My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 155

Chapter 155: What Kind Of Medicine Is This? ?

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Chapter 155 ?

"What are you doing? Are you crazy?"

The fifth-order low-level medicine refining master suddenly shook!

He put forward the method of putting pure Yang Lingshi to resist toxins at the beginning. Isn't Lin Chen going to hit his old face?

"I can't do anything for you to turn your fingers. This pure Yang Lingshi is to pour oil on the fire. I kicked it to save this person."

Lin Chen waved at random, three punches and two feet lifted all the pure Yang Lingshi piled up next to the emperor!

"Fart! Your majesty is practicing Yang system exercises. This pure Yang spirit stone can help him fight against toxins. You are completely murdering like this!"

The chief medicine refining master in the imperial city flushed with rage and angered Lin Chen.

"Hahaha! I thought you really had a way, it turned out to be a broken jar!"

Ning Danqing happened to be in a bad mood and laughed.

Lin Chen glanced at them disdainfully, said indifferently.

"A bunch of pens."

Later, Lin Chen was too lazy to ignore these noisy guys, waved it freely, and sacrificed the red furnace.

The red furnace taken by Lin Chen this time, but the treasure obtained from the robbery of the old Tiangang realm from the secret territory of the evil king of the earth evil, is named: Youyuan furnace.

The dan furnace has a deep black light, one foot high, seven holes in the groove, four ears on the top of the furnace, which is made of meteorites from outside the sky; the whole body converges the light, and looking at the appearance, it is no less than the one that was just taken out by Ning Danqing. furnace.

"Everyone shouldn't worry, please look at the situation of the poisoned person."

During the anger of many people, Ning Qingxuan spoke elegantly, and everyone immediately fell silent.

When they looked at the emperor again, they were surprised to find that the emperor after the pure Yang Lingshi, the Qiqing inch poison reaction in the body did not seem to be so violent!

As if the creatures lacked some vitality, weird!

Ning Danqing's eyes suddenly widened, unbelievable!

"Sister, what's the matter?"

Ning Qingxue did not understand this situation and asked curiously.

"Mr. Lin Chen, you can solve your doubts."

Seeing many doubtful eyes, Ning Qingxuan said with a smile.

After seeing Ning Qingxuan speak, Lin Chen said slowly.

"The principle is very simple: Qiqing inch poison is a yin toxin. If it encounters yang energy or energy, it will be crazy to suck. Although this emperor is a cultivator of Tiangang Realm, he may be able to resist the toxin at the beginning, but it cannot be eradicated. Long-term In this way, he has been eroded by Qiqing inch poison, and he has completely confused the toxins. At this time, if he continues to provide energy support to his fighting spirit, it will be equivalent to increasing efforts to nourish the seven. Its not me who hurt him, but those who constantly add spirit stones to him."

Finished talking; all talents wake up like a dream!

Why didn't they think about this, but naively thought that the addition of some Yang-type spirit stones can help your majesty to resist the progress of toxin erosion. Now, at first glance, it is really scared!

"You can find it this way? Wow, this rogue is so powerful!"

The fifth-level junior master medicine refining master is even cold sweat, if this matter is spread, his reputation will be ruined!

"How did this pariah find out about this, is his level of refining medicine still above me?"

Ning Dan's blue lips and teeth twitched slightly, cold sweat raged, and his face became pale and weak.

Lin Chen disregarded other people's eyes, he called up many treasures from the Lingling ring.

There are 17 kinds of medicinal herbs, and all of them are of the fifth-order grade.

These were all captured in the evil king's secret territory one month after Lin Chen left the temple; for him, the use of such a batch of medicinal materials could not affect his foundation.

It took the loyal veteran one day to prepare the preparation of the medicinal herbs this time.

When he returned, there were as many as seven Lingling Rings in Lin Chen's hands!

This sees a lot of medicine masters' eyelids jumping straight, this **** robbed the treasury?

How many medicinal materials will it take to fill 7 Na Ling Rings!

"Um~very good~"

Master Lin took the seven Naruto Rings very naturally, and after exploring a circle, all the herbs in the two Naruto Rings were released.

Then, he put the remaining five Na Ling ordai into his pocket.

This action caused the pharmacists to numb their scalp and twitch their mouths! This kid is to make it clear, fair, and fiercely pit the Sky Tiger Dynasty!

They are all veteran pharmacists, and it is often the case to receive benefits.

But they are the first time they are as brazen and fair as Lin Chen!

After receiving the Naruto Ring, Lin Chen's expression became unprecedentedly serious!

As far as Lin Chen is concerned, he has never encountered an opportunity that will allow him to work hard at refining medicine!

But this time, it was his chance to test the limits of his refining medicine!

The elixir he wants to refine ranks among the fifth rank intermediate level. This elixir of this grade is a rare thing in Lingzhou.

"It is directly refined into a finished medicine, the difficulty factor is very high, and the drug effect is not enough to achieve the most perfect. Perhaps I can use another method to circumvent these problems."

Glitter the Abyss Furnace in the palm of your hand; the middle fingers of your hands are crossed, and the purely domineering fire spirit and spiritual power gather at your fingertips!

A burst of fire poured into the Dan furnace, Lin Chen quickly produced a fingerprint, the middle three fingers were folded together, and the little pinky was folded together, and an orange-red Dan seal appeared in the Dan furnace!

"go with!"

A little bit; ten medicinal materials flew into the Dan furnace; Lin Chen decisively cast a fiery beast core of the fiery lizard!

What kind of medicine is this?

The masters of refining medicine were puzzled and did not understand!

For the first time, they saw that the refining medicine was put into the fierce beast core at the beginning, or it was still with the preliminary refined medicine!


But if he is said to be messing around, looking at his spiritual power and alchemy handprint, this son is not weaker than Ning Danqing's ruthless character!

The alchemy fingerprints on both hands are changing rapidly. Inside the orange-red alchemy, a series of fire fighting spirits become precise and sharp under the control of spiritual power!

The spiritual force is highly precise; the fire of the fire department is like a halberd, picking, slashing, cutting, and thorn!

The fiery fire will remove the ten kinds of medicinal materials and remove the complex energy and excess substances; Lin Chen's eyes are fast and his hands snap together!

"Ling drive liquid!"

I saw; the ten medicinal materials that had just been removed in the Dan furnace; they were immediately shattered into high-energy spirit liquid by high temperature!

The fierce beast core of the fiery flaming lizard is spinning wildly, and a red-grey airflow is separated. These are the impurity energy of the fierce beast core, which cannot be easily absorbed.

With a flick of his fingers, Lin Chen popped a ray of energy and made the emperor open his mouth.

The turquoise essence was blasted out of the furnace and flowed into the emperor's nose and mouth.

Then, the fierce beast nucleus of the fiery melting lizard was refined by Lin Chen, and the fierce beast core was suspended in the fighting spirit, suspending the fierce beast nucleus at the emperor's abdomen Dantian!

At this time; strange things appeared!

The dark blue poisonous smoke of Qiqing inch poison began to be inhaled into that fierce beast core!