My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 145

Chapter 145: Suffering

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Chapter 145

"Sister Ruoyan, retreat!"

Lin Chen burst into shock; the two quickly evacuated.

Without two breaths, the two Naling Rings were just thrown on the surface of BingJia Python's wound. At that moment before the light was on, BingJia Python still didn't understand why these two human races suddenly evacuated!

At the moment when the light bloomed, the unprecedented aurora enveloped the entire space of the temple, as if tens of thousands of aurora gathered at a point at the same time were detonated, under the dazzling and beautiful light, hiding a deadly murderous opportunity!

Bang~~! Rumble~~!

The power of 70 incandescent aurora stones, the attack power is terrifying, and it just fell on the wound of the ice robbery python. This time, the entire python body was exploded, and countless pieces of meat were annihilated into ashes.

In the void of the Ice Tribulation Python's corpse, there are a large number of blood-colored light spheres and water-based light spheres. Lin Chen's purple phoenix swept away all the light spheres with a few breaths.

[The host obtains 3.46 million points of qi and blood energy and 1.24 million points of qi and blood energy. Because the hosts ultimate strength is close to the bottleneck, the energy of qi and blood has been absorbed, but the strength has not changed, and the power remains unchanged.

The prompt box popped up by the system tells Lin Chen the current situation.

His pure power is already the limit of 990,900 tiger power, and then up to the level of Dragon Power, he must absorb more attribute light **** to break through this limit.

At this moment, the vision was born!

The whole shrine began to falter!

Shocking cracks began to spread from the structure in the temple, and the entire temple was about to collapse!

"No, the energy source to maintain this temple has reached its limit, plus our previous battles spread to the foundation of the temple, and now the temple is about to collapse!"

Bai Ruoyan's expression was solemn; after glancing at Lin Chen, he immediately grasped it.

"Sister Yan, my speed is a little faster, you withdraw the exit first, and I will help the cold instructor!"

Seeing that Lin Chen had acted, the speed of the Purple Phoenix Wing was instantaneous kilometers. If Bai Ruoyan stayed forcibly, it would be dragging her feet.

Bai Ruoyan Qianying shuddered, disappeared into a ray of light smoke.

Leng Yueqi, who is located near the ice pool, is not optimistic!

When she was near the ice pond and was going to take the nine-hearted ice lotus, the fierce frost sapphire scorpion broke through the blockade of the ancient green dragon and attacked Lengyue!

The ancient green dragon and the cold frost scorpion again fought fiercely in the vicinity of the ice pool, completely blocking Leng Yueqi's advancing space, and could not enter the ice pool at all!

This resulted in Leng Yueqi not even holding the nine-hearted ice lotus; she took out the ice bow and attacked the frost sapphire scorpion; but this fierce beast was known for its defense and endurance, and could not break it in a short time. defense!

The ancient green dragon had previously fought a fiery flaming lizard, facing the current frost sapphire scorpion, for a moment and a half no difference at all.

If it wasn't for the ancient Qinglong who had taken a lot of immortality medicine and Tiancai Dibao that Lin Chen had robbed before, it had already lost to the Frost Sapphire Scorpion.

Bang ~~!

At this time, the shrine began to collapse suddenly, several pieces of molten iron fragments fell like a star, each piece was dozens of feet huge; the position just aligned with Leng Yueqi's position!

"Teacher be careful!"

Lin Chen drank coldly; the few light-type fighting spirits in the condensed body in his palm condensed into a "light anger", a 2nd-level recharged rune superimposed with 50,000 rune energy, and the power was skyrocketing while anger was thrown over Explode!

However, the power of this trick did not shake the shattered fragments of the temple at all, but only flew a distance with the explosion of air waves and wind waves, allowing Leng Yueqi to have a short time to expand the law and avoid the danger!

"What kind of stuff is this so hard!"

Lin Chen took a breath of air. Just a moment ago, Light Anger could blow up a fifth-order beasts body, but could not destroy a few pieces of rubble?

Not paying much attention to it, Lin Chen arrived at Leng Yueqi's side and took her away.

"Lin Chen, what are you doing! Quickly let me down, I haven't taken Jiuxin Binglian!"

Leng Yueqi's emotional sorrows Lin Chen!

"My cold mentor, my life is almost gone, what else do you want!"

Lin Chen was so anxious this time, how could Leng Yueqi become so determined at this time!

"No! This thing is my hope for revenge. If you don't get it, I'm useless alive! Don't put me down again, don't blame me for being unkind to you!"

Leng Yueqi's silver teeth clenched, threatening Lin Chendao.

"Fuck! Isn't it an ice lotus, I'll get it, you can hide it for me!"

As soon as Ziyan Streamer passed a glacier mountain, Lin Chen put Leng Yueqi down, turned around and flew towards the direction of the ice pond!

"You be careful!" Leng Yueqi shouted worriedly; Lin Chen was now fully absorbed in the spirit of the ancient Qinglong.

The Frost Sapphire Scorpion dies at the ice pool at this time, and you have to kill Jiu Xin Binglian!

When Lin Chen opened his eyes again; his pupils turned pale blue, and the middle of his pupils became a vertical eye, exactly the same as the dragon pupil of the ancient Qinglong!

I saw the ancient green dragon screaming in the sky, opened the dragon's mouth and bite angrily, biting the pliers of the frost sapphire, the dragon claw suddenly flicked, and moved the position of the scorpion away from the center of the ice pool!

Sapphire's two pairs of pliers suddenly assaulted, tearing a large scale of the ancient green dragon, and the green dragon was not timid, and later took a step to make enough space!

"I want to see how you want to keep!"

At this moment; Lin Chen roared with hoarse hoarseness, the ancient green dragon jumped into the air, the dragon lay for nine days and swept the stars!

"Blue Dragon Soul Claw!!"

Roar ~~! !

The ancient blue dragon's claws fluttered down suddenly, and the faint sharp blue light danced out of the dragon's claws. Each piece of blue light blade exuded the sharpness of cutting the river and breaking the river, all destroyed like a hurricane. scorpion!

Bang~~ Bang~~ Bang~~ Bang~~!

Where the blue light dragon blade passes, destroy everything, cut through and shred! The airflow collapsed, the mountains shook and the glaciers disintegrated; the crust changed and the mountains shattered!

The turquoise dragon blades of the fluttering void seem to take away the stunning and the bright, after the ultimate destruction, all that remains is the endless silence and the noisy earthquake.

The nine-hearted ice lotus in the ice pond was taken away by a stream of purple flames passing by very quickly, carefully placed in the cold jade box and carefully preserved.

"Finally, I'm going to slip!"

Lin Chen flew behind the ancient Qinglong. The ancient Qinglong waved his dragon claws and took Lin Chen away from the ice pool!

Lin Chen was breathless and fought a lot, and his fighting spirit was completely exhausted. Even the spirit has been in a state of tension, and now there is a constant sense of dizziness.

Leng Yueqi saw that he finally got the nine-hearted ice lotus, and the fragrant heart he had been carrying was finally put down. He was about to evacuate the snow, and a series of shrine stones began to fall crazy, smashing the glacier snow mountain!

Lin Chen's face changed abruptly, and he gritted his teeth fiercely. The True Flame Purple Phoenix wings spread from behind again, bleeding from the corners of his mouth, and flew in the direction of Leng Yueqi!

boom! boom!

Leng Yueqi's slender waist was hugged by Lin Chen and took her away before a few shrine stones fell.

When bringing Leng Yueqi back to the ancient Qinglong's back, Lin Chen suddenly spit out a big sip of blood, and his face was pale like paper.

Forcibly controlling the Purple Phoenix Wing, he has already reached the limit of his body.

Not paying much attention, when Lin Chen looked up at the summit of the temple, his pupil shuddered!

"No! The temple is about to collapse, we can't rush out again!"

Regardless of March 7th, 21st, Lin Chen ordered the ancient Qinglong to the nearest distance, and the largest glacier underneath was approached.

A dragon body, under the glacier, the ancient green dragon closely guarded Lin Chen and Leng Yueqi, and with it came the earth-shattering sound of collapse!