My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 142

Chapter 142: Snatch The Fiery Mandala

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Chapter 142, Robbing the Fiery Mandala!

The tail of the fiery flaming lizard was swept away, and the strong hurricane was cut like a blade. The purple wing flapped again and retreated to a farther position!

At this time; Lin Chen found that those older generations of Tiangang Realm actually used their time with the ancient green dragon to entangle the flaming lizard and quickly rushed to the exit at the end of the volcano!

As long as it enters the space vortex at the end of the volcano, it can be transported out of the temple!

"Good fellow, this group of Wang Ba eggs are planning to sell me Lin Chen, want to pit your lord? I have no doors!"

Lin Chen sneered in his heart; the light of his palms revolved, the thunder in his left flashed, and the white in his right shone brilliantly.

The purple phoenix wing flapped again. After flashing the second culling of the flaming lizard and its one breath of flames, suddenly one light and one thunder, two great skills were sacrificed together!

[The host consumes 50,000 rune energy and launches a level 2 recharge rune to increase combat power by 240%.

"Charged Rune, Lightning Burst, and Light Fury!"

The two palms were suddenly pushed horizontally, and the two energy fingerprints were reprinted with one light and one thunder. During the flight, they quickly expanded to a huge size, containing the power of the horizontal push, turning the river and the sea, and destroying the two eyes of the flaming lizard!

Bang~! Bang ~~!

The earth-shattering explosion set off a fiery hot wave; Lin Chen's attack happened to hit the weakest part of the opponent's defense!


In the energy storm, the whole body of the fiery flaming lizard rushed out angrily, and Lin Chen drove the purple phoenix wings back quickly!

At this time, the fiery flaming lizard has two large holes in the head, one eyeball has gone missing, and only half of the pupils on the other side are miserable! The hatred of Lin Chen is unprecedented!

Lin Chen attracted it all the way to the space vortex at the end of the volcano group!

As soon as the Purple Phoenix wing turned, Lin Chen deliberately lowered his flying height and got into the crowd of people in the Tiangang environment who tried to rush into the vortex of space!

The fiery molten lizard suddenly raged, the fierce and brutal claws swept the leaves like a gust of wind, and a fierce claw swept wildly, hitting several gangsters in a row!

The flaming lizard smashed the ground, and a stream of lava fire burst out of the ground, striking many Tiangang realms!

"This kid attracted the flaming lizard!"

"Be careful! This flaming lizard is irritated!"

"The insidious Maotou kid, even the last moment will pull us into the water!"

In these days, the gangs of the world are endlessly miserable. If they are in the outside world, they will not be afraid even if they come to ten fiery flaming lizards.

The Fiery Melting Lizard apparently regards these human races as Lin Chens companions, plus its eyes were largely destroyed by Lin Chen, and his sight was blocked, who was arrested and killed!

After Lin Chen attracted the flaming lizard, he flew back to the previous volcano.

Lin Chen was about to go back and take the mandala, but found that there were four teams rushing up the volcano! Preparing to take away the mandala he loved!

"It's selling me again to attract the flaming lizard, and picking up the ready-made. This bunch of old Yinyin, see how I will clean up you this time!

With one hand, Black Mang revealed. The Black Abyssal Gun was born like a barbarian dragon, and the flowing deep aura even stunned Lin Chen!

"What's happening here!"

Lin Chen's face was dumbfounded; he carefully looked at the black abyss gun in his hand.

At this time, the black abyss gun, the lethality soared, Lin Chen even had a feeling that he could not hold it in his hand!

Even without urging Zijin Tong, it can be clearly seen that the Black Abyss Gun has broken through the fourth order and is among the fifth-order weapons!

"I don't have time to explore this secret now. Let's kill this group of elders first!"

Sending a ray of dark fighting spirit, the Black Abyssal Gun calmed down immediately, Lin Chen shot in his hand, and the Purple Phoenix wings swooped down the highest volcano!

"Dark bite!"

The black abyss gun opened a dark curtain, the sharp point of the gun was rotating with the deep black shadow, and when the 990,000 tigers erupted, it swept angrily to the nearest team from the nearest mandala, blocking the gap in the crater. !

"It's Lin Chen!"

"Unexpectedly, he could pull away the flaming lizard so quickly, and his wing speed became faster again!"

"Fight! It's already close to the teleport exit. There is no need to keep any cards. The ancient Qinglong is not by his side. We will destroy him in one breath!"

Tear ~~!

Even though the rank of the Black Abyss Gun has advanced to the fifth rank, Lin Chens attack still cannot shake the opponent, and he was instantly broken by the opponents three moves in two ways!

The six veteran Tiangang realms are not waiting for leisure. They can distinguish Lin Chen's current trend at a glance, and they are not afraid of him at all!

"Outstrip him three ways, don't let him use incandescent aurora!"

Daoqi is like a dragon with tears and tears into the void. The three swords are more than ten feet wide, blocking Lin Chen's surroundings and retreating, and the other five Tiangang realms are shot at the same time!

The space fluctuates; the flower-like sword spirit blooms into the sky, cutting the void, surrounding the space above Lin Chen's head. A golden light fist print flashed brilliant light, dominating the world, struck from the space below Lin Chen. Meteorite-like fingers bounce off the void ripples, and many stunts take Lin Chen's head to the top!

"For this kind of attack, I don't even need to use characteristic runes!"

Lin Chen sneered, and danced the Black Abyss gun with both hands, and the dark and deep dark fighting spirit formed around the violent dance of the gun front formed a barrier.

The moment when all the peculiar tricks bombarded the past, they were all annihilated into nothingness by the dark fighting spirit!

This feeling is as if all the attacks have penetrated into a vast abyss, any trace is gone!

"What? Our attack was swallowed?"

"Rare dark attribute combatism, so weird exercises, this is the first time the old man has seen such a strange way to use combatism."

The Zhongtian Gang realm also has the distance to open in the future, the dark barrier shudders suddenly, and instantly shrinks into a black line on the black abyss gun!

"Give back these attacks to you!"

Lin Chen held the gun in both hands, sweeping the sky through the sky, the dark lines of war that filled the void were like a wave of weather breaking through!

[The host launches Level 2 Corrupt Rune, consuming 60,000 Rune Energy.

The dark horses slashed through the six Tiangang realms, and their fighting defense was broken in an instant. The life-saving warships burst and two people fell on the spot!

The remaining four people, because of the corrosive runes in their bodies, began to be eroded quickly.

In this depleted aura space, you have to rely on the fighting gas to resist the high temperature of the lava volcano. Once the fighting gas is eroded, it is simply caught in a suicide cycle!

Lin Chen had no time to entangle with them. Even the attribute light ball was temporarily not picked up, and he rushed to the top of the mountain. At this time, the three teams standing in the crater had just arrived, each according to one side.

The three teams add up to 22 people. The two teams are from Lingzhou, and they have endless details. At this time, they had no fear of returning to Lin Chen.

"Let me get away the two flaming lizards, you come to sit and enjoy their success, everyone is really a good calculation."

Lin Chen walked in the air and smiled casually; a sharp murderous intention crossed his eyes!