My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Kill Shen Wuzong

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Chapter 14, Killing the Emperor Wu Zong!

"This kid was able to remain calm under the eyes of this sect, and unlike before, he transformed again!"

The Sect Master was shocked, and then asked seriously, "Why did you cultivate a series of breakthroughs when you went up?"

"I don't know, I just feel that there is a wave of energy injected into my body, which guides me to climb on the altar, and I don't remember anything else."

Lin Chen shrugged, he had planned to forcibly pass by.

With his current strength, if the Sect Master really makes trouble for him, he may not be afraid of the other party!

After taking a deep look at Lin Chen, the Sect Master regained his past breezy look and nodded.

"Well, maybe you have a destiny with my **** Wuzong, this is the opportunity for the ancestors to guide you, then you should keep it."

As soon as the words changed, the suzerain continued.

"Lin Chen, how do you think my **** Wu Zong treats you?"

Lin Chen stunned and said seriously. "The disciples are abandoned babies adopted by Su Zongshi of Waizong. Shenwuzong is like a big family to me."

Lin Chen sneered, big family fart! If it werent for Lao Tzus strength, he would never know where he died, and no one gave him the corpse.

"Um~ you have this heart, this sect is very satisfied. However, since you think that Shen Wuzong is your family, then you should also contribute to this family, right?"

The suzerain's peace of mind makes Lin Chen's heart tighten suddenly!

"If your green-order alchemy handprint can copy a copy that remains in Shenwuzong, the contribution and reform to the entire Shenwuzong will be unprecedented. You contributed the alchemy handprint, and this sect also rewards you a Naling ring, and All kinds of different treasures in the warehouse inside Zong, this Zong can let you take away, how."

Sure enough, this old fox is still thinking about his alchemy handprint!

Lin Chen retreated slightly unconsciously, alert in his heart.

Do you want to fight?

"Okay, it is also the wish of the disciple to contribute to Shen Wuzong"

Lin Chen intends to flee with the snake, but now it is in conflict, which will do more harm than good for him.

The suzerain was immediately overjoyed, "Okay, okay! I did see the wrong person, good disciple, you accept this Naling Ring first, if you want to choose the skill secret or all kinds of different treasures in the sect, you will notify this sect. ."

"Sovereign, choosing the day is worse than hitting the day, the disciple wants to go now."

"Oh? Good! This Zong takes you to the Treasure Pavilion inside Zong!"

The Sect Master took Lin Chen to the place where Shenwu Sect had the most treasures. Lin Chenguang picked up hundreds of light **** along the way, and the collected skills were full of the last combat skill, the four demon kings. Printed.

He selected a large number of natural materials and treasures for alchemy, and selected several green-level advanced combat skills, all of which are the treasures of Shenwu Sect.

Subsequently, Lin Chen was arranged in a secret room. It is very unusual to copy the green order alchemy handprints. It is necessary to record the secrets and handprints of the alchemy handprints mentally, and a series of information such as spiritual control.

Two days later

Shen Wuzong, a secret room outside Qingyun Hall.

Lin Chen's masterpiece is copying the alchemy handprint, but it is practiced in secret!

"I was under house arrest, you really treated me like an idiot."

With a sneer in his heart, Lin Chen was absorbing the last essence of fighting spirit, and the Qihai in Dantian was gradually turbulent and split, and began to emerge the fourth heavy Qihai!

Not a moment later, Lin Chen officially entered the fourth level of Qi Refining Realm! He turned on the system.

[Host: Lin Chen

Cultivation: Four levels of Qi Refining Realm

Ultimate strength: 2509 tiger power.

Qi and blood energy: 135884 points.

The essence of fighting spirit: 54253 points.

Mental Strength: 4854 points.

Practical skill: 3153 points.

Mind Method: Chaos Five Spirits (8%)

Xihui exercises: Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Swords, Ten Thousand Spirits Pills, Real Water Guiyuan Throne (10%), Soul Retribution Spread Spectrum, and Four Demon Seals.

Owned items (recipe): popular shoes, Qixing soul gun.

Possession of Bloodline: Blue Dragon Bloodline (45 points)

Character Rune: Slow Rune Level 1 (500 Rune Power)

The energy of each element: 12451 points in the fire system, 11771 points in the soil system, 10225 points in the wood system, 10489 points in the gold system, and 10568 points in the water system.

"As my pure power grows, the power increase brought by the liberation of my blue dragon blood will be stronger. And the more light energy spheres of the elemental energy I collect, the more certain the growth that my mind brings is! Its time to leave Shenwuzong!"

Lin Chen called out the Seven Star Soul Retrieving Gun from the system. The gun body was slender, with seven dazzling star jades embedded in the front and back, and the gun front was blue.

In addition to the treasures obtained from the treasure chest, Lin Chen's system cannot store his other items.

Lin Chen pushed open the door of the Chamber of Secrets, guarding the elders of the two psychic realms outside the door.

"Oh? Lin Chen, why did you come out?"

When the two elders were in doubt, Lin Chen was murderous!

"Blue Dragon Blood Liberation!"


Two explosions made the sky stained with a strong **** smell, and the killing began to permeate the entire Divine Emperor Wuzong!


"Lin Chen escaped!"

"What? Isn't the patriarch trying to cultivate him? What does he run away from?"

"The Sect Master has orders to capture Lin Chenlive!"

The Emperor Wu Zong, in the mountainside.

Many disciples of Shenwu Sect saw a large number of elders dispatched, and could not help but be shocked by doubts. What the **** is this?

Brush ~~!

A residual image rushed down the mountainside, three swords emptied their thorns, and cut across the sky to the residual image!

Afterglow, the volley jumped up. When he landed, all the disciples nearby clearly saw it. It was Lin Chen!

"The traitor Lin Chen, dare to attack the guard elders, how can you be worthy of the cultivation of your lord?"

The three elders of the psychic realm started to kill themselves and screamed loudly.

"Cultivate you Male Gobi! Isn't that the alchemy handprint that misses me? A group of shameless old dogs leave today and stop me from dying!"

With his hands folded, a fierce and violent energy crystal fingerprint shining up, Lin Chen slapped to the three elders of psychic realm!

"Fighting Demon Fire King Seal!"

With huge heat energy entrapped in the heat wave, the three elders were overwhelmed, and this kid could perform such a terrible combat skill?

Bang~~! The energy fingerprints exploded a huge crater of several feet, and the burnt black earth dropped three figures of the flying elders!

All the disciples were dumbfounded, and the three elders with the same spirit realm were even repelled by Lin Chen?

Several elite high-quality light **** flew out of the elders. Lin Chen jumped into the sky and took it, hoping to escape.

"Lin Chen, Ben Zong originally thought you were a wise man."

A figure resembling a ghost, appeared from the top of the attic on the mountainside.

He stood down and looked down at Lin Chen, and the confidence and coldness in the eyebrows were all in control.

"It's troublesome to take off your pants and fart yourself, Sect Master. If you want my alchemy handprint, you can get it."

Lin Chen raised his **** and smiled. Secretly mobilizing the blood of the Blue Dragon!

The Battle Spirit Realm is not comparable to the Spiritual Realm. Lin Chens current means of attack are difficult to shake the Battle Spirit Realm head-on. The only chance is unexpected!

"Fighting Demon Fire King Seal!"

Lin Chen put out another palm with all his strength, the momentum was more powerful, and the red energy fingerprint was shot up like a horse galloping!

"This trick is at least the top-level combat skill of the Green Tier. This top-notch secret, even my sect has never owned it. It seems that you have many secrets. Stay, Lin Chen!"

The Sect Master sneered, the sleeve robe flicked lightly, and several white puffs were cut like a blade, easily tearing Lin Chen's Demon Fire King Seal!

at this time!

"Slow rune!"

[Slow rune start, remaining rune energy: 450 points.

An off-white rune blasted out of thin air, filled with ancient and obscure runes, containing endless mysteries, and covering the space of several feet near the lord of the Emperor Wuzong! His attacks and even actions have become extremely slow!

"what is this?"

For the first time, the face of the Sovereign of the Emperor Wuzong, who had always been breezy, appeared shocked and frightened!

Tear ~~!

The airflow collapsed and screamed, Lin Chen's body invaded like a fire, and he hadn't waited for the other party's reaction. The entire arm was covered with light blue dragon scales, and his fingertips changed into dragon-shaped hooks!

"Blue Dragon Blood Liberation; 10% Strength!"

The fierce and violent power is like the roar of the angry dragon. Each dragon scale glows with the light of the ancient dragon clan. Lin Chen slaps his anger on the chest of Shenwu Sect Master!

Bang ~~!

The hurricane blew up, swept across the mountainside, and a wave of air exploded into the void!


Sovereign of the Emperor Wu Sect vomited blood and retreated, a sound of bone crack came from his chest, and the whole person was blasted to thousands of kilometers like a cannonball!

The power of Lin Chen's palm reached 18,000 tiger power!

Powerful as strong as the early stage of the battle spirit, if there is no defense to resist, this level of strength is enough to seriously hurt the other party!

With a palm flying over Sect Master, two attributed light **** were dropped in his body, and Lin Chen took it.

[The host gains 13235 quintessence of fighting spirit and 968 spiritual power.

After landing, Lin Chen's face was pale as paper, and a few were randomly thrown back to the Yuandan entrance. After running the real water to return to the Yuan Jue, he immediately turned around and started his way, and fled down the mountain quickly!

Many disciples and elders on the scene, no one dared to stop him!

Thousands of disciples were shocked to stay in place!

The 25th-generation Sovereign of the Emperor Wuzong, Xu Qingfeng, a generation of powerful warriors, and the Open School, were even repelled by Lin Chen who was less than 17 years old!

There was no one in the crowd, and there was a whisper of cold air.

"Is this guy still a human..."