My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 144

Chapter 144: Frost Sapphire Scorpion And Ice Tribulation Python

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Chapter 144, Frost Sapphire Scorpion and Ice Tribulation Python!

Farewell to the Sun Temple, when Lin Chen turned his head again; Leng Yueqi had disappeared long ago!

"Huh? What about my cold tutor!"

"Gu and your little beauty have changed the day, your beauty tutor can't wait to break in."

Bai Ruoyan covered his mouth and smiled; Lin Chen slapped his thigh

"Mum, forget to tell the cold instructor that there are also two fifth-order beasts!"


Right in the center of the snow glacier; an ice pond reflects the quiet cold light.

The temperature here is extremely cold; but the water in the ice pond is not frozen, only exudes a cold, condensed into aerosol.

Each plume of mist flows into the lotus in the center of that ice pond. The lotus is snow-white, the rosette is like a palm rest, fourteen petals and nine hearts, and the lotus heart is like a pearl jewel, shining like a pearl under the night sky with a unique light.

"Nine Heart Ice Lotus! Sure enough, it's a treasure of heaven and earth with the twin mandala!"

Leng Yueqi crossed an iceberg, overlooking the situation in the ice pond, and saw the nine-hearted ice lotus. She always showed excitement and anticipation!

Kaka Kaka~~~!

It was at this moment; the snow on the ground cracked violently, the crust changed, and a scorpion tail pierced like crystal jade spurred to the top of the mountain where Leng Yueqi was!

"A fierce beast?"

With Ice Bow in hand, Leng Yueqi is about to fight back, and Long Xiao, who dominates the world, is born. Longkou bites the scorpion tail, and the dragon's body rolls, crushing the entire mountain!

A stream of purple flames flew off the void, and Leng Yueqi was swept away when the mountain collapsed.

The ancient green dragon bit the crystal-clear scorpion tail, and the dragon's claws pulled off the poisonous barb. When the dragon turned over, it pulled out the behemoth hidden in the snow!

This is a frost sapphire scorpion and a fifth-order beast; its whole body is bright like sapphire, the defense is indestructible, the attack is accompanied by a sensation of coldness, and a pair of giant pincers attack the ancient green dragon with a murderous attack.

The latter's dragon claws pushed together with the frost sapphire scorpion bite!


Before Lin Chen fully reacted; the ice of another glacier suddenly shattered, and his thick body nearly a hundred feet long rushed to kill Lin Chen and Leng Yueqi!

"Be careful!"

Bai Ruoyanyu held a three-foot green front and stood on a hill not far away. The sword front flowed sharply and sharply cut the air into a saw shape!

"Eternal Sky Silver Heart Sword!"

Bai Ruoyan's peerless dust, like the sword immortal descended, when the huge ice python attacked Lin Chen and the two men; the sword edge pulled, and the scary fingertip of the frightened sword, like the long rainbow through the sun, one sword fell!

Jinghong Jianmang passed a corner of the glacier along the way, split the glacier without suspense, it was not bad, just hit the huge ice python from Lin Chen who was a hundred feet away!


Jianmang burned into the scales of the ice python, the blood hurricane, the painful confession of the snake letter, fell on the ground, shaking the sky and snow storm!

"Awesome sword skills!"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and his sister Bai Ruoyan really had supernatural powers, and she was able to hurt the fifth-order ice-robbing python with the cultivation of the ground and the nine levels!

This power is even stronger than his own Nine Skills of using Charging Runes!

"I can't drag it for too long, go and grab the lotus!"

Bai Ruoyan tweeted, Lin Chen immediately recovered, and put Leng Yueqi to the snow.

"You have to be careful, don't get into trouble."

Leng Yueqi's rare request to Lin Chen worried.

Lin Chen couldn't help but stare at the first time she saw her own iceberg tutor who was so worried about herself.

"Relax, because it can't take care of me, I will kill it later, the beautiful tutor in our class puts on a python coat to wear."

Lin Chen laughed, Leng Yueqi's rare smile appeared, and then went straight to Jiu Xin Binglian!

The purple phoenix wings flapped the heat wave and purple flames, the black abyss gun burned with a dark red flame of fighting gas, and the dark line of fighting gas mixed with the fire of the fighting line; Lin Chen held his gun up and pointed at the rear of the head of the ice robbery python. !


The rifle cut off the tough and indestructible python skin and tear a large piece of flesh and blood! Painful, the ice-robbing python still rolling on Bai Ruoyan's body, the pain is terrible!

Lin Chen's speed is at the top level within the weight of Tiangang Realm, and the distracted ice robbery python has no time to react!

"Let me give you a grand slam!"

Lin Chen slammed with two palms and thrust the gun into the third point again.

Immediately afterwards, Lin Chen was running the fire and wind of the whole body.

"Nine tactics of the **** shortagewind crackflame out!"

The next moment; Lin Chen, who was squeezing his fighting spirit, sprinted on the back of the ice robbery python. With the flapping of the purple phoenix wings, he pulled and teared a shocking wound behind the ice robbery!

The red flames of flame of flame were still burning on the wounds, and with the fierce trend of the split wind, it lasted forever and burned more and more!

Bai Ruoyan saw that Ice Tribulation Python was about to turn around and bite Lin Chen, and the sword in Jade's hand turned over, pulling a sword like a long river, sweeping the nine days of stars, and splitting on the head of Ice Tribulation Python. A sword mark with blood stains!

Being attacked by two people, the ice-robbing python who has been sleeping for thousands of years has suffered such a violent attack, and immediately took out his strongest card!

Bai Ruoyan is about to take the victory and pursue, but sees that the breath of Bingcao Python changes suddenly, with a cold cry!

"Brother Lin Chen, leave his back!"

As soon as Bai Ruoyan's words fell, Lin Chen himself felt that it was not good; the Purple Phoenix Wing flew at a speed!

Poof~~! Boom~~!

The amazing coldness of the frozen world burst out from the body of the ice robbery python, freezing a large glacier in the tens of feet around its surface!

If blocked by this cold ice, I am afraid that the chance to be frozen in a few breaths is enough to be fatal!

"It's a terrible cold, it's a fifth-order beast, not as good as a fourth-order beast."

Lin Chen's eyes flicked with murderous air; "However, it is also the end of the crossbow, and I scratched a half-length wound. If you add another jerky, it will definitely die!"

Holding the Black Abyssal Gun tightly in his hand, Lin Chen's purple phoenix wing slammed into the sky of purple flames, Lin Chen urged the only thunderous fighting spirit left in the body!

[The host activates level 2 charging runes and consumes 50,000 rune energy. Attack power increased by 240%.

"Charged Rune Thunderburst!"

The Black Abyssal Gun burst out and turned into an electric dragon-like dark thunder.

The sharp edge of the fifth-order weapon cooperates with Lin Chen's full strength "thunder burst". Such attacking force bombards the ice-robbing python's self-shaped glacier and pierces a big hole!

"Eat my 70 incandescent aurora stones!"

Lin Chen injected a trace of thunderous fighting spirit into the two Naling Rings, and suddenly flew into the glacier giant cave!