My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 152

Chapter 152: Ning Danqing Vs Lin Chen

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Chapter 152: Ning Danqing VS Lin Chen!

"Okay, don't make trouble. Since Mr. Lin Chen doesn't matter for a while, let's go in and see it together. I can remember you are still a pharmacist."

Ning Qingxuan interrupted the two of them and said helplessly. The two enemies didn't accept each other, let them fight, I do not know how much to delay.

Led by Ning Qingxuan, Lin Chen and Ning Qingxue and a number of pharmacists entered the attic. The young man in white shirt followed Lin Chen behind him, and a crazy murderous intention was brewing in his heart!

At the location on the second floor, an open-air roof is opened, surrounded by pure spirit stones of pure yang, with a strong masculine atmosphere.

On the top of the spirit stone lies a blue-eyed tiger-eyed man with a thick black eyebrow and a face cut like an axe. Even if he closes his eyes, he still has a domineering power.

In front of his chest, there were blue stripes that crawled like blue tendons, crawling like a green snake, very strange!

"Huh, this man!"

Lin Chen's subconsciously urged Zijin Tong to see that this person's poison is completely attached to his body, completely eroding his internal organs.

The most important thing is that even his fighting spirit has been eroded by toxins for more than half.

If it weren't for the high-quality pure Yang Lingshi gathering energy of the Yang system and forcibly suppressing some of the toxins, he would have died of poison!

"How about, did Mr. Lin Chen see any clues coming?"

Instead, Ning Qingxuan asked Lin Chen's opinion for the first time; perhaps after seeing Lin Chen's unique behaviors, she always wanted to see how Lin Chen would react when faced with difficulties and crises.

"It's a bit troublesome. The poison has penetrated the body meridians and even the internal organs. It is extremely difficult to completely remove it, but the real problem is that the fighting spirit in Dantian has also been eroded. If you want to remove it, you must repair it. To disperse, perhaps the best result is to save your life and the fighting spirit is abolished."

All the veteran pharmacists looked at Lin Chen in wonder and curiosity.

They tried their best to explore the emperor's injury, and this child could see through it in just a breath?

This is too evil!

Finished; Lin Chen smiled confidently and added a sentence at the back.

"Of course, the premise is that this is the case if I don't shoot."

"Oh, in front of the young lady. How dare you put a pig's nose in a green onion, what kind of appearance! Can you see how it looks, can you solve it? But I have 50% assurance that he can be restored as before and repaired without any loss. ."

The young man in white shirt sneered Lin Chen with the smell of gunpowder; Ning Qingxue next to him was still whispering unpromisingly.

"Quick! Ning Dan Qing cousin, beat him, fight! This person is a bad guy, and he wants to take advantage of his sister all day long!"

With Ning Qingxue's fan igniting, Ning Danqing's mood was even higher and he sneered.

"The most feared thing is that there is no self-knowledge. I can be different from you. I want to deceive the lady, there is no door."

"Yeah? If so, if I don't speak again, you're afraid that your tail will go to Jiuzhongtian."

Lin Chen said something amused; arms around his chest. Ning Qingxuan has a lot of interest and does not seem to intend to stop Lin Chen.

Seeing that her lady was paying attention to herself, Ning Dan's green beast was boiling, and she despised Lin Chen.

"If you are not convinced, we can compare one game on the spot! It is better than who can heal him, but also let him have the original cultivation behavior, how?"

He didn't know that Ning Qingxuan paid more attention to Lin Chen.

"Not enough, it's too boring to simply compare. It's not as interesting as we play. Whoever loses between the two of us will be punished. If both lose, then both will be punished. And punishment The content is written on the note by all of you, put it in the penalty box, and draw freely, how?"

After talking, Lin Chen brought up a delicate jade box and handed it to Ning Qingxuan.

Lin Chen's novel proposal instantly attracted the playful little witch such as Ning Qingxue, and she raised her hand in the first place.

"This is fun and interesting! I'll decide first!"

Ning Qingxue excitedly wrote a small note, which clearly read: Please put your head on the night pot and strip your clothes and run naked across the Imperial City.

Some veteran pharmacists took a breath of air!

This is too cruel!

However, it seems quite fun!

The crowd swarmed up and wrote their own wonderful ideas and punishments.

What do you want to pee upside down, kiss the ugliest woman of a thousand dynasties, learn to crawl through brothels, everything!

Even Ning Qingxuan, after taking a deep look at Lin Chen, put a piece of paper into the jade box.

Lin Chen's turn, he was disappointed shaking his head.

"No, your punishment content is too polite, look at me."

Lin Chen's copy of the pen was a flutter of the stroke, and the pen stopped swiftly. Lin Chen walked to the jade box and showed the content of his note.

Everyone stared at it, clearly writing on it;'In the capital's most populous place, complete the following posture and last for a quarter of an hour: Turn your palms back to your back and fold back together, cross your toes into your nostrils, and lick your tongue Until the tip of the nose.

Everyone took a breath of air!

This is too cruel! Thanks to the fact that he can think of it, if this lottery is drawn, then he will be in disrepair!

Ning Qingxue's girl saw Lin Chen's papers, she was shining her eyes, as if she had found something baby!

This Nizi looked forward to watching the duo, who is the loser to complete this action? It's a little exciting to think about it!

Finally, Ning Danqing's turn, he gave Lin Chen a vicious look and put a note.

Before putting it into the jade box, he deliberately highlighted the contents of the paper and showed it to everyone. It was actually the word "self-regulation on the spot"!

If the loser got this lot, wouldnt he be destined to return to Huang Quan?

"Since you both are so confident, let me testify about this punishment contest."

Ning Qingxuan's fingers pointed lightly, and a stream of amorous fighting spirit sealed the jade box, and no one could spy on or take away the contents inside.

"Which of you go first? I can't wait to see the result!"

Ning Qingxue waved a small pink fist excitedly, and the white tiger's teeth were exposed, which was charming.

"It must be the most handsome and the best. The confident person is never in a hurry, right, Sister Qingxue."

Lin Chen embraced his chest with both hands, a gesture of watching the show, Ning Qingxue spit out lilac tongue.

"Pretend to be a big tail wolf."

Ning Danqing flicked his sleeves and walked to the emperor's side.

Reaching out his palm, Ning Danqing sent a ray of fighting spirit and mental strength to explore the details of his body.

At less than a quarter of an hour, Ning Danqing got up, his expression slightly dignified, and a sacred yellow furnace was sacrificed on the spot!

The red furnace is engraved with deep ancient lines, the double tops are mysterious yellow, like the double dragon Qi Xiao.

Seeing this tripod, many pupils of the medicine refining pupils shrank, and with their eyes, they could not see the origin and grade of this tripod!