My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 137

Chapter 137: The Ancient Qinglong Was Born

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Chapter 137: The Ancient Blue Dragon Is Born! !

"It's cool! It's a pleasure, it's really a pleasure. It's hanging the sky and grandma's grandma. This is a profitable business, hahaha!"

Lin Chen smiled with a cracked mouth!

Although they were suppressed for cultivation, but these old guys are real heavens, Lin Chen's attributed light ball from them, but each one has a super high value!

In the outside world, they are all the pinnacles of high moral prestige, long history, and millions of famous people!

Outside the mysterious realm, they are all super powers in the double and triple levels of the Tiangang Realm. They are placed in the wilderness, that is, the power at the top of the pyramid, which is almost equivalent to the bald elders and deputy deans in the college.

The terrible territories hang three people with two and three tiangang realms. This is impossible if it is placed outside.

On the contrary; they can shoot Lin Chen with one hand!

Except for one trick of Dragon Race supernatural powers and the few tactics of Gods and Sorrows, Lin Chen had no capital to confront them at all!

But in this mysterious realm; especially in this temple, they are Lin Chen's meat sandbags! They have no temper at all!

"Shenhuang Nine Tips Light and Fury!"

Seeing that his quintessence of fighting spirit essence will be full, about to hit a new level, Lin Chen's mad attack is mixed with the Nine Recipes!

Dozens of giant light energy **** suddenly fell down, blooming an energy storm, sweeping the entire black and white Qianyuan tree!

Before so many incandescent aurora stones have been destroyed, Lin Chen's light energy value has reached a horror number of more than 2 million!

A wrath caused two Tiangang to be seriously injured on the spot, almost losing his ability to act!

"Grandma, little bastard, I will fight with you today!"

The tiger-headed middle-aged Tiangang realm looked up to the sky, and an unprecedented violent fighting spirit rushed from his body, and merged into a huge lion, swallowing the world, and can hold rivers and rivers!

The fighting spirit of the Tiangang Realm! This middle-aged man forcibly broke through his seal of cultivation in the secret territory!

This horrible momentum instantly impressed Lin Chen, and the pores all over his body burst with warning signals!

However, he hadnt had time to mobilize his majestic battlefield. A beam of dark thunder light ripped out the space cracks from the void, slicing across the sky, and slicing forward on his heavenly cover, annihilating his fighting spirit into nothingness on the spot. !

He himself was even split in half by Black Thunder and exploded, falling on the spot! !

Seeing this scene; some of the previous Tiangang realities that wanted to unravel the cultivation behavior immediately put away this careful thought, and panic and fear came to my mind!

This is the power of the heavenly power of the evil kings mysterious realm. Once there is a warrior who is above Tiangang realm, he will be killed instantly!

[The host gains 3.84 million points of essence of fighting spirit, 211,000 points of mental strength,]

In several shuttles, Lin Chen picked up all the attributed light balls, and the exhausted fighting spirit was filled up again. Not only that, it seemed to be in a hidden place, and it was about to touch a new bottleneck!

The more advanced the mentality of cultivation, the more solid the foundation; the difficulty of cultivation breakthroughs will also increase.

The spiritual energy in the shrine is exhausted, and it is as difficult to break through the fighting spirit and cultivate behavior in this situation!

Even if Lin Chen slaughtered a heavenly state this time, the light ball of the essence of the fighting spirit he obtained was far from enough for him to break through a realm!

"Well, killing a Tiangang Realm can get so many spirits of fighting spirit!"

Lin Chen's eyes were bright, and bare feet were barely afraid of wearing shoes, and he turned to the other two Tiangang realms with a brutal smile!

"Oops, this kid moved us to kill!"

"Go away!"

The two Tiangang realms finally felt bad, they took a panacea, and they almost doubled their fighting strength.

"Sample, want to run, do you think you are visiting the kiln, you can run with your pants on!"

Lin Chen smirked, and was about to urge Qinglong to prepare to fight back; his eyes suddenly widened, and he looked like hell!

"I rely on! What about my blue dragon arm?"

Lin Chen rolled up his sleeves, at this time on his left arm, innocent and clean, there is no previous Qinglong tattoo!

"What's the matter? Where's my green dragon arm, my master? I absorbed two black Qianyuan fruits and can make it grow wings and can't fly?"

This time; Lin Chen couldn't care about the two fleeing heavens and immediately began to look inside his own Dan Tian.

Lin Chendan is in the field; except for the brilliant light, the nine-colored battle spirit surrounding the Siqiqi River is suspended by a blue light ring.

This blue light ring was the white light ring that Lin Chen had obtained on Zhenlong Mountain before, but at this time it was flashing light blue streamer, crystal clear, and beautiful like a gem in the night sky.

The most amazing thing is that Lin Chen still feels a life wave similar to his own mind shape!

"What's in it? Come out for me!"

Lin Chen opened his eyes suddenly, fighting to pull the blue circle in Dan Tian!

At this moment; centered on Lin Chen's whole person, He Shengsheng released the terrible breath of absorbing stars and disturbing the nebula!

"Roar Roar ~~!"

The earth-shaking dragon roar swept through the whole black and white Qianyuan tree like a frenzy. The terrible dragon roar sound waves turned into a wave of heavenly waves, and the momentum was more than any war situation that is at war!

When all the powerful people in the Tiangang realm cast their gaze; all breathed a sigh of relief!

It is more than seventy feet long, shaped like a long snake, lying on all four limbs; has five claws; a unicorn head, a carp tail, a horn like a deer, a long beard, and a scale like a sapphire.

The green light flashed in its pupils; bursting out the sorrow and dignity that dominated all living beings!

Its fangs and sharp fangs are like ancient iron sharp knives, and the breath that spit out slightly is like a storm swallowing the world.

All the strong men were deterred by its dragon power, and all the battles stopped!

Ancient Qinglong!

This is the authentic ancient Qinglong!

It is not a descendant of bloodline, nor a scene of fictitious combat skills. It is an ancient green dragon with real blood and flesh, containing Longwei and dominating the Eight Wastelands!

On the top of the ancient Qinglong's head, stood a silver-robed young man, his hands clasped his chest, his childish face, cold and daunting, revealing an overbearing mastery of life and death!

"Here, there is a pure-blooded ancient dragon hidden in this boy's body!"

"The overbearing green dragon has reached the power of 1 dragon, and has the power to match the real sky!"

"Isn't it said that apart from the fifth-order evil beast bred by the secret space itself, any Tiangang Realm and the fifth-order evil beast will be wiped out!"

"My mother! How did he do it! How did he bring in such a big ancient beast!"

All the strong players in the audience were frightened!

This ancient green dragon, unless it is outside the evil king's secret realm. Otherwise, even if it is out of the temple, none of them present can single it out!