My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 146

Chapter 146: Between Life And Death.

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Chapter 146

The whole temple collapsed completely, the sound of earth-shattering falls was engulfed, and the whole glacier and snow fell into ruins.

The same is true for the lava mountains on the other side, even more terrible than the ice and snow sides. The lava was smashed by the fragments of the temple, and the fire was burning in all directions and continued.

In the dim and narrow space, the cold invaded Lin Chen, stimulating his consciousness, and let him slowly open his heavy eyelids.

"Am I buried... alive...worse! Cold Master!"

Lin Chen was agitated, instantly lifted his spirit, and rushed to find people in a mess.

Right now he has no fighting spirit in this situation, and there is a blackout all around, he can only look for it by feeling.

Suddenly, Lin Chen caught a soft and silky cloth around the cold ice, but the softer one was the master of the cloth. This feeling made Lin frown.

"How can there be buns here...I rely on! It's a mentor!"

Lin Chen quickly reached back, leaning carefully on the ice block, and then vigorously lifted it up.

Lin Chen vaguely saw a beautiful body lying in the darkness on the snow.

After protruding his fingers, Lin Chen found that Leng Yueqi still had a faint breath, but it was already at risk. All the internal organs and organs were injured by the shock and suffered serious internal injuries!

"It should have been the shattered temple fragments that injured the tutor. The tutor exhausted the last bit of fighting to protect himself, but he still fainted and had to help her quickly."

Lin Chen immediately explored what was left of his naling ring.

Lin Chen and the ancient Qinglong have the same spirit. He knows that the ancient Qinglong is now in the space above his head.

If it is not the ancient Qinglong, he and Leng Yueqi both have to be crushed into meat sauce.

"Oops, almost all of my celestial treasures have been eaten by the ancient green dragon, and the thousand blood ginseng and green fruit are all that can be used."

Lin Chen turned over the Naling Ring for half a day, only two herbs left to be used!

As for immortality, there is simply no left. The space in the shrine is depleted of aura. Elixir is the only use for restoring fighting strength and injury, and it has long been used up.

The rest are some captured weapons, which are useless for healing farts.

"You can only try it!"

As a refining pharmacist, Lin Chen still knows the role of the remaining Bi Ling Guo and the Millennium Blood Ginseng.

He broke apart the biling fruit, carefully cut off a small piece of flesh, and after crumbling, carefully sent it into Leng Yueqi's small cherry mouth.

The energy of high-end medicinal materials is very strong, and it is generally not allowed to be taken directly by ordinary people.

Then, Lin Chen quickly took a bite of Bi Ling Guo, his fleshy shell was strong, but he was not afraid of this violent energy.

After eating half of the Bi Ling Guo, Lin Chen regained a sense of fighting spirit. He used the True Water to return to the Yuan tactics to heal the cold moon Qi. Let her refining the energy of the Bi Ling Guo first, let the body derive the fighting spirit first, protect it Meridians.

Afterwards; Lin Chen cut the thousand-year-old blood ginseng into one thousand pieces, each of which was as close to the size of a few strands of hair, and then slowly fed it to Leng Yueqi, using the energy of the thousand-year-old blood ginseng to replace her Treat internal injuries.

In this way, I don't know how long after that, Lin Chen finally gave a thousand copies of blood ginseng and half of Bi Ling Guo to Leng Yueqi gradually.

When Leng Yueqi's internal injuries began to recover quickly, he was relieved and sat tired on the ground; panting like a cow.

"There is no Aura around these four weeks to help me restore my fighting spirit, so I can only wait to die..."

Lin Chen explored the surrounding area, and now the space where he could move was a few feet; Lin Chen felt a small shattered shrine fragment beside him.

He used pure power to shake a few punches. After shaking a pile of ice and snow, there was no sign of breaking, and Lin Chen's fist hurt.

"This is awful. The ancient Qinglong was so immobile to protect my position that I, who lost my fighting spirit, couldn't shake the shattered fragments of this temple."

"The incandescent aurora stone may explode these temple fragments, but I don't have a trace of thunderous fighting spirit now. How to detonate the incandescent aurora stone?"

For the first time in Lin Chen's heart, he was confused, and he couldn't find a way to go out!

His characteristic rune is only effective against creatures, or improves his attack strength.

But he has no means to restore the fighting spirit right now. In the space where the aura is exhausted, this situation seems to have to wait for death!

The ancient Qinglong cast the'Blue Dragon's Soul Claw' and fell into a certain state of weakness. It was a blessing to be able to protect itself, and it could not break the shattered temple shrines.

If you cant leave here, after the last bit of fighting is exhausted, you will either starve to death, freeze to death, or die from thirst!

The top powerhouses can completely cut the valley and not eat, but the prerequisite is that there is a world of aura to inhale to fill the energy!

"Cough cough..."

A light cough came from Leng Yueqi, and Lin Chen hurried to her. With her finger, she found that Leng Yueqi's body temperature was gradually increasing.

"Oops, even if the energy of the Millennium Blood Ginseng is dispersed, it is still too domineering. It needs some water and other energy to neutralize it."

Brows are closed, and there is no time and ability to find water again.

"You can only give it a go."

Lin Chen took out a dagger, and in his palm opened a mouth, the moment blood flowed out, in order to prevent freezing, he immediately reached the lips of the beautiful girl's cherry blossoms and fed her to drink.

Leng Yueqi's body temperature gradually decreased and her complexion gradually began to turn red, but Lin Chen's complexion became paler!


The dark ground didn't know how long time had passed; Lengyue Qidai's eyebrow quivered and opened her eyes. I found myself in the boy's arms, his strong arms holding him.

"This? Lin Chen, you dare not be a ritual teacher..."

Leng Yueqi's spirit recovered instantly, and the moment her eyebrows became fierce, her momentum disappeared immediately.

Lin Chen at this time, leaning on a piece of ice, the whole body was cold, without blood. He held himself tightly before the coma passed.

Leng Yueqi saw the blood stains on his palm, touched the corners of his mouth again and probed the wounds in his body, as well as the horns of the thousand-year-old blood ginseng scattered next to her. Bingxue cleverly understood what happened.

"Lin Chen, you are stupid, why do you do this..."

Leng Yueqifang's heart throbbed slightly, a stubborn and distressed appearance appeared on Lengyan's cheeks, and sent the few fighting spirits in her body into Lin Chen's body.

The spirit of war enters the body, and Lin Chen's flesh like a continuation of vitality.

Eyebrows shook, Lin Chen opened his eyes slightly. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw his beautiful tutor pursing her red lips, staring at herself like she was angry.

It was definitely murderous when it was changed to normal, but when it was changed now, Lin Chen looked like a stubborn angry woman, and it was quite cute.