My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 154

Chapter 154: Are You Surprised Or Surprised?

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Chapter 154

The entrance of the elixir is transformed into a gleaming white light that flows into the body along the throat.

I saw it; the dazzling white light, like the dazzling aurora, began to shine from the emperor's chest and extended all the way to Dantian.

Everyone eagerly awaited, especially those ministers, sweating with tense palms.

If their majesty has since slumped, they will have to be watched by the enemy.

The Tianhu dynasty has only one Tiangang realm, and if it is lost, its deterrent force will be gone!


Wisps of blue mist rose from the emperor's body, and strangely made a "squeak" noise!

The white light from the Qingshen Xidan was pressed step by step, and the emperor's whole body was radiating a blue mist!

His complexion began to recover a little bit rosy, and the cultivation of Di Shajing could obviously feel that the toxin of the emperor was gradually being eliminated!

"Hahaha! See? No, a pariah like you could have refined the detoxifying elixir of this effect!"

Ning Danqing burst into laughter with enthusiasm!

At this time he was almost 80% sure that he could save the emperor's life while saving his cultivation!

Lin Chen shrugged relaxedly, "You are not in a cave with the bride, what are you in a hurry. Look again, and see at the end."

Looking at Lin Chen, who was calm and calm, Ning Qingxuan's purple eyes crossed a trace of curiosity and anticipation.

What she expected was what Lin Chen had seen through, which would make him so calm!

With the green smoke rising, the emperor twitched all over his body.

Suddenly, his face turned red again, and a few breaths came from his throat.

"Cough cough~!"

He coughed violently, spitting out more blue smoke, and his complexion began to gradually improve, and began to look like a normal person.

However, what everyone did not realize was that the emperor had recovered so well, but he had not recovered his complete consciousness!

The green smoke gradually decreased, and the gleaming white light became stronger.

When everyone thought it was coming to an end, a bang!


A tremendous amount of grief came out of the emperor's body, shaking the whole attic!

"How is this going?"

"Look! What is that thing that comes out of His Majesty's body!"

The crowd exclaimed in a hurry, and at the time of the emperor Dantian's position, a dense teal of mist rose.

The aerosol turned into a tiger, and a pair of pupils glowed with blue light.

At the time of the counterattack of the cyan tiger, the white light that had been like a broken bamboo before, suddenly became extremely dim at this time, as if it would be extinguished at any time!

At this moment; everyone is ignorant!

Lin Chen couldn't help laughing from the sky.

"Hahaha! Surprise? Surprise? Surprise?"

Ning Danqing is unbelievable, and even has a sense of panic!

"That's impossible! My Qingshen Xiandian Pill is extremely powerful, how can I not pay for a seven-inch poison?"

Even many masters of refining medicine did not figure out what was going on!

But they have seen how powerful the power of purifying and purifying pill is. A wisp of incense is better than a third-order pill. This pill should be no problem for a seven-inch poison. How can the disparity be so great? ?

"I get it! The poison in this mortal is not seven-inch poison at all. It's another more terrible poison. Damn, how could this be!"

Ning Dan, who panicked the gods, said badly, but Lin Chen and Ning Qingxuan smiled as if they had seen through the truth.

"Okay, no knowledge is no knowledge, this is Qiqing Chongdu."

At this time, Lin Chen finally stood up and smiled lightly.

All the master medicine refiners who did not see through the nature of the matter turned to look at him.

"If the poisoning is within a month, it can be poisonous to cleanse the pill with this clean spirit, but the emperor has been poisoned deeply, at least for more than nine months. It has already absorbed the fighting spirit of the nine-month Tiangang realm. Become a venomous beast."

Lin Chen smiled a lot during the talks and laughed, quite a bit of guidance.

"Yes, Your Majesty resisted this toxin at first, but it has indeed been poisoned for nearly ten months."

Some ministers nodded and agreed;

When the masters of refining medicine think of the characteristics of this seven-inch poison, they suddenly realize it! It turns out so!

Ning Danqing gritted her teeth and stared at Lin Chen with resentment and grief.

"What kind of eyes are you glaring at me, and I'm not a venomous poison, if you have fire, you will find it and send it."

Lin Chen laughed, and pointed his finger at the tiger-like Qiqing inch poison that came out of the emperor's body.

"Ning Danqing, if you don't accept it, you can continue to heal."

Ning Qingxuan said plainly as water, Ning Danqing's face muscles shivered fiercely, his eyes suddenly dimmed.

"Dan Qing believes that there is no better way to detoxify Dan than Qingshen Liandan, but I don't think he can detoxify!"

Ning Danqing clenched his fists, his voice hoarse.

"Hahaha! If you can't do it doesn't mean I can't do it, even if the whole world doesn't do it, it doesn't mean I can't do it."

Lin Chen laughed with great pride, and there was a domineering person in his laughter!

He stepped forward and looked at the emperor whose face had turned pale again.

"It's time to come up with some real skills, whoever, to collect these herbs!"

Lin Chen flicked the list of herbs prepared in advance to the previous minister.

The latter took a look and couldn't help but look horrified; "So much? Your Excellency is to rob our treasury!"

In order to invite so many masters of refining medicine, their dynasty has already lost a lot. If they follow the preparation of Lin Chen's list of medicinal materials, their treasury may be really empty!

"What if there are many medicinal materials, which is more important than being able to heal your majesty. You choose it yourself~"

Lin Chen spread his hands, it doesn't matter.

I thought of the day when the dynasty of the Tiger could no longer be without a monarch. If your majesty died, the dynasty would surely perish!

Reminiscent of this result, the loyal veteran gritted his teeth and left the attic.

"I'm going to see what results you can make!"

Ning Danqing sneered at the defeat; the masters of refining medicine looked at Lin Chen in surprise.

From a glance at the emperor's background, he should not be a general.

But the thorny degree of this situation can be seen by everyone with a clear eye; I am afraid that it may not be possible to bring in some old fifth-level intermediate medicine refining masters.

Fifth-order intermediate level, this level is almost extinct in the Underworld!

Even if there is, it is not a dynasty that can be moved.


I saw; Lin Chen was just one foot up, kicking over the pure Yang Lingshi that helped the emperor suppress the poison! Everyone was shocked by the shock!

Lin Chen is Lin Chen in the end; as soon as he shot, he never followed the normal way of thinking!