My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Ru Etc. Are Rubbish

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Chapter 15, Ru and so on are all rubbish!

Lin Chen ran all the way and went directly into the Qingxia Mountains after descending.

Entering the mountain range, it almost belongs to Lin Chen's home field. There are a large number of Qi and blood attribute light balls, Lin Chen can use them to restore injuries and enhance combat resources.

"This time, if you encounter Shen Wuzong again in the future, the young man will be able to shoot them dead from the hand, which is not a worry."

Lin Chen sneered after picking up an attribute light ball. Without strength, it is a lamb to be slaughtered everywhere.

"I'm not so busy with picking up and picking up like this. It's better to go to the place where the strong people gather to collect better attribute light balls."

Determined, Lin Chen hurried along the way and picked up the attributed light **** scattered in the mountains.

What made Lin Chen curious was that Shen Wuzong didn't even send a master to hunt down himself. Like Elder Qi, he hated himself, and his strength was eightfold. He should be tempted to arrest himself.

Lin Chen did not know that the day after he left Shen Wuzong.

Shen Wuzong, inside the hall.

Two exquisite and beautiful shadows stand in the center of the hall. Tsing Yi women's eyes are like autumn water. The delicate green eardrops reveal the white and delicate skin. The eyebrows are like ink paintings of distant mountains. The goose eggs have small faces. Slightly raised an ancient smile.

The other one, green silk and waist, a pair of purple gem-like beautiful eyes turned ethereal and dusty and elegant, as if as long as she gazed at her eyes, the mind would be calm.

She was wearing a purple veil and could not see her true face. But the near-perfect body ratio makes it difficult to imagine how extraordinary the true appearance of his deity is.

More importantly, there is a supreme dignity in the woman's bones. This is not a gesture of artificiality, but a temperament originating from a deeper level.

"Two...what do you mean by two, why do you want to destroy my sect?"

Sovereign Shenwu, Xu Qingfeng covered his blood-stained abdomen, growling with extreme unwillingness and resentment!

Was he actually abandoned by the two mysterious girls? And only between raising his hands!

"We received reports from people nearby that you wantonly bullied civilians, raised taxes, and made people thousands of miles away from talking about life. Such a denomination is nothing but a scourge."

The girl in Tsing Yi smiled and said, "This is called a walk for the sky, understand?"

"Within one day, the denomination is dissolved, otherwise, all elders in the whole sect will be the same as you."

At this time, the woman in the purple veil said.

Xu Qingfeng gritted his teeth fiercely, and his eyes were split. His generation of suzerain, even one after another, was in the hands of a few juniors, and even Xiu Xiu was abolished. If he met his own enemy, it would be better to die!

"Lin Chen! If it weren't you, if it wasn't you, the little beast, who hurt this sect, this sect will not be without resistance!"

Xu Qingfeng groaned, Yang Tianchang Xiao, actually took out a knife in his arms, pierced his heart straightly, self-discipline on the spot!

"Sister, he committed suicide?"

The girl in Tsing Yi looked puzzled at the elegant woman.

"If you do a lot of unrighteousness, you must kill yourself. They bully countless civilians. They should be reported. But..."

In the hall, a faint echo of the soft woman murmured.

"Who is Lin Chen?"


Five days later; Lin Chen traveled thousands of miles a day, left the Qingxia Mountains, and officially entered the range of the Qingyang Mountains.

There are tens of thousands of ancient mountain ranges in the wasteland of Lingzhou; in some ancient mountain ranges, there are a large number of horrible sights of ancient relics walking around.

The number of fierce beasts in the Qingyang Mountain Range far exceeds that of the Qingxia Mountain Range, and there is an ancient city that has remained unchanged for thousands of years outside the mountain range. This ancient city has settled many cult people since ancient times, which has caused the crisis in the Qingyang Mountain Range to be more dangerous.

But for Lin Chen, he stayed here but picked up a lot of attribute light balls, and the energy of qi and blood obtained increased the pure power of the shell to 3600 tiger power!

The pure power of 3600 Tiger Power is enough to shake the psychic realm!

The fighting spirit is improved; Lin Chen is making rapid progress, stepping into the fifth level, only one step away from the sixth level of the Qi Refining Realm.

The moonlight is slightly cool; the outer area of Qingyang Mountains.

Lin Chen has just settled a second-level peak of the flame leopard, is planning to eat a barbecue tonight, the bonfire has just been set up, but in the distance there is a woman screaming and a lewd man's obscene smile.

"You, don't hurt your sister! Me, I'm going to call someone!"

"Hey, hey, you call, you call your broken throat and nobody will come to save you!"

Lin Chen is full of black lines, what year has it been, how else do people say such second-rate cheap movies?

Lin Chen, who was about to ignore it, suddenly saw that the source of the scream radiated light similar to the attribute light ball!

"Huh? There is baby!"

Lin Chen's eyes lit up and jumped up. Strike towards the source of light!

Half Moon Valley; under the moonlight, a group of blood-covered shadow troupes surrounded four graceful shadows.

The woman in a long skirt with a sword, with red lips at the corners, her white long legs lightly wrapped in soft jade yarn, her face was cold and noble, but her breath was weak and she was seriously injured.

The three young girls behind him shivered like a frightened little white rabbit.

"Miao, Miao! This figure, I didn't expect to catch the woman of Yanxiamen here, young master, I can have a good time again, hahaha!"

A young man in red came out of the blood-stained figure. His face was pale, his pupils were filled with blood, and the evil smile was wicked.

"If you dare to touch Sister Han's hair, our master will certainly not spare you!"

Behind the woman in a long skirt rushed out a girl in white, tears flickering, Hao teeth nibbled, and stood in front of the woman with the sword.

"Catch you all, how could your masters and sisters know that it was a good thing for my blood sect. Hey, a little loli, and later, my brother will love you very much~"

The young man in red looked at the little girl and laughed incessantly.

"Qing Yun, I will cover you later, and you will leave with your little sister."

The woman in a long skirt regarded death as her home and said coldly. The two women's faces changed slightly in the back, "But then, Sister Han Yan, you..."

"Can't control so much, and hesitate everyone to die!"

The girl in the long skirt, when Han Yan was about to die, a young man's laughter came from not far away.

"The night is very good tonight, so I can't help but wait for the handsome guy to feel it: Ru Ye is wearing yellow rolls to wait for the celebration of New Year's harvest. They are free from cold and hunger, and they are full of anger. Launched on the moon."

On the slopes of Banyue Valley, a dashing young figure emerged, interrupting the volatile atmosphere.

"What do you think about it, where do you come from, go away, dare to take care of my blood sect, die!"

The young man in red glanced at Lin Chen casually and waved his hand disdainfully.

In the air, the sound of the wind and thunder roared faintly, and the flame-like ghost steps shone longitudinally. Bye bye, Lin Chen had reached the middle of both sides.

"If you don't understand, just connect the first word of the previous words and read it again."

Lin Chen raised his eyebrows and joked.

"The first word? Ru Ye wore yellow rolls, waiting for the New Year's harvest. They are free from cold and hunger, and they are majestic. Lao Jiao is like an ape, and the **** drinks water from the moon."

"You are rubbish?"