My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 153

Chapter 153: Qingshen Alchemy Pill

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Chapter 153

"Go and find these medicinal materials. Although your treasury's treasury is not very good, there must be some of these things."

Ning Danqing gave his finger a shot, and shot a list of medicinal herbs at his fingertips.

The ministers who took the list looked carefully, his expression changed slightly, and he gritted his teeth, clenching his fists: "Okay, please wait!"

When the minister was ordered to fetch the medicinal materials; Ning Danqing sat down cross-legged and transferred ten main medicinal materials from the Na Ling Cao, which suddenly aroused the mighty fighting spirit!

"Flying the Alchemy Seal!"

Ning Danqing's ring finger, **** joint of index finger and **** are bent together, and the mental strength is like lightning flashes, and the alchemy fingerprint is quickly formed!

Two Rongling berries immediately flew into the Xuanhuang Dan furnace, and the entire Dan furnace was suddenly filled with his fighting spirit!

The golden furnace is intertwined in the red furnace, like two sharp knives, the tip of the knife quickly removes and peels the skin of the Rongling berry, and extracts its essence spirit!

The two-finger shock bomb is another fifth-grade blood drink flower sucked into the dan furnace.

The four-line gold fighting spirit resembles a four-handed sharp knife, which removes the roots of the blood drink flowers sharply and quickly, leaving only the essence of its flower heart.

The masters of refining medicine present were all dignified and dumbfounded!

too fast! Too refined!

Such alchemy fingerprints and techniques are better than the fingerprints they practiced!

To be able to possess such a fast, and maintain ultra-high precision density alchemy standard, which itself requires a very strong mental strength to have a trace of possibility!

"His alchemy fingerprint is not a mere thing, at least above the blue scale, maybe it is of the same grade as my Bahuang Xuanhuo Seal. Sure enough, it is the people around Ning Qingxuan, none of them are vegetarian, the power behind her , To what extent it is huge."

One shot was the alchemy fingerprint above the Qing Order. Lin Chen couldn't help but wonder at the forces behind Ning Qingxuan.

The top-ranking alchemy handprint of the Green Order has stood at the peak of the wasteland.

And the alchemy fingerprints of the green order, there are not many copies in the whole 24 domains! Not to mention the handprints of the same level as your own "Eight Flames"!

A follower next to Ning Qingxuan, whose shot is the alchemy handprint above the Qing Order, it is difficult to imagine how much background she is behind!

"Stupid hooligan, what's the matter? Do you feel pressured?"

Ning Qingxue glanced at Lin Chen and smiled like a flower.

"Stress? He doesn't make me stressed. I'm just thinking about your sister's affairs. Moreover, I already know roughly what kind of panacea he wants to refine. The possibility that he can cure this emperor, even the two Chengdus did not. !"

Lin Chen smiled calmly, even Ning Qingxuan could not help but looked at him curiously.

"The medicinal herbs you want are prepared and all are in duplicate."

The **** who had left before hurried into the attic, handed over a Naling ring, and respectfully told him.

Ning Danqing's sleeve robe rolled up and sucked the Naling ring across the air.

Awesome, the spiritual seal of the Naling Ring was unraveled, all the medicinal materials in it fell out, and more than 100 copies of medicinal materials fell on the floor, all of which were rare medicinal materials of the fourth and third orders.

Ning Danqing raised her hands, and seven or eight medicinal herbs were taken into the Dan furnace like lightning. The refined gold-style combat qi quickly cut off many medicinal herbs. The speed is so fast that it is far more than dozens of times the normal alchemy speed!

"It is worthy of the arrogance of the ancient forces. The speed of alchemy alone is more than ten times faster than that of me. The fingerprint of the alchemy of alchemy is well-deserved."

The only fifth-level low-level pharmacist at the scene shook his head and sighed, thinking that he was the highest among the pharmacists who came this time.

Less than a quarter of an hour later, when more than a dozen medicinal herbs were taken into the Dan furnace, Ning Danqing began to sweat heavily, still maintaining a high intensity of alchemy.

Lin Chen smiled and shook his head slightly.

He can see that Ning Danqing's alchemy fingerprint is based on speed and efficiency.

But he worked so hard to refining, and the mental energy he consumed would double dramatically. Once he failed, there would be no second chance.

As time lapsed, everyone observed less than two days, and finally joined a fifth-order monstrous beast core, the energy of the entire Danlu began to fluctuate violently!


Ning Danqing's gestures changed again, sealing all the energy together without even a hint of Danxiang overflowing.

The energy of the condensed Danyun was absorbed by the Elixir in the Dan furnace!

This magical technique surprised and puzzled the masters of refining medicine? High-level elixir was born, did not even Dan Yun?

"This is the Nadan technique, so that all the energy of the elixir is re-incorporated into the elixir before it is released, so that the energy can be released without loss of energy, and only has a unique insight into the refining of a certain elixir. To perform extraordinary skills!"

The only fifth-order pharmacist was breathtaking.

Although he was not reconciled, he had to admit that the observation of Alchemy this time was an immediate improvement of his own promotion!

A longan-sized panacea with milky white light suspends from the red furnace!

A faint fragrance of medicine floated up, and several pharmacists just sniffed softly, and found that there were new vitality in their internal organs, and some waste impurities were quietly evaporated away!

"Fifth-order low-level elixirs; Qingshen rinsing pill! Guben Peiyuan, healing and detoxification. It can wash the five internal organs of the martial arts soldiers, all the toxins hidden in the meridian blood and even the fighting spirit!"

Ning Danqing held up the milky white panacea and declared proudly.

Based on the energy and literal explanation given by the elixir, all masters of refining medicine sighed.

This panacea can be called a real detoxifying panacea. If it is placed in an external auction, it will surely cause a competition for heaven and earth.

Carrying this elixir with you is equivalent to one more life at a critical moment! The value is self-evident.

"Hey, this cleansing pill to cleanse the pill and replace it with an old man to refine it, the success rate will not be higher than 20%, let alone refining it in two days, convinced to take it orally!"

The fifth-order low-level medicine refining master was convinced to take it by mouth, and his attitude towards Ning Danqing was extremely respectful!

The field of the pharmacist is generally similar to that of fighting spirit, and his strength is king. Ning Danqing convinced this master of medicine with his hard power.

I saw; Ning Dan's green eyes turned to Lin Chen with a hint of provocation!

"How about it, do you have confidence? You won't be as bad as him?"

Ning Qingxue winked at Lin Chen playfully.

Lin Chen seemed to have seen through, and with a strong smile in his heart, he calmed the way.

"Don't worry, look at the results and say that if he is not treated well, he will be even a fifth-level high-level medicine."

Ning Danqing sneered: "I'll see which punishment sign you want to draw later!"

He walked to the emperor of the Tianhu dynasty, opened his lips with his fingertips, and pushed the "Qing Shen Xi Dan" into his mouth!