My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 149

Chapter 149: The Background Of Bai Ruoyan

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Chapter 149: Bai Ruoyan's Details!

Twenty-eight days after leaving the secret realm;

In the southern area of the Mysterious Realm, a cliff is surrounded by aura, forming a faint purple spirit mist.

Inside the Lingwu; a jade Lingzhi is spawned; the blurred energy lines surround the whole body of Longzhi.

Under the cliff, the two Tiangang realm are fighting because of this fifth-order intermediate jade Lingzhi!

Suddenly; the ancient Qinglong, who is more than a hundred feet tall, drove the fog, flew across the sky, and was born!

It opened its mouth at Longkou, and immediately ate the Jade Lingzhi on the cliff; then the real dragon flew into the sky and left the scene; leaving only two dazed faces in a dazed face!

Looking at the direction of Qinglong away, the two were separated, and nothing happened to each other.


Lin Chenpan sat on the back of the ancient Qinglong dragon, frowning.

"Your green dragon's pure power has reached 7 dragon power. Simply speaking, the strength can be compared with the second level of the Tiangang Realm. As long as it is not the top expert in the double realm, it will basically not lose."

Bai Ruoyan squeezed the green silk between his eyebrows, with endless elegance and elegance.

"But it basically won't grow anymore, it seems that the bloodline has reached its limit."

Lin Chen sighed very regretfully; his blue dragon bloodline was only 2150 points. At this time, the ancient blue dragon had grown to reach the limit of contact.

If you want to improve again, you must find the new blue dragon bloodline attribute light ball.

The existence of the ancient dragon clan did not have much in the twenty-four domains. Moreover, Lin Chen's strength could only be regarded as an appetizer by the other party.

"It took 28 days and defeated many Tiangang realms. Only then did we advance into the terrible realm of the Seventh Realm, and then go up, but you will be hard to see."

Before entering the mysterious realm of the evil king, he only doubled his realm. He broke through five realms in more than two months, and he was still not satisfied!

Seeing that Lin Chen was not satisfied with the practice of speed, Bai Ruoyan smiled and shook his head.

Lin Chen still stopped at the 999,000 tiger power. It is much harder for the human race to break through the dragon force realm than the orc.

"Well, the rest of the time will collect some treasures of heaven and earth, and go back to make some medicine for everyone in Class 66."

Qinglong swept away, Lin Chen and others disappeared in the sky.


Two days later; Lin Chen and the second daughter returned to the location of the previous portal; the ruined ancient city before arriving.

As soon as he arrived here, there were more than a dozen Tiangang realms staring at Lin Chenhu; they were all Tiangang realms that were robbed by Lin Chen in the temple before, and they are now holding grudges.

Some stared greedily at Lin Chen, this kid was arrogant and arrogant, and he must have harvested many good things in the secret territory!

They are afraid of Lin Chen in the secret realm, but they are outside the secret realm; Lin Chen is a little devil with seven realms! In their eyes, they can shoot the existence of death!

Even his blue dragon is no exception!

But in the secret territory, no one dares to start.


Space fluctuations open a space ladder from the vast void to the void.

The powerful people have successively poured into the ladder, and this trip to the secret realm has fallen at least one-third of the Tiangang Realm!

It is terrifying to put this ratio in the twenty-four domains and even Lingzhou. It takes hundreds of years to accumulate a heavenly gang in any region.

It takes only one or two billions of people in the population.

"I can finally leave!"

Both Leng Yueqi and Bai Ruoyan's beautiful eyes are turning to the splendid color of expectation. After leaving the secret realm, one of them is to resume cultivation and the other to breakthrough cultivation. Both of them are looking forward to how far they can go!

Entering the space tunnel, the three were pushed by a huge space force.

Less than a quarter of an hour, he returned to the previous Tianqi Island. The only difference is the space outside Tianqi Island.

As soon as Lin Chen and others sent it out, two bright swords of broad rivers split the clouds, swallowed the mountains and rivers, and killed the wind and the wind, falling from the sky, taking the three Lin Chen straight!

Before waiting for Lin Chen's shot, Bai Ruoyan smiled quietly and quietly, his hand waved, and the sword as thick as Qilong was instantly annihilated into nothingness!

Daoqi was extinguished, and twelve Tiangang realms quickly surrounded the three from all directions;

"Sister Yan, we are surrounded by eh."

Lin Chen didn't panic or chaos, smiling jokingly.

"Oh, you have robbed everyone, and you are not surrounded by anyone."

Bai Ruoyan laughed and ridiculed, Yun Dan looked at the Tiangang Realm lightly.

"This friend, today we are here just for this kid. I have no idea about the girl. If the girl can evacuate, it can be regarded as a face to a few old guys. How can we owe you such a favor?"

The strength revealed by Bai Ruoyan just aroused the fear of the Tiangang Realm.

Everyone knows that Lin Chen has many tricks. If this mysterious woman can evacuate safely, there will be a lot of variables for them.

"Sell you a face? The old guys from the hidden sect of Lingzhou may not dare to talk to me about terms like this."

In addition to facing Lin Chen, Bai Ruoyan regained that fairy-like temperament, cold, dust, and loneliness.

Qianying is suspended, a battle is steeped against the Han, covering the sky and covering the sun, the king is in the world!

Bai Ruoyan's repair began to climb at a rapid speed, and the terrible aftermath of the war caused the sea level to be far away!

Tiangang Realm triple, quadruple, quintuple, quintuple peak, prince!

Six peaks of Tiangang Realm!

Heaven and earth are trembling, and everything is lamenting. Hundreds of waves continually rolled from the sea; the whine of high-level sea beasts came from the bottom of the sea, which was suppressed by this unprecedented momentum.

Bai Ruoyan alone twelve the old veteran Tiangang Realm in the wilderness!

All the old-style Tiangang realm is like a falling ice cellar, but they are very familiar with the situation of the wasteland. There are only a few hidden strange old monsters in Tiangang Realm. How sacred is this woman in white!

"Six layers of Tiangang Realm?"

"Dare to ask your lord..."

Several celebrities have grown into elites, and the elders of Tiangang Realm who have seen the wind turned the rudder immediately bent over and clenched their fists. They did not even have the courage to turn around and escape!

The Tiangang realm is different from the earth evil realm, each realm contains a new heaven and earth.

The second level of Tiangang Realm can completely suppress the one with the highest level of Tiangang Realm. At this level, leapfrogging is extremely difficult!

Among their group, the highest state is only four levels of Tiangang Realm, and most of the rest are two and three levels of Tiangang Realm.

Bai Ruoyan, the sixth peak of Tiangang Realm, is capable of killing all of them within a few tricks! This is absolutely poor!

"Tiangang Realm Sixfold, my mother, it turns out Ruoyan is so strong!"

Just standing beside Bai Ruoyan; Lin Chen had a feeling of eardrum trembling and dizziness.

If confronted head-to-head, this level of powerhouse will make you die in no time!