My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 140

Chapter 140: Harvest

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Chapter 140: Great Harvest!

"Okay, I'm finished, who still has questions."

Lin Chen hugged his chest with both hands. Just over a dozen people immediately ran away and jumped angrily!

"Why do we need to hand over the spirit ring? Your request is too much! When the old man is in the state of Lingzhou, you don't know where to play mud, there are rabbits without hair!"

"Yes, how can we count your seniors, young people, don't be too strong and absolute, maybe Feng Shui will take turns one day?"

"On your own, you are not eligible to eat all of us!"

Several Tiangang realms who leaned on the old and the old were still unfinished. Lin Chen's mouth outlined a sneer.

He pushed the void in the palm of his hand, and dozens of huge gray runes descended from the sky!

[The host launches a level 2 slow rune, consuming 80,000 rune energy.

At this time, Tiangang Realm Cultivator was sealed, and to delay their actions, the slow rune of the 2nd level slow rune only needs 80,000 rune energy to be more than enough!

Before waiting for them to react, Lin Chen threw ten incandescent aurora stones towards them in one glance, and the light of the audience was horrified, and quickly fled!

Bang Bang Bang ~~! !

Each wave of explosions set off by the aurora reflects the fright of many powerful gangsters.

This kid actually has a trick to make the opponent's fighting power extremely slow? It's terrible, how many cards do he have?

After the explosion was over, the former Tiangang realm, which had relied on the old and selling the old, only had a few bones on the ground, and the original Naling ring exploded a lot of secrets and elixir.

Lin Chen did not hurry to pick up the scattered attribute light ball, but asked seriously.

"Okay, who else has questions now?"

Seeing Lin Chen's face does not change color, many Tiangang realms are heartfelt!

Ruthless! Real peerless ruthless! Slaughter and decisiveness, sharp and simple, no trace of muddy water!

Is this kid really only 17 years old?

Isn't it the spirit of an old monster that took the body of a teenager? Every one of his actions can not be measured by common sense, it is completely subversion of any person's perception!

Now what everyone is really worried about is that after handing over the Naling Ring, Lin Chen still refuses to let them go, because in this temple, he is the most advantageous home for killing everyone at the scene!

His strength will hardly be restricted too much here!

"Okay, who else is in doubt now, if not. I will repeat what I said just now; the right side of the men's station, the left side of the women's station. Not lying on the ground, the middle of the handsome station, and the front of the station with women , Without the women's dress, back to the back and shouted 300 times for me to stand alone. Wang Shuai got a batch. Then hand over your Na Ling ring honestly."

Lin Chen's move was determined to offend everyone!

"Oh, let the old lady say a fair word."

At this time; the old woman in the gray shirt of the Sun Temple came out and smiled at Lin Chen in good faith.

"Let's take a step back from each of us, and take away the black and white Qianyuan fruit, we will hand over something of equal value to you, Lin Chen, what do you think."

Having just finished speaking, the old lady secretly whispered secretly to the three Lin Chen.

"Mr. Lin Chen, the two girls, most of the strongmen who went to the temple on this trip came for the black and white Qianyuan fruit. If you robbed everyone, it is equivalent to asking for their old lives. The doubt will be desperate with you, my wife, I admit that your current strength may wipe out everyone, but it may indeed fall under their mortal counterattack. This is not a warning, but an advice."

The old woman in the grey shirt was more sincere, and Lin Chen heard such a meaning.

"I agree with her, brother Lin Chen, don't make them rush, there are several forces in these guys from Lingzhou, they will surely have a life-saving trump card to enter the temple, if rushed, neither of us will Better. Even if you have an ancient green dragon."

This time; even Bai Ruoyan spoke, Lin Chen glanced at the strong men in the crowd, although most of them looked at themselves in horror, but only a few factions still retained their perseverance or coldness of war .

"Okay, since if Sister Yan has spoken, then I will take a step back."

Lin Chen changed his face faster than turning over the book, and immediately said with a smile.

"Yes, I agree with the condition of this old senior. As many black and white Qianyuan fruits each of you took, you will hand over the equivalent. I guarantee with my character that I will definitely not bother you again."

You have a character of fart!

Many strong men secretly scolded in their hearts, but they were relieved when Lin Chen gave in.

"Don't you want to hide from me, whoever took the Qianyuan fruit, how many take it, I remember clearly, whoever is not honest, I immediately let him feel the power of Aurora Stone!"

The corners of the strong men's mouth slightly pumped; the old lady in gray shirt smiled.

"Since there is a wife, I will make this suggestion for the first time, let me start with the Sun Temple, little friend, take it."

The old woman in the grey shirt took out three treasures from the Naling Ring, the ice-type warrior'Ice Phoenix Three Feathers', the heavenly and earthly treasure'Yinyang Tianyuan Pearl', and a bottle of the best medicine to break the bones 'Dan', has a miraculous effect on martial arts trainers!

Lin Chen was a little strange at once! She doesn't seem to have any friendship with this wife, why is she so happy!

It seems to have seen Lin Chen's doubts, and the old lady in grey shirt made a mysterious smile.

"Young man, don't doubt it, it should be the dowry that I gave to the children in advance."

what? dowry? !

Lin Chen's face was dumbfounded, only to see the ladies in the other party's long skirts blushing slightly blushing.

"Master, don't talk nonsense!"

Yun Manqing's face was ashamed, and when he saw his intended person staring at him, although he was shy, he still gracefully saluted.

"Little girl Yun Manqing, the big disciple of the Sun Temple, has seen Mr. Lin Chen."


Lin Chen's face was dumbfounded, and Bai Ruoyan beside him seemed to laugh.

"Brother Lin Chen, the charm is quite great."

Lin Chen, who didn't understand clearly, sighed; "Hey; there is no way. I am really handsome except for handsome. Sometimes I am also annoying."

Bai Ruoyan strongly smiled, and Leng Yueqi could not selectively hear it. This shameless look fell into Yun Manqing's eyes but felt that he was so unique and completely different from other men.

"Since the seniors are so happy, I'm welcome."

Lin Chen took the three treasures of the old woman in the grey shirt and shouted at the crowds in the sky. "Next one! Don't think of escaping tickets, I'm going to bomb one!"

The strong men of Tiangang Realm endured their anger and began an unprecedented hand-over operation!

What are the top secrets of the green order, rare treasures of heaven and earth, the top panacea, the high-level weapon of the famous 24 domains, the high-level red furnace, the high-level red square, everything!

Lin Chen's heritage, in this wave of robbery, has become richer than ever!