My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 143

Chapter 143: Change The Day.

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Chapter 143

"Chi mandala is what our palace lord calls for. Lin Chen, stand by when you know, we want this thing."

At this time, the space vortex that left the temple was close to the eyes, and the other party did not pretend to be a grandson. A team of Linggang in the Lingzhou declared indifferently.

"This child is not with the ancient Qinglong now, why should we fear him!"

"Several people from the Palace of Fire, if you join us. I can wait for this mandala, but the black and white Qianyuan fruit on this child belongs to us."

"Then I want the part that this kid just robbed, grandma's, the old man has long seen him as unpleasant!"

These three teams even hit it off, and briefly targeted Lin Chen!

The reason why Lin Chen was able to withstand them was because under the protection of the ancient green dragon, the incandescent aurora stone can exert its full power.

But there is no ancient Qinglong around at the moment. These 22 people have enough confidence to make Lin Chen kill him before throwing the incandescent Aurora Stone!

"It seems that you are very confident; then I will fulfill you all!"

The corner of Lin Chen's mouth suddenly outlined a devilish smile!

"System! I'm going to start the level 2 slow runes, and all of this group of eight kings!

[The host consumes 250,000 rune energy and activates the 2nd level slow rune.


Before they reacted, a gray rune was suddenly formed directly above the crater. The breath of the rune was as if it contained the mysterious power of the eternal world and the sinking of the mountains!

250,000 Rune Level 2 Slow Runes! This is enough in the shrine to make the fighting of dozens of heavens slow down like a snail breathing several times!

The grey and white rungs disappeared in a flash, and all the powers of the Tiangang Realm, the combat power at this time became as slow as a turtle, and the time to launch a trick was more than a hundred times slower than normal!

That's the moment; Lin Chen's purple phoenix wings flew in anger, grabbed the fiery mandala suspended from the top of the crater, and threw a Naling ring in the crater!

The Naling Ring shines brightly, and the white brilliance reflected is the energy of the Aurora Stone alone!

"Master, I blow up your gangs!"

Bang~~! Bang ~~!

The whole temple shook violently a few times, shaking the ground, like the raging waves of the sea and the islands, the flame storm that rolled thousands of meters raged!

Hundreds of thousands of lava fires like meteor showers were thrown out of the flame storm, and a burning mushroom cloud slowly rose from the sky.

This earth-shattering explosion shocked many heavens and flies and fled, frightened by the lava fire that was caught in or thrown by the flame storm.

"What the **** did this guy do, it caused such a big momentum."

Bai Ruoyan, who had just passed through the mountains of flames, exclaimed. This power is comparable to the heavy blow of Tiangang Realm!

Lin Chen, who was far away from the volcano, stepped into the air and looked down on the situation below. When he urged Zijin Tong to find out that there were 7 people left to escape.

"50 incandescent aurora stones exploded together, still under the premise of slow runes delaying the fighting, even 7 people survived; it is worthy of being a strong man from Lingzhou."

Lin Chen gave up chasing and turned away the attribute light **** and treasure chests scattered around.

[The host obtains 4.13 million points of essence of war energy, 1.21 million points of qi and blood energy, and 11,000 points of mental power.]

[The host opens the Mithril Treasure Chest and obtains a bottle of the fifth-order intermediate medicine.

[The host opens the Mithril Treasure Chest and gains 200,000 Rune Power.

[The host gains 400,000 light energy, 710,000 ignition energy, 660,000 gold energy, and 320,000 water energy.

Lin Chen turned into a residual image on the battlefield and took away a large number of attribute light balls. Suddenly, he saw a treasure chest filled with gorgeous golden light. The light was unprecedentedly bright, reflecting a golden ocean.

Involuntarily swallowing saliva, Lin Chen raised his hand and opened the treasure chest.

[The host opens the Chijin treasure chest, congratulations to the host for obtaining a fifth-level top medicine: Zhenlong Alchemy Pill.

The medicinal properties of this medicine, Lin Chen, who is a pharmacist, feel numbness in the scalp, and it is another body-building magical elixir! The value of this thing is difficult to estimate!

"Hurry up and receive it first. The top-five panacea is a bomb for me now. If you eat it rashly, you will find death."

After collecting the "True Dragon Refining Soul Pill", Lin Chen continued to collect the attribute light spheres, which took nearly a quarter of an hour. He almost collected all the attribute light spheres that had just fallen from the Tiangang Realm!

[The host breaks through the sixfold.

With the prompt bar popped up by the system, the nine-color battle spirit in Lin Chendan's field has already rotated the six-fold Tianhe, symbolizing the realm of six-fold!

At this point; the battle is coming to an end.

The ancient green dragon paid a slight injury and completely torn off a flaming lizard. The other flaming lizard also fell under the counterattack of many Tiangang realms.

Obviously, at the last moment of the temple, many strong men did not hide any more, and they fought back fiercely; even if it was only the cultivation of Jiuzhong, they could destroy the fifth-order flaming lizard that lost their eyes.

Lin Chen flew down the sky; fell to the end of the lava mountains.

At this time, the strong people of Tiangang Realm had quickly left this ghost place. Almost none of them were willing to stay. No strongman was willing to stay in a place that might be slain by anyone.

At the end of the mountains of flames, there is an ice and snow.

With heavy snow falling down, Lin Chen and the second daughter stood in the snow ravaged by the cold storm.

Lin Chengang used Zijin pupil to sweep the terrain inside the glacier and snowy mountains, and there was a voice behind him.

"Wait a minute; little friend Lin Chen."

The five men of the Sun Temple appeared behind Lin Chen, and the old lady in the grey shirt shouted to Lin Chen.

"Oh? The senior hasn't left yet, dare to ask any advice."

Lin Chen turned around, quite politely.

"Friend Lin Chen, you have provoked so many strong men, and you will definitely have a lot of troubles after leaving the secret realm. Although the friend is extraordinary in strength, but after all, there is no school, if there is no good place, you can come to my Lingzhou Sun Temple, we will give you the highest standard of courtesy and help you balance the people who are in trouble. Do you want to consider it?"

The old man in the grey shirt was polite and took out a token engraved with the sun icon to be handed to Lin Chen.

Behind her, Aya Ziqi and Yun Manqing, both Nizi looked forward to Lin Chen.

"It turns out that the seniors are here to recruit talents!"

Lin Chen suddenly realized that the voice of Bai Ruoyan escaped into Lin Chen's ear.

"Brother Lin Chen, after leaving the secret realm, I may fall into a long period of retreat. At that time, no one will protect you. Your trip in the temple is a lot of offense to the old Tiangang realm of the 24 domains, and This Sun Temple is a good choice for a good relationship."

Even Bai Ruoyan suggested Lin Chen. He smiled at random and took the other party's token.

"Since the seniors appreciate the face so much, the juniors must go to the Sun Temple to sit when they are free."

Seeing Lin Chen take over the token, Yun Manqing looked up with joy, and walked out with courage.

"The prince's demeanor is immortal, and Manqing admires him very much. If the prince can go to the Sun Temple, Manqing will wait for the prince to be a gifted person, and taste the Holy Tea in the temple."

"Drink tea? Can't do it, change the day."

Lin Chens answer puzzled the others, and they didnt ask you to drink tea now.

Ok? another day?