My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 148

Chapter 148: Leave The Temple

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Chapter 148: Leaving the Temple!

Lin Chen hadn't seen Leng Yanjia's shyness before her eyes closed dumbly.


Before the consciousness disappeared, Lin Chen heard faintly, a violent vibration.


In a world where consciousness is free, Lin Chen seems to see a handsome face coming towards himself.

When Lin Chen saw clearly, he found that the other party was so handsome and shattering, and Li Biao was too handsome to know how many times he was!

He subconsciously grabbed the opponent's arm and asked anxiously.

"Brother, why are you; so handsome! Please tell me your tricks!"

The handsome face shook his head and smiled, and turned away without looking back. Before leaving, he only left a word.

"Because I was reading it, I ordered it."


Snow and ice, heavy snow.

The two stunning ladies stared at the teenager lying on the ground.

Suddenly, the teenager showed no signs, opened his eyes suddenly, and yelled in shock!

"Quick, hurry up and subscribe!"

When Lin Chen woke up; the two beautiful women were startled and delighted.

"This little guy, finally woke up..."

Bai Ruoyan hasn't breathed a sigh of relief; Leng Yueqi unexpectedly hugged Lin Chen!

"You bastard, I thought you would never wake up again!"

The beautiful woman's pretty face was so excited that Ruoxiaxia was burning, the cold and noble cheeks were in tears, and even Bai Ruoyan was dumbfounded! What is this scenario?

Lin Chen focused on seeing all around, and holding her cold moon and curious Bai Ruoyan, only to recall what happened.

"I'm not dead? Hahaha! The handsome will never die, there will be a blessing!"

Someone Lin, who was excited and wanted to throw a punch, suddenly came with severe pain from his chest, and his injury had not fully recovered; the pain made him tremble.

"What to call, your injury is less than half recovered."

Bai Ruoyan gave him a funny white look, Lin Chen immediately came down honestly, watching still holding his cold moon Qi, somewhat dreamlike.

Leng Yueqi seemed to feel the eyes of the two, and quickly released Lin Chen. Leng Yan's beautiful face turned red, and she calmly pretended to teach Lin Chen Tao with a teacher's tone.

"Don't do this ridiculous thing next time. If it wasn't for Bai Ruoyan's sister who spent a month to find us, you will be finished this time, and you still have a great future. It's not worth the gamble. Not yet!"

Seeing Leng Yueqi pretending to be brave, Lin Chen was a little funny in his heart, a serious way.

"I'm not a hero. I only fight for the day and night. If I were to come back, I would make the same choice."


"Okay, he's just like that. Let's leave here first~"

Bai Ruoyan said with a smile; Leng Yueqi turned angrily, simply ignored Lin Chen.

"This temple has collapsed, but the prohibition still exists. If we want to leave, we still have to go to the exit of this space."

Bai Ruoyan pointed the space vortex not far away, and the temple had collapsed by half.

"Then go."

Lin Chen got up reluctantly, and there was a sense of weakness in his body, which made him feel dizzy. The injury he suffered this time was no more than before. The cold temperature frostbitten his meridians and internal organs, and he needed to be adjusted for a while.

There is a tendency of instability. Delicate and delicate skin touches Lin's arm. Leng Yueqi supports Lin Chen. The tall figure is not shorter than Lin Chen at all.

"I will help you go, after all, you are also injured because of me."

Leng Yueqi's faint words; the lingering fragrance of the beautiful lady's body made Lin someone feel a little bit of the horse, eyes staring straight at Leng Yueqi's perfect elder sister's figure.

Surprisingly, Leng Yueqi didn't seem to care about Lin Chen's eyes, her face was calm, but her delicate ear tips were hot like a fire.

Bai Ruoyan glanced at the two secretly, with a hint of smile between his eyebrows, intentionally walked in front, and then took the lead into the space vortex and was transported away.

Lin Chen was about to lift her foot into the vortex of space; the beautiful woman suddenly stared at him, her eyes were rare, and she showed Lin Chens face, her red lips like a dragonfly, and she quickly clicked on Lin Chens face. .

Someone Lin's face is dumbfounded! Brother, I was kissed?

One touch left; Leng Yueqi whispered Fang Lan's words in his ear.

"Thank you for everything you did for the teacher. The teacher really likes that wedding dress."

Leng Yueqi's noble and glamorous face Yan Yan smiled beautifully like an immortal, like an iceberg melting, a touch of dawn shone in Lin Chen's eyes, like a dream.

After that, Lengyue jumped into the vortex of space; Lin Chen stood staring blankly after two breaths and hurried to keep up!

"Take advantage of me? Run as soon as you kiss, and slip when you're done. How can it be so cheap! I want to kiss back too!"


Back to the outside world again; Lin Chen ran the mind-set of "Creation Nine Tribulation" a little bit, so he absorbed a large amount of heaven and earth aura like whale swallowing, and added a lot of fighting spirit to Dantian!

With full of fighting spirit, Lin Chen was running True Water Guiyuan Jue. Now, he has thoroughly practiced True Water Guiyuan Jue to completeness, and he has taken care of all his internal injuries in less than two hours!

Lin Chen turned on the system by the way;

[Tiandao Picking System 2.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen

Cultivated as: the six layers of the ground evil.

Ultimate strength: 990,000 tiger power.

Qi and blood energy: 90.81 million points.

The essence of fighting spirit: 81.22 million points.

Spiritual strength: 141,000 points.

Practical skill: 2.01 million points.

Mindset: "Nine Tribulation of Creation" (15%)

Xihui exercises: Bahuang Xuanhuo, True Water Gui Yuan Jue (100%), Tian Gang's Qi (100%), Taishi Bible (19%), Shenhuang Nine Jue (60%)

Possess a special treasure: True Flame Purple Phoenix Wing (40%)

Possess blood energy: 2150 points for the blood of the dragon and 10,000 points for the blood of the purple pupil.

Characteristic Runes: Slow Rune Level 2, Corrupt Rune Level 2, Recharge Rune Level 2,

Rune energy: 1.07 million points.

The energy of each element: 418.2 thousand points in the fire system, 40.5 thousand points in the soil system, 4.07 million points in the wood system, 4.91 million points in the gold system, and 4.87 million points in the water system. The Thunder system is 171,000 points, the Wind system is 1.28 million points, the Light system is 2.74 million points, and the Dark system is 980,000 points.

Entering the temple this time, Lin Chen's strength can be said to have been raised several levels; if he encounters the Tiangang environment in the outside world, he is not without the power to fight back!

The most important thing is that in addition to his own combat power, he also has an ancient green dragon that he can practice with himself!

"It is only one month before the mysterious realm of the evil king is closed. Our goal on this trip has been achieved. Next, we can walk in the secret territory with ease."

Bai Ruoyan smiled quietly and elegantly; Bai Qianyuan Guo had already got it, and it was still of the highest quality. There was nothing in this secret realm that could attract her.

"Hey, there is still a month to be extravagant, and my big green dragon and I have long been hungry and unbearable!"

Lin Chen rubbed his hands cheaply, and the ancient Qinglong absorbed all of his black Qianyuan fruits, which was not far from the realm of 3 Dragon Power.

In this mysterious realm of evil kings full of treasures, his blue dragon can be regarded as a hungry wolf entering the flock, and he has a big meal!