My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 156

Chapter 156: The Miracle Is Coming

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Chapter 156 !

Before everyone could react, Lin Chen invested dozens of medicinal herbs!

This time, his refining speed is faster! The consumption of mental power is twice that before!

At the speed of electro-optical flint, 30 spirits of the fourth-order medicinal materials were refined and then sent to the emperor's mouth!

The speed at which Qiqing Cundu was inhaled was increased by a few points, the emperor's appearance began to gradually recover, and the thick black blade eyebrows suddenly shook! Let the loyal veteran tears flash, looking at the emperor with anticipation.

With the palm of your hand turned into more than 70 medicinal materials into the Dan furnace, Lin Chen started another wave of unknown medicine refining!

He transferred twelve extremely high-quality silver needles from the Naling Ring, which were actually placed in the center of many medicinal materials and refined together!

All the essence essences of medicinal materials were finally refined into the silver needle by him! The twelve silver needles turned crimson, condensing a film-like energy layer!

Lin Chen pulled out the silver needle, and quickly pierced the silver needle into the emperor's temple, Tianling cave, Zhengmai cave and Tianquan cave with his fingertips.

With each silver needle rushing in, the emperor's body became hot and hot, and the whole body was steaming.

What is this technique?

The masters of refining medicine were startled by Lin Chens unique acupuncture, some of them even had eyes shining, and the admiration in their eyes was about to learn from the teacher on the spot!

Ning Danqing shook his head in disbelief, and kept saying "impossible" in his mouth.

Lin Chen's acupuncture and moxibustion flowed through the clouds, and Ning Qingxue's eyes stared at the small stars, shaking Ning Qingxuan's sleeves straight.

"Sister, is this alchemy?"

"Well, it should be to divide the alchemy steps into several parts, and then inject it into the target's body with a special method."

Ning Qingxuan Yuan Dai is picturesque, with a smile of appreciation and admiration under his veil.

I saw half of it; the fifth-level low-level master medicine refiner slammed his thigh!

"The old man understands! This child is refining some kind of high-level elixir, but in different steps and ways to put the medicinal properties into the perfect way to inject into the body of His Majesty, so that the effect of the elixir can be better and more perfect. Evaporates!"

He looked at Lin Chen fanatically. How much experience did he have to accumulate, and to what extent did he understand Danfang to the point of reaching the peak to dare to make such a bold and brand-new modification!

And his magical needlework is also a major point. Where is this sacred child, and there are so many ways to turn decay into magic?

After the acupuncture and moxibustion, Lin Chen poured the last batch of medicinal materials into the Dan furnace. At this time, he was sweating and sweating.

This kind of refining medicine is no less than Lin Chen's cross-level battle with a powerful Tiangang Realm, even worse!

"Bahuang XuanhuoEight Quenching!"

Lin Chen folded his hands and snapped them together, the Eight Dain Seals floated from the top of the Dan furnace!

One after another, the dragon-like energy carries through all the medicinal materials, releasing a king-like dominance! Many people were shocked and retreated!

"His alchemy handprint, is his rank higher than mine?"

Ning Danqing gritted his teeth deadly, a trace of fear and hysterical madness spawned from his heart.

The last ball of medicinal herbs was pressed into a fiery red energy spirit by Lin Chen, and when it was integrated into the body of the emperor, the position of Nadant suddenly shrieked!


A series of green smoke rose, and a faint white light shone from the position of the emperor's abdomen, which helped Lin Chen expel the last batch of Qiqing inch poison together, and was completely burned to nothingness by the fierce beast nuclear!

This scene is very interesting in everyone's eyes!

Before Ning Danqing's cleansing and washing of pill residue, he even helped Lin Chen to get rid of Qiqing Cundu faster!

Even his own efforts made wedding dresses for others, and some master refining masters secretly smirked secretly.

"Brother Dan Qing, you are really a big man, actually helped my brother, the beauty of adult, thank you so much!"

Although Lin Chen was sweating all over his body, he still smiled seriously.

Ning Dan was so green that his blue muscles were exposed, and his eyes were cracking. It was like a beast that was about to pounce on Lin Chen!

"Pooh~~ Cough cough cough!"

It was at this moment; the emperor suddenly opened his eyes and spit out a sip of blue-red blood!

Everyone was happy and woke up! The emperor woke up!

Miracles come!

Qiqing Cundu is so violently poisonous that it is not only completely eradicated, but also awakened as soon as it is detoxified. This is simply a miracle!

The masters of refining medicine almost looked up at Lin Chen with a look of worship.

This ingenious game, a unique and wonderful medicine refining competition, opened a new door for all medicine refining masters!

Their admiration for Lin Chen surpassed any pharmacist they had ever seen!

In Lin Chen's intense and wonderful medicine refining process, time has passed two days and two nights.

The emperor's Qiqing inch poison was completely persecuted, and with the heavy cultivation of his heavenly environment, he immediately woke up and recovered his consciousness.

"I, how long has this been a coma..."

The emperor got up hard, and several old officials and maidservants quickly came over to help.

"Your Majesty! You are finally awake! You have been in a coma for three months after you resisted the seven-inch poison, and have been in a coma for half a year!"

Several old ministers lamented tears, kneeling beside the emperor.

"Are you, Master Qian? Master Liu and Master Stone. Did you heal me?"

The emperor recognized many acquaintances at a glance and greeted him with a fist.

"No, no, your majesty said it seriously. How can I wait for this ability to heal you? It is this lady Ning who passed by our dynasty and cared about the development of the people of my dynasty. She kindly assisted your majesty and healed your dragon. It was Miss Ning. The little friend Lin Chen."

The chief medicine refining master in the palace hurriedly spoke; the emperor's eyes flashed with light. Although his body was weak, but his experience was still there, he recognized Ning Qingxuan's extraordinaryness at a glance and immediately said respectfully.

"Hey man, Xing Tianhu, thank you Miss for your kindness."

In front of Ning Qingxuan, the emperor did not dare to call himself I!

"Your Majesty, you're welcome, I naturally have a price to save you. I passed by your dynasty a few days ago, although the dynasty is prosperous, but the people are suffering, and the sorrows of the four fields have fallen into a state of incompatibility. I hope you will survive this life and death This kindness can return hundreds of millions of people in the dynasty and rebuild the dynasty system so that everyone should have the qualification to pursue happiness."

Ning Qingxuan's ethereal voice, if the goddess proclaimed that there was an irreversible supreme dignity in the judgment of Destiny, which made Xing Tianhu tremble and respectfully said.

"Yes, the scumbag must obey the instructions of the young lady, take the people as the heaven, repair the system of the dynasty, and return the mountains and rivers to the people, helping the people of Lili live!"