My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 139

Chapter 139: Sorry Robbery.

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Chapter 139

"While your kid is still a man, I said that it was me who singled out, I will single you out!"

A young man covered in blood came out; staring at Lin Chen with a grin.

His face was covered with pale, dry human skin, no trace of blood, and it did not seem to be in line with his true age of appearance.

"Then come!"

Lin Chen pouted, scorned.

As soon as the voice fell, the opponent turned over, a dark red axe, like a mountain axe, jumped into the sky, tens of thousands of wild horses rushed into the world with a meteor-like momentum, and the fighting covered the mountains and rivers. !

"Bloody hand!"

"Raksha Ten Swords!"

"Sad compassionate palm!"

Behind the attacking youth, the four headed by the elder Tianji launched an instant offensive, the distance between the two sides was extremely short, and Lin Chen had no time to escape even if he reacted!

Many strong people laughed in their hearts, this Lin Chen is too **** right? Others say singled out and singled out? Actually let go of the best chance to kill the opposite!

This whole audience; only Bai Ruoyan smiled gracefully and quietly, she knew deeply that this younger brother Lin Chen, but was never a loser.

"You stand together and save my time."

Lin Chen smiled cheaply; his shoulders were slightly spread back, his arms were flipped to pull the mountains and rivers, and the indestructible blue light of the mountains and rivers was like the evolution of the civilization of the dragon family in the blue light, and the two green dragon arms were born!


The jaws of the sky gangs watching the battle were almost shocked. What is the situation?

The two green dragon arms penetrate the mountains and rivers, and they shoot right and left, breaking all the attacks in the horizontal sky, and even killing five Tiangang realms with one palm!

All five of them used a small amount of fighting spirit to attack, and they did not have any preparation for defense. They were as fragile as tofu in front of Lin Chens green dragon arm! Break in one shot!

Lin Chen's ancient Qinglong has completely become a part of his body!

Whether it is to release the ancient green dragon to fight, or to call the power of the ancient green dragon by himself, it is only in one thought, as if naturally connected to one body part!

The sky full of attribute light **** rolled out, Lin Chen picked up these attribute light **** easily and comfortably, and his fighting strength was rushed to the peak of the quadruple!

The thicker the foundation, the harder it is to accumulate breakthroughs, but this difficulty still fails to stop Lin Chen, and his cultivation behavior breaks through with the pop-up of the system light screen!

[The host is promoted to five levels.

In front of everyone, Lin Chen's cultivation base completely climbed to the top five of the terrible realm, and even made some older generations of powerful gangsters numb and shocked!

The aura here is so exhausted and scarce, where exactly is the source of his breakthrough to cultivate on the spot!

"He, he has already reached five levels..."

Yun Manqing, who retreated to his master's side, looked at Lin Chen faintly.

But she clearly remembered that Lin Chen, not long ago, was still in a terrible situation!

At this moment, anyone can see that Yun Manqing, the proud daughter of heaven from the Sun Temple, has completely fallen!

"This son is a terrifying genius, and one of the hundreds of millions of strange people!"

The old woman in the grey shirt sighed from the heart, because Lin Chen launched the Zhenyan Purple Phoenix Wing raid to attract attention, and their Sun Temple also received two white Qianyuan fruits, one black Qianyuan fruit, and they were very fruitful. !

"What should this guy do."

Leng Yueqi and Bai Ruoyan are like dragonflies and dots of water, and the clouds are smoky, falling gracefully beside Lin Chen. The ghost-faced swordsman was tied to the ground by five flowers.

"Throw it away, because he's useless for us anyway, just leave what's on him."

In the eyes of everyone, Lin Chen was not afraid of the fact that he offended the forces behind the ghost-faced swordsman. He had no time to consider these things.

After stripping the ghost ring swordsman's Na Ling ring, Lin Chen scrapped his arm and threw it away to let it die.

If it weren't for his own strength, this person would have taken his three heavens to exterminate himself, and it would be the greatest kindness not to kill him.

He has lost sight of the attribute light sphere dropped by the Heavenly Pride of the Nine Heavy Realms. What he likes is all the heavenly scenes present!

"We have harvested 4 black Qianyuan fruits and 6 white Qianyuan fruits, two of which are of the highest quality!"

Leng Yueqi's expression was rare, and she smiled with joy.

With this Bai Qianyuan fruit, her practice in the Tiangang Realm below the sixth level never has too difficult a bottleneck.

"Are you happy? Cold Master, the show is only starting now!"

Lin Chen licked his lips, with a touch of coquettishness overlooking all the heavenly gangs under the black and white Qianyuan tree!

That look is like a single dog who hasn't had a chance to watch an action romance for 30 years since he was single. Seeing a group of stunning beauties, how can his eyes drip out of Harazi!

Those who have been swept by his eyes are all creepy, this kid should not make any ideas...

When I think of his ancient Qinglong; nearly two hundred tiangang realms are divided into five groups and stand together like a unit, staring at Lin Chen all the time!

Lin Chen's heart gave birth to a wonderful pleasure. The powerful person in the heaven and earth realm overlooking billions of people in the outside world is now like a trembling sheep in front of him.

Do not slaughter you at this time, and still keep the New Year?

Without saying anything, Lin Chen decisively released the ancient Qinglong and jumped back to the ground with the second daughter.

Seeing him release the ancient Qinglong, all the strong men's hearts were a jump, and finished, this kid still did not intend to let them go!

But all of them are not troublesome to unite! If you make trouble, it will be a dead fish! Do not counsel at this time!

"This one by one, what a good fat sheep, has been delivered to my mouth. If someone in Lin doesn't eat it, I'm really sorry for this handsome face."

Lin Chen pretended to be depressed and sighed in the air.

At the next moment, Lin Chen's face changed faster than turning the book, and Meiyu became fierce!

"You definitely think that all of you can unite, and you can contend with me. I tell you, without a pair of hard teeth, I really won't be able to nibble you so easily!"

The light flickered, Lin Chen sat on top of the dragon head of the ancient Qinglong, a large pile of incandescent aurora stones radiated with dazzling light, piled up into a hill!

Observed by naked eyes, there are at least two hundred incandescent aurora stones!

This time the incandescent aurora stone is like the last straw that overwhelmed the camel; most of the strong people in the Tiangang realm finally have a trace of fear on their faces!

They have seen it with their own eyes, how powerful is the incandescent aurora stone that Lin Chen detonated before! A single explosion is enough to blow at least one of them into serious injuries!

Just now Lin Chen consumed nearly two hundred incandescent aurora stones in one breath, which can explode the defensive form of the black and white Qianyuan tree that has been growing for thousands of years!

In the space with aura outside the shrine, Lin Chen detonated an incandescent aurora stone and could damage a Tiangang realm.

What about the space where there is no heaven and earth aura for defense in the temple?

There is no doubt that these two hundred incandescent aurora stones exploded together, enough for all of them to drink a pot!

Not to mention Lin Chen's own combat power and the two stunning beauty around him are not equals; and there is the ace of ancient Qinglong in his hand!

"He still has two hundred incandescent aurora stones..."

"Where did this boy dig the aurora rock veins! His grandma used 400 or so before and after!"

Seeing everyone's fighting intentions receding, Lin Chen added another fire, and Yun Danfeng smiled lightly.

"Seniors have counseled so quickly? This is only the second batch. If it is not enough, I still have the third and fourth batches, to ensure that each of you can experience being blown up by this precious treasure. What a wonderful taste~~"

The individual tiangang environment trembled; it seemed to recall some terrible things.

"Boy, what the **** do you want?"

The two Tiangang realms from the Lingzhou area are still strong in reason, Shen Sheng said.

"What do I want to do, this is simple~"

Lin Chen smiled and rubbed his hands, and then suddenly changed his tone, suddenly cold!

"I'll stand up to the young man! From now on, robbery!"

"Men's station is on the right, women's station is on the left. No men and women are lying on the ground, handsome in the middle, there are women's in front of the station, there are no women's, call me three hundred times on the spot Wang Shuai got a batch! Then Hand over your naling ring obediently!"