My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 150

Chapter 150: Goodbye Ning Qingxuan?

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Chapter 150: Goodbye Ning Qingxuan?

"This boy, in the future you dare to move him a hair and destroy the door."

Bai Ruoyan's jade sleeves waved; without any fluctuations in fighting spirit, the bodies of the twelve Tiangang realms exploded in varying degrees!

Bang Bang Bang ~~!

A series of explosions made them spit out a large amount of blood, and retreated dozens of steps in the void, their eyes filled with horror!

"get out."

Bai Ruoyan's extraordinary and unconventional, overlooking the twelve people in a gesture of overriding beings.

This scene shows Lin Chen's longing for heart, and talks and laughs can destroy the other party's door, how free and easy, how domineering!

If Lin Chen had enough strength, why would he do so much bells and whistles?

"Fairy means extraordinary, I will admire it, and there will be no time in the future!"

"Thank you Fairy for being merciful. I have written down this child, and I will never provoke him with another hair!"

Many tiangang realms dare to speak out, and immediately escape into the void.

"Sister Yan, why didn't you kill them all. What a pity it was!"

Lin Chen felt sorry; Bai Ruoyan converged his whole body, and the scallion jade flicked Lin Chen's forehead, blaming.

"Your sister, it will take some time for me to resume my cultivation and kill them all. The forces behind them will mobilize the whole body. When tracing the cause, maybe a real strongman will be sent out. Simple."

Lin Chen suddenly realized; then asked curiously.

"Don't you say that you can take the secret medicine under the fiveth level of Tiangang Realm in order to enter the secret realm, my elder sister, are you over-standard?"

"You detoxified me for the second time before. I deliberately suppressed Xiu Wei from letting Xiu rebound, so I could sneak into the secret territory."

Bai Ruoyan's step lightly touched the void and set foot in suspension.

"Brother Lin Chen, your kind sister is in your heart. From now on, your sister needs to retreat for a period of time. After you get out of the customs, your sister will come to you and look forward to seeing you enter the Tiangang realm. With your potential, the Tiangang realm Just the beginning."

Bai Ruoyan smiled and waved his hand, Lin Chen quickly asked.

"If Sister Yan is going away so soon?"

"Well, my enemies are not what you can imagine, the most important thing is to restore strength at the first time. There will be a period afterwards~"

The fairy smiled and said goodbye to Lin Chen, and turned into a ray of light smoke, quietly disappearing.

Looking at the direction of the beautiful lady's departure; Lin Chen's heart is infinitely melancholy, just like a fairy in the sky. He always stays by your side and suddenly leaves one day, without any psychological preparation.

"You miss her so much, you won't get away with her."

There was a cold and ethereal voice behind him, Lin Chen was agitated and almost forgot her beautiful teacher!

"Well, teacher, shall we go back to college together?"

Lin Chen smiled and smiled; Leng Yueqi looked at him coldly and said coldly.

"Go back yourself, I'm going back to the family."

Finished talking; Leng Yueqi flew into the air and was about to leave.

Lin Chen wanted to speak, usually clever tongue, but now he does not know what to say.

In this regard, Leng Yueqi looked at her eyes and saw the young boy in frustration; her Qianying was another meal, plain.

"My family is a cold moon family in Lingzhou. If you are free, you can come and see."

Wen Yan; Lin Chen immediately regained his spirit, grinning badly.

"Teacher, that thing under the snow mountain..."

"It depends on whether you have the courage to come to me after you have participated in the assessment of the General Hospital."

Leng Yue is like a smart elf; it turns into a stream of light on the horizon.

"I will definitely go! I will make a real wedding dress for the teacher!"

Lin Chen shouted in the direction of the beautiful lady leaving, watching Leng Yueqi until the distance disappeared.

"Return to the college first; I don't know what happened to everyone."

The real flame purple phoenix wings shot a fiery purple flame, and Lin Chen's figure disappeared in an instant.


Tianqi Island is far away from the barren land, passing through the nether land of twenty-four fields.

Before being able to arrive so fast, Bai Ruoyan led the team, and now Lin Chen flew back at the speed of the Purple Phoenix Wing, and it would take at least half a month to reach the wasteland.

With Lin Chen's background, the true flame purple phoenix wings flew at full strength for half a month.

If the ancient Qinglong is called out, it is easy to attract the attention of the strong, not to mention the way to the Netherworld. If two Tiangang realms are encountered, it is not easy for Lin Chen to get out.

Ten days later, 37,000 miles north of the Netherworld; the Heavenly Tiger Dynasty.

The Tianhu dynasty had a strong national power, and the emperor respected the Tiangang realm as a cultivator.

However, the development of the dynasty throughout the year has caused ordinary people to live in misery and suffer miserably. The living environment of officials and people is very different.

In the capital of the dynasty, Lin Chen wore a cloak and covered with black robes, as a monk passed by.

He walked out of a restaurant. He had passed this dynasty for a day and night. He just temporarily found a place to rest and recover his spirit and consumed the fighting spirit.

"It's almost time to rest. Continue to go."

Lin Chen was looking for an alley in no one and was about to launch the Purple Phoenix Wing to fly into the sky, but there was a stream of speed flying across the sky!

Lin Chen looked at the situation; the streamer flying in the sky was actually a pure and flawless snow-white flying horse, with wings, horseshoes stepping on the clouds, the gods were extraordinary, and Tengyun flew to the direction of the dynasty.

However, the two delicate and beautiful shadows standing on the snow-white Pegasus immediately made Lin Chen's eyes locked!

"Huh? Ning Qingxuan and Ning Qingxue?"

Lin Chen was taken aback, and the snow-white Pegasus was so fast that he flew across the sky and flew towards the palace inside the dynasty.

"Is it wrong? Despite him, let's take a look at the Imperial City!"

A roll of purple phoenix wings, Lin Chen flew into the air, purple flame tearing the air flow, followed behind Pegasus.


In the Imperial City; in a loft in the back garden.

The ministers kneeling outside the attic dare not take a breath, and all the characters who arrived in the dynasty today are all famous pharmacists in the Underworld!

It is said that even some forces from ancient times have also passed through here, committing themselves to treat the king's ills in person.

After a while; a group of old-faced old men wearing distinguished medicine robe walked out of the attic.

They shook their heads and sighed again and again.

"Alas, it's the first time that the old medicine has been so sick for so many years."

"It's too difficult. The mentality of your majesty's cultivation is "Tianhu's heart-breaking tactics." There is the power of the sky tiger in the body, and the spirit of heart-breaking. But he also encountered a strange toxin such as Qiqing inch poison."

"Qiqing Cundu is a toxin of the Yin system, which is extremely difficult to remove in itself, and will consume Zhengyang-type combat spirit. The power of His Majesty's Tiger is completely absorbed and restrained!"

At this moment; a disdainful sneer came into everyone's ears.

"It's really a group of wastes. It's so hard to be poisonous. It seems that these twenty-four domains are full of unstudied garbage, so do you dare to call them pharmacists?"

The young man sitting in the white jade soft chair said casually.

He was playing with a roll of Danfang with one hand, white shirt and brocade pants, sword eyebrows and phoenix eyes, while he was so courageous, he was also rebellious and despised all the pharmacists present!