly formed an ice flower. The former stared solemnly at Leng Yueqi in front of his eyes, and his voice was a little shocked and stunned.

"Unexpectedly, you are also a cold family... Master Ben wants to see which faction you are from, look at my blood-red three thousand swords and kill you slut!"

"The wastes of the outside factions dare to speak madly, to death!"

The battle between Leng Yueqi and Leng Junfeng, the'ghost-faced swordsman', is on the verge!

The last three veteran Tiangang realms surrounded Lin Chen, and the three of them were psychic; all of them were Leng Junfeng.

They flew up with their sleeves, each treaty of six warrior poisonous poisonous pythons reached fifty feet, the poisonous gas flickered, was born, strangled Lin Chen!

"Power, the whole body is full of power!"

Lin Chen roared upward in the sky, punched out with a punch without skill, and the punching style was overbearing. He directly crushed two warrior poisonous pythons!

Bang Bang Bang ~~!

The other four venomous poisonous pythons, like volcanic eruptions, bombarded Lin Chens front chest, causing a series of big explosions!

At the moment when he was hit by this force, Lin Chen's defense of Tiangang's fighting strength was broken as soon as it was launched, and it shattered on the spot!

In addition, there are nearly 50% of the energy hard in the body!

This energy formed an impact, and even formed a silent external force, helping Lin Chen to push the energy of the black Qianyuan fruit into Dantian again!

"Ah~~ This is really cool!"

Lin Chen was so convulsed that he was straight!

Although the energy of absorbing black Qianyuan fruit is the white aura and green dragon arm in Dantian; but even if a little energy is spilled, the energy of black Qianyuan fruit can be comparable to the top medicine for washing the tendons and cutting the pith!

The pores are slightly stretched, Lin Chen's meridians and bones have been partially refined by the energy of the black Qianyuan fruit, resulting in all the waste impurities hidden in the eight veins of his strange meridians and limbs and bones!

"Look, this kid was beaten up and twitched! All his mother's eyes rolled!"

"Hahaha! It must be about to be exploded by Hei Qian Yuan Guo soon. Let's work harder and take out the energy of Hei Qian Yuan Guo directly!"

"Smelly! This kid is afraid that the **** has just been hit!"

"Beat him, smash him directly!"

The head of the Tiangang Realm rushed to Lin Chen, and the big fingerprint of the fire energy in the palm was destroyed by a hurricane, shocking the world!

The five fingers overlap into the dragon claws, tearing out like lightning, imprinted on Lin Chen's body with thousands of methods, tears, twists, twists, pulls, etc. Chen was beaten all over the sky!

The three Tiangang realms launched a violent attack from Lin Chen's body without dead ends, but the strength of each blow is helping Lin Chen to push the energy of the black Qianyuan fruit into Dantian faster!

Lin Chen's meat shells are more and more condensed, and after the pores discharge fine residual impurities, they begin to sublimate quickly!

The three Tiangang realms are wondering, how can this kid get stronger and stronger!

"It's awesome! It's time for me!"

Lin Chen suddenly opened his eyes from the posture of defending with both hands and wrists; the overbearing smile between the corners of the teenager's mouth was like a king watching the world!

With one hand, he pushed the ball horizontally and shot it violently on the chest of an old Tiangang Realm; he broke his ribs on the spot! Several attributes of the light ball fell into the air and suspended, Lin Chen grabbed it and absorbed it.

"What? So strong!"

The other two Tiangang realms were overwhelmed. When they retreated crazy, Lin Chen cut another whip leg like a knife in the void. shield!

Boom! Click~~!

With the fragmented shield of war spirit and the leg bones of the Tiangang Realm, he screamed in the sky, but Lin Chen vigorously spread the Purple Phoenix wings!

His Purple Phoenix wings are three points bigger than before, faster and tougher!

"You three gangsters besieged an unarmed young man, and it was shameless. There is a saying in our hometown called respecting the old and loving the young. Today I will respect the old!"

Lin Chen, who unfolded the purple phoenix wings, appeared behind the third Tiangang Realm like a ghost. The right fist was crushed and smashed, the left leg hit the knee fiercely, the left elbow hit like a dagger, and Lin Chen looked like a precise killing machine. , Beat the third Tiangang Realm all the way!

Some shrewd heavens have discovered that Lin Chen's pure power is already around 980,000 tiger power, which is almost the same as his previous Green Dragon Arm!

When I heard the phrase "The Unarmed Boy", many people twitched their lips fiercely. You are unarmed, but every part of your body is countless times harder than his mother's black iron!

Looking at Lin Chens battle again, many older generations are in the sweat and sweat!

The three Tiangang realms were surrounded by Lin Chen alone, even if they fell on the branches of the black and white Qianyuan tree!

The most important thing is; he is not only terrible for the pure power of the shell, but even the moves are extremely fierce and insidious!

Either specialize in the middle of the person and slam the hammer towards the heart of others. Either aim at the lower segment of others, there will always be a leg of the dead son, or aim at the upper segment of others, and stab the ears, how cruel!

Insert the eye, kick the crotch, hammer your chest, all in one go! Seeing dozens of people in the Tiangang realm have a cold sweat!

Is this Nima called respecting the old and loving the young? Everyone in the audience was afraid that it would not be a trio of good people!