My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 151

Chapter 151: Just Touch It?

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Chapter 151

"What kind of thing are you? Dare to speak out! You know what I am waiting for!"

"You are still spinning around in the womb when the old medicine is refined, and where are you the yellow-haired ghost!"

"This little friend, dare to ask any advice?"

The young man in white spoke badly, causing all the pharmacists to immediately look displeased.

Some have been furious and want to get rid of this child.

"A bunch of cheap waste, get out."

The youth's sleeve robe waved away and put away the palm of the palm, the transparent fighting spirit was like a great wave!

Bang Bang Bang ~~!

The figure flew around, hitting several pharmacists who had just hit the youth just now, beating them screaming and breaking bones.

"Disha Jiujue? No, how can it be so powerful!"

The remaining few pharmacists were shocked, and their faces were horrified. The old pharmacists who were beaten were also terrible!

But the difference between the two sides is indeed like a world difference, the strength of this young man is far less simple than the surface repair!

"Dan Qing, what are you doing."

The ethereal voice resembling the sound of nature came to the front of the attic; the young man in white shirt immediately closed his hand and respectfully bowed.

The refining pharmacists were amazed. Snow White Pegasus rolled up the wind and landed in the courtyard. The kneeling ministers quickly gave way.

The purple gauze is gentle, the beauty does not show the true content, there is not much decoration, the three thousand green silk is like a waterfall and the waist, and the eyebrows are far away.

A pair of purple gem-like eyes turned the ethereal elegance, when she walked around, the time and space seemed to freeze at this moment, and Fanghua was better than thousands of beautiful things in the world.

The beauty of the beauty reveals the innate dignity, and no disrespectful thoughts can be born in everyone's heart! It seems that this is where the heaven and earth came into being!

Ning Qingxuan! That had a relationship with Lin Chen, like a fairy, a mysterious woman suspected of being a sage, actually appeared in this tiger dynasty.

Behind Ning Qingxuan is the ancient spirit, Ning Qingxue, who is beside him.

"Have seen Miss."

The young man in the white shirt flashed deep admiration and admiration, kneeling on one knee and bowing his head respectfully.

"Dan Qing, I should have told you not to kill the innocent indiscriminately. If there is another time, you should go back to the clan yourself."

The bland tone made the young man in white shirt startled, his expression flickered in a hurry, and said quickly.

"Yes! Dan Qing leads the life!"

"What happened to the things I asked you to do, could the emperor in this dynasty ever be saved?"

Ning Qingxuan asked seriously; the young man in white shirt replied respectfully.

"Miss answer, there is a 50% assurance that he will be cured. As for the remaining 50%, it depends on his own fortune. This person has been poisoned deeply, and the demand for toxins just happens to be in the realm of meditation. "

The young man in white shirt was arrogant and high in tone.

The look of the pharmacists behind him all changed, with a 50% chance. This is already a very high chance!

If this is the case, it can only show that this young man's level of refining medicine is definitely not at the same level as them!

"Oh, that old decay just sit down and watch your wise move!"

An old man in blue sneered; he was a famous fifth-order low-level pharmacist in the underworld.

Even he did not have a 20% certainty to cure it. Obviously, he did not think that the white shirt youth would have such strength!

The ministers outside the attic did not dare to interject, because few of the characters here today can afford them!

The entire Tianhu dynasty had to rely on them to save the lives of their monarchs.

"If it wasn't for the young lady to tell you not to see the blood, it would be up to you untouchables.

The white shirt youth disdaind the voice, the former looked gloomy and uncertain.

He stood up and asked respectfully; "Since it was the request of the young lady, then Dan Qing will go all out and invite the young lady to enter the building."

Ning Qingxuan nodded, and Ning Qingxue was about to walk into the attic, and suddenly turned around, the beautiful eyes said with a hint of smile.

"Unexpectedly, I will see you again here, it's really unpredictable. Are you right, Mr. Lin Chen?"

Everyone was shocked, Ning Qingxuan's words just fell, and the snow-white flying horse suddenly shouted, and was suppressed and frightened by some breath!

"Wrong! Ms. Ning Qingxuan, not Mr. Lin Chen, is the little black dragon in the waves who is handsome, handsome, and invincible in the ten domains of Kyushu, Lin Chen!"

Zi Yan swept, the young man struck a silver robe, handsome and chic, with a confident smile on his face from beginning to end.

Zi Wing retracted, and Lin Chen walked slowly to Ning Qingxuan. Ning Qingxue's ancient spirit probing a small head from Ning Qingxuan behind him, staring at Lin Chen with a smile.

"Wait! Where are you from the untouchables, dare to come near my lady?"

The young man in the white shirt looked sullenly, blocked in front of the second girl, and suddenly sneered!

His shoulders shuddered, and the violent tide of turbulence rushed into the sky, overthrowing the ministers 100 meters away! Many guards in a terrible situation were so shocked that they could not even stand on their heels!

The strong winds of the fighting force destroyed the withering attack, wanting to forcibly suppress Lin Chen, wanting him to be ugly in public.

However; Lin Chen is standing in the center of the strong winds, and standing still, even taking a step forward smilingly!

"Essential Realm Seventh Level? How long has it been since he was already territorial seventh Level Realm! When he last battled with his sister, he was just a psychic realm!"

Ning Qingxue concealed her mouth lightly and looked at Lin Chen with a curious light in her eyes.

This promotion speed may be able to slightly match the people in their family!

"Oh, this man is really considerate, how do you know that my elder brother and I have come here to find Qingxuan's sister, who is sweating so much, I want to take a breather and rest for a while! Too empathetic, old Brother, I should learn from you, I can't do this, I always understand people."

Lin Chen stepped forward and held the palm of the white shirt youth, secretly running the ancient Qinglong's power slightly, the power has exceeded 990,000 tiger power!

"Um! How are you..."

White shirt youth's mouth twitched, why is this kid's power so horrible, pure power far exceeds the limit of the terrible situation!

"Okay, Mr. Lin Chen, what are you doing with me this time?"

Ning Qingxuan blocked the young man in white shirt as if intended, and smiled indifferently.

Lin Chen understood, immediately released his hand and laughed with a ridiculous tone; "Is it okay I can't find you? I remember there seems to be no such rule between us?"

"Hey, hello, do you want to take advantage of my sister again as you did last time! Otherwise, Miss Ben will have to teach you personally!"

Ning Qingxue wrinkled Yuqiong's nose, so he pretended to grumble fiercely.

"Last time it was a misunderstanding. Besides, I didn't take much advantage. Don't you just touch it? Your sister also touched me several times. On the whole, I still suffered a loss!"

Lin Chen's cheeky look made Ning Qingxue's lips squeeze, and her little white rabbit stared at Lin Chen like a ruthless eye.

"Last time? Take advantage? Touch it?"

The young man in white shirt was shocked, his thin lips twitched, his teeth gritted, his eyes were already jealous!

The heroic face was vaguely vaguely, murderous and awe-inspiring!