My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 138

Chapter 138: Fuck

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Chapter 138

"It turns out that the aura I got on Zhenlong Mountain was the source of life that gave birth to Qinglong! No wonder my Qinglong bloodline is gone. It turned out that it was all concentrated in the source of life! I made a lot of money, and I made a big deal!"

Lin Chen stood on top of the dragon's head, looks like Yu Yuxuan, high and cold, but in fact he was happy in a batch!

If there was no one on the scene, he could throw a fist on the spot!

The Green Dragon Arm has already entered the Evil King's Secret Realm; they have absorbed the massive resources that Lin Chen has brought to it, which is the early stage of Qinglong's condensed energy.

After the basic energy absorption was full, Lin Chen tried to swallow two black Qianyuan fruits. Most of the life energy of the black Qianyuan fruits was absorbed by the blue dragon origin in Dantian; thus this unprecedented ancient green dragon was born!

Because it is a blue dragon born in the mysterious territory of the evil king, the law of Tianwei in this mysterious territory has regarded it as a natural beast born in this mysterious realm, and will not be constrained by the law at all!

"He really is the most special!"

Yun Manqing has fallen completely, and her beautiful eyes are staring at Lin Chen above the dragon's head, leaving only extreme admiration and worship in her eyes!

"His grandmother's, now it's Laozi's turn.

Lin Chen smirked aloud. With his sleeves rolled, all the strong players in the audience were thrilled!

Finished! When this kid just said "respect for the elderly and love the young", the way to greet people is one trick to another, and now he is given an ancient green dragon again, this Nima has to go to heaven!

Lin Chen's eyes first turned to Bai Ruoyan's direction.

The smirk looked, and Bai Ruoyan's mouth chuckled lightly.

"Brother Lin Chen, how cute is that~ how many cards he still has~"

Bai Ruoyan Fanghua's peerless smile; Hearing the heavenly old man and the other seven heavenly environments, he suddenly shivered!

lovely? It's almost terrible!

"Ancient Qinglong, fucking! Dare to bully Ruoyan sister, don't look at who is covering it, and give me a hard beating his bitch!"

Lin Chen pointedly pointed at the eight heavenly gangs in the direction of Bai Ruoyan. The ancient green dragon burst into an angry scream and jumped into the air.

The elders of Tianji and other territories were pale and scared, and they immediately opened their body; the afterimages were heavy, and the jumps flashed, and all kinds of housekeeping skills and escape secrets were brought out!

Bang~~! Bang ~~!

The airflow collapsed and the branches cracked. Several strong winds swept through thousands of troops and exploded from the void!

With this claw going down, the ancient green dragon broke the Qianyuan tree's thick, 100-meter-long stem and cut off the waist. It hadn't waited for those heavens to react. Oh, the dragon's tail rolled, and the river turned back and forth!

Tear ~~! Snapped!

The two Tiangang realms were smashed away in midair to defend their defense, their livers and gallbladders ruptured, and they were dying from being photographed by the green dragon's tail; their flesh and blood were blurred.

The ancient Qinglong continued to chase the rest of the Tiangang realm, and took the lead in locking up a group of people such as the elder Tianji!

Lin Chen jumped into the air; jumped to the two dying heavens, it was a meal of'respecting the old and loving young fist'; it was seen that most of the strong men's scalp was numb, playing the attribute light ball flying all over the sky and returning Two treasure chests came out!

Finally; thunder flashed longitudinally, setting off a thunder. Lin Chen made a thunder burst and sent them on the road, making them happy to die!

[The host obtains 3.94 million essence of fighting spirit, 3.01 million energy of qi and blood, and 500,000 essence of merit,]

[The host opens the Mithril Treasure Chest. Gain: Rune energy of 100,000 points.

[The host opens the fine silver treasure chest. Gain: Dark energy of 100,000 points.

[The host gains 4.08 million points of essence of war, 69,000 points of mental power, 410,000 points of water energy...]

Lin Chen picked it up madly in the air, and the attribute value showed an unprecedented increase!

The earth-shattering explosion rang again; the ancient Qinglong had crushed a Tiangang realm, and is still chasing the Tianji old man and five other Tiangang realms!

There is no heaven and earth aura here, and the ancient Qinglong can only move with its own pure power, but the speed is still the fastest level in the game. If there is an aura, the real green dragon can take the fog and fly away.

Although the Tiangang Realm killed by the ancient Qinglong also exploded the attribute light sphere of one place, but because it was not killed by Lin Chen's own hands, the attribute light sphere dropped was only half of Lin Chen's personal kill.

"Lin Chen! Lao Xuan fights with you!"

"Tu Zizi, who has no hair, has the ability to single out with your grandfather!"

"What kind of skill do you count on a blue dragon, what kind of man are you!"

The elder Tianji and five others were chased down by the ancient Qinglong, forcing them to roar continuously and madly!

Qinglong's defensive power and destructive power are proportional to each other. With their fighting power in the shrine, which is less than one percent of the heyday, they can't break Qinglong's defense!

Even if they leave the temple and are in a normal aura space, the five of them can join hands with a real heavenly environment, but in this ghost place where the aura is exhausted, it is the best result to not be killed immediately. !

"This group of small speakers; this group of guys are old celestial stars hanging up, they are desperate!"

Lin Chen's eyes were full of fierce glory, he had just prepared to support Leng Yueqi, this group of people provoke his anger!

"Killing one is killing, killing thousands of people is also killing, this opportunity to arbitrarily slash the heavens and earth will never happen again in this life, why should I be that good old man!"

Some strong men have seen the situation clearly. At this time, the situation in the temple has already been dominated by Lin Chen alone, and no one can afford to protect himself in front of him alone!

Many strong men who have already won the black and white Qianyuan fruit have already taken the lead out of the battle and started to hover around to seize the time to recover. At the same time, they also proposed to each other a temporary alliance invitation.

The strong people who can come here are not mortals. At this time, the situation can no longer be seen clearly, that is, the fish meat on other people's cutting boards, let anyone slaughter!

The purple phoenix wings spread; Lin Chen instantly joined the old man and other battles. With one wave of his hand, he ordered the ancient Qinglong to stop attacking.

"Whoever said you want to be singled out, stand up for me, and I will complete your group of bastards, I will singled out with him to the end!"

Lin Chen is overbearing and has a great aura, which shocks the five heavens!

But soon, they reacted immediately, and the old man of Tianji sneered; "You said I would believe it if you singled out? There is a book to collect the ancient Qinglong in advance!"

Lin Chen sneered disdainfully. In one thought, the ancient green dragon turned into a spiral of light and flew into Lin Chen's Dantian, disappearing.

Seeing this fierce and evil ancient Qinglong only disappeared on Lin Chen in a breath, many strong people sincerely sighed the magic.

"Does this guy really dare to challenge us?"

"In the end it is still too young, we will seize the opportunity this time!"

"Don't worry about him, anyway, he has already put away the green dragon. After a while, he will fight head to head, and we will all go together, take out the strongest attack, and bombard him into scum!"

A cold killing intent in the eyes of the old man!