My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 147

Chapter 147: Can The Teacher Kiss Me?

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Chapter 147

"Hehe...You are awake, cold tutor..."

Lin Chen smiled palely, Leng Yueqi wanted to be angry but couldn't be angry, just shook her head straight.

"Why are you doing this, you are stupid, you know. You will be dead!"

In this regard; Lin Chen fell on the ice, without a smile.

"I am dead, better than you are dead."

Leng Yueqi was stunned and sneered. "I don't allow you to say such things as doing yourself!"

"I didn't practise myself, but I felt that the thing that the cold instructor was carrying was much heavier than me. My Lin Chenke only wanted to be free. You don't have as much as the cold instructor, so you are more worth living than me."

Hearing his seemingly easy answer, Leng Yue stared at him staring blankly, as if the softest part of her heart seemed to be touched; the beautiful eyes and blue waves flashed, two lines of tears flowed, and the lady's catkins hugged Lin Chen.

"Why! Why should I say such things, obviously I'm sorry for you, if I don't want to take the nine-hearted ice lotus alone, you won't be reduced to such a result, everything is harmful to me... sorry, sorry..."

Seeing Leng Yueqi showing the true feelings for the first time, Lin Chen smiled bitterly.

"Teacher, this is my own choice and has nothing to do with you."

"It doesn't matter how, if you don't help me, you won't be trapped here, you still have a great future, and there is an infinite future. You shouldn't die here, it's me who hurt you..."

Leng Yueqi cries more and more, as if she is crying out of her sadness after years of grievances.

"Don't you blame me..."

Leng Yueqi, who was crying with pear flowers and rain, suddenly looked up and asked, Lin Chen stroking her long hair.

"How can I blame you, this is my own choice..."

As soon as this sentence came out, Leng Yueqi cried even more!

Lin Chen smiled bitterly in his heart. How could this girl be the same? When crying and falling in love, how could your IQ drop?

In order to make Leng Yueqi happy, Lin Chen endured the cold that invaded the body and smiled casually.

"Then cry more, come, raise your head, and cry in front of me. When I go out later, I will talk to everyone in the class carefully about the appearance of our college iceberg beauty tutor~~"

As soon as this remark came out, Leng Yueqi's eyes were filled with tears, and with a smile in her tears, she cursed: "You stink boy!"

The beautiful woman's tears flickered, and there were tears in her smile, such as an iceberg melting and blooming a beautiful snow lotus.

Lin Chen stared at Leng Yueqi, holding a slender willow around her, and said seriously; "Teacher, you are beautiful."

The cheeks of the two were close, and Leng Yueqi heard the words; the cold and arrogant cheeks showed the two groups of blushing for the first time, and the expression was a little rushed.

"Don't, I'm your teacher..."

"Hey, what about the teacher."

Lin Chen shamelessly grinned, then sighed.

"Teacher, you are so beautiful, you must look like a fairy in a wedding dress!"

"What is a wedding dress?"

"The wedding dress is from my hometown. Girls wear it only once in their lives and only wear clothes for one person..."

Lin Chen talked about the customs of his hometown and kept his mind as clear as possible, but also to let Leng Yueqi not fall into sorrow again.

In this way, the teenager embraced the beautiful woman and relied on each other in the dark space.

Lin Chen talked and found that Leng Yueqi finally fell asleep in her arms quietly.

She hasn't absorbed the medical effects of the Thousand Year Blood Ginseng, and her injuries have not been completely cured.

This is the second time the medicine has been exerted, which puts her body to a dormant state and she will recover from her injury at a faster rate.

When she wakes up again, Leng Yueqi's injury will be completely cured.

At the moment Lin Chen, the situation is extremely bad!

The flesh shell is weak, bleeding too much, and without the protective body of war, he is hungry, cold and thirsty, almost in desperation, and half of his feet are in the state of ghost gate pass!

As the eyelids grew heavier, the sleepy Lin Chen bit his tongue sharply.

"I can't sleep, and if I go to sleep, I might really sleep here!"

Lin Chen touched a dagger casually, portrayed on the ice cube, trying to find something to concentrate his spirit.


Time does not know how long it has elapsed; Leng Yueqi wakes up with the disappearance of the warm current in her body.

"How come I passed out again..."

After awakening, Leng Yueqi hurriedly looked at Lin Chen, and found that he was still looking at himself with a smile, but his lips and face were long gone.

"Lin, are you okay? How long have I slept?"

Leng Yueqi explored Lin Chen's vitality with anxiety, her pupils trembling slightly!

At this time, Lin Chen's condition in the body was extremely bad. Both the meridians and the Dantian were attacked by the cold, and they almost froze into ice!

The most important thing is that his blood has lost any vitality and almost stopped flowing. This situation has long been dead on normal people!

If it weren't for his physical training realm is strong enough, there is no chance to hang his last breath at this time.

"It's didn't sleep long..."

Lin Chen smiled weakly; Leng Yueqi's anxious tears flashed.

"Stop talking, me, let me see if there is any way to help you...!"

Lin Chen shook his head and suddenly said seriously: "Teacher, don't find any way, you turn your head first, I want to give you a gift."

"It's all about this time, why did you ask me to turn my head."

Leng Yueqi turned her head anxiously and turned to look aside.

Leng Yueqi looked at the ice cube beside her, sighed slightly in the air, her hands gently covered her red lips, and she looked dumbfounded for a while!

I saw; a light white dress carved from ice and snow was engraved on the ice block, it was beautiful!

The white skirt is a peach heart front collar, the front is a white and soft silk scarf, and the shoulders on both sides are flat and slightly exposed; a white ribbon is tied around the waist, and the white and flawless long skirt of the lower body is fluffy and light, as thin as a gauze, long The skirt extends to the ground.

This is a white wedding dress carved from ice and snow! Its beauty and ingenuity can be called awe-inspiring work; it is like a brilliant and transparent crystal cut finely, comparable to the most beautiful and exquisite artwork in the world!

If there is a fairy in the world; perhaps so.

"This... what is this?"

Leng Yueqi and Gao Leng are also women. It is also difficult to keep calm when you see this unique ice wedding dress.

"This is... the wedding dress I said to the teacher... Unfortunately, I don't seem to have a chance to see the teacher wear it..."

Lin Chen's eyelids drooped, trying to close.

"Don't! Lin Chen, you don't faint, you will be fine!"

The tears rolled down; the lady cried while holding the boy.

Before Lin Chen's eyes closed slowly, he still managed to squeeze out a smile.

"Well... after I got into this world... I haven't had a girlfriend yet, can the teacher kiss me..."