My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 141

Chapter 141: Ice Fire Temple.

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Chapter 141: The Temple of Ice and Fire.

A terrible five-level situation has robbed hundreds of Tiangang realms?

If this is passed back to the 24 domains, I'm afraid everyone will be shocked!

"If this is passed back to the college, if everyone knows that I have robbed hundreds of heavens, I don't know what kind of expression everyone will be."

Seeing a few Naling Rings full of himself, Lin snickered in his heart.

After robbing everyone, Lin Chen took away the attributed light spheres that had fallen from the Tiangang Realm that had fallen before, and the Dixie Realm stopped at the five-fold peak, and the flesh shell power stopped at 990,000 tiger power.

In addition; Lin Chen found that his ancient Qinglong can also practice! Just like the bottomless hole before, it will not refuse any treasures. One piece of Longkou can be swallowed completely.

Lin Chen handed over many of the stolen treasures from the robbery, and the comers refused to swallow them all, making Lin Chen ecstatic!

After this, it is equivalent to having a super bodyguard who can grow with himself!

Of course, on this trip to the temple, Lin Chen knew that he had provoked many forces and top powerhouses. Some of the older generation of strong men who have refused to lose have already moved Lin Chen's heart. As long as they leave the temple, they may be in trouble at any time.

In this regard; Lin Chen was not worried at all, the soldiers would block it, and the water would cover it.

"Some people have left this temple. They seem to have discovered the secret passage to the next temple."

Leng Yueqi said anxiously; because according to the record, the next shrine is likely to be the goal of her trip; Nine Hearts Ice Lotus!

Lin Chen saw Leng Yueqi's eagerness and nodded. "Then let's go. With our current strength, any treasure is our advantage."

The ancient Qinglong was reintroduced into the body, Lin Chen launched the True Flame Purple Phoenix Wing. After the breakthrough of the realm, he had enough fighting spirit to fly freely.

Urging Zijin Tong, the entrance of the next temple secret passage is located in an edge area at the side corner of the black and white Qianyuan tree.


A quarter of an hour later; the third temple is also the final end of the whole temple.

As soon as Lin Chen and others set foot here, they felt the suffocating temperature change in the temple!

Small volcanoes are standing, flowing lava fires that have been distorted in space, and the hot breath that cracked out. If they are not extremely strong, they must run a battle to resist this hot temperature.

An ordinary ground is terrible, perhaps even a quarter of an hour.

If not the entrants are all in the sky, the cultivation mind and the spirit of war are far from ordinary, and they have already become roast suckling pigs.

When Lin Chen arrived here, he found that all the Tiangang realms were standing on the spot, even if they were roasted with fire and sweating, they dared not act lightly.

"There are powerful fierce beasts in the volcano! Two big guys, real fifth-order fierce beasts!"

Lin Chens Zijintongs "Pingsheng Zidian" realm was launched, seeing through the hidden secrets in the volcano.

"No wonder these old guys are waiting for me. With their power, they want to resist the heat here and want to break through the guards of the two fifth-order beasts. It is almost as difficult as going to the sky."

After seeing the essence of the problem, Lin Chen outlined a sneer in the corner of his mouth, but did not directly confess it. Now, each other needs the strength of the other party to cooperate.

"This is the Shrine of Ice and Fire. It is said to be a shrine formed by the destruction of an ancient powerful warrior. The exit of the whole shrine is between the iceberg and the volcano."

The old man held a fan with long white hair and turned to Lin Chen.

"Xiaoyou, let's talk straight away, this time we need each other's strength to break through, otherwise we all have to die here, don't we?"

I dont know; the old bird Lin Linchen did not have the bird, let out the ancient green dragon!

"I don't need your strength. I don't know what you old foxes are?"

Lin Chen smiled casually, driving the ancient Qinglong and rushing into the volcano with her two daughters!

At this time, the ancient Qinglong was absorbing some of the Tiancai Dibao and high-level immortals that Lin Chen had robbed before. His body became close to eighty feet, and it was continuously rising!

Many powerful people are looking side by side, full of doubts in shock?

What is this Qinglong? It continues to grow stronger, and its growth rate is as abnormal as that of Lin Chen!

But at this moment there is no time to think and wonder, and seeing Lin Chen act, all the Tiangang mood is unspoken, and all kinds of physical skills are unacceptable.

This is already the final level of the temple, and they dont need to hide their cards!

The dragon claws tear the mountain apart, destroy the dead, the ancient green dragon destroys all obstacles along the way, and moves at a rapid speed.

The ancient green dragon burst into less than ten breaths, two roars shattered the sky, shook the mountains, and the lava rolled, forming a pillar of fire rising into the sky!

Between several hundreds of feet of high mountains, two giants emerged.

They climbed on all fours, their tails were thick like pillars, their heads were fierce crocodiles, their scales were like soft armor, and their backs had flame-like crystal-like objects.

"It's two flaming lizards of Tier 5; they fight at home and can control the lava, be careful!"

Bai Ruoyan saw through the details of the two fierce beasts, Lin Chen nodded and looked up to the highest volcano.

Located in the highest crater, a five-petal red flower suspended in a clear and misty, voluptuous and deadly, exuding suffocating heat!

"Chi mandala is a natural treasure of twins with Jiu Xin Binglian!"

Leng Yueqi's rare excitement; this blazing mandala indirectly proves that the nine-hearted ice lotus that she has worked so hard to find is in this temple!

"I want this thing, I will let the ancient green dragon entangle a flaming lizard, you are waiting for the opportunity to break through these volcanoes!"

Lin Chen Zhenyan Purple Phoenix Wings expanded to the maximum, Lin Chen turned into a stream of purple flames and flew to the highest volcano!

Roar ~~!

The ancient green dragon shouted angrily, jumped into the air, the dragon claws tore the mountains and rivers, grabbed a flaming lizard and turned it over, and it roared hoarly in pain!

Sweeping the dragon's tail, he shot the head of the flaming flaming lizard on the ground in front. The wind was violent and the head was broken!

This ancient Qinglong seems to have some Lin Chen's fighting consciousness, fighting is quite simple and fierce, and is still in the process of becoming stronger. The fifth-order flaming lizard is not enough to watch!

Another fiery flaming lizard was attracted by Lin Chen. Seeing that Lin Chen dared to approach the fiery mandala it had guarded for thousands of years; the huge mountain-like body jumped up and was shocked by lava from all sides, and the flame storm swept through!

"Damn, come at me!"

Lin Chen's True Flame Purple Phoenix Wing volleyed around, quickly changed direction, let the other party pounce, and escaped the abyss-like **** mouth with surprise!

These fifth-order beasts are comparable to the real world. With Lin Chens current strength, even if he can fight, he will only add some skin trauma to the other party; he did not intend to do this kind of thing that does not take advantage of it.