My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 157

Chapter 157: 1. Please Start Your Performance.

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Chapter 157 Please start your performance.

"You just finished the detoxification, we will not disturb you for the time being. After you fix it, we will talk about it in detail."

Ning Qingxuan turned around and left; many master refining masters, Ning Danqing and Ning Qingxue retreated in turn and left the attic.

Among the people leaving the scene, only Lin Chen frowned.

Outside the attic;

"Dan Qing, you have lost this time."

When Ning Qingxuan turned to Ning Danqing, he spoke indifferently. The body of the latter shocked!

Ning Qingxue exposed Haobai's small tiger teeth, smiling and holding the jade box with the seal of war, before Ning Danqing.

"Pull it~~ You can't even compare to a rogue, you deserve this punishment sign!"

Ning Dan trembled with anger, took a deep breath, and put his hand into the jade box with a look of death.

Everyone in the audience was looking forward to Ning Danqing. What punishment sign would he draw?

If he smoked his own, it would have disappeared on the spot!

With the character of this lady, it is impossible to be soft.

After hesitating again and again, Ning Danqing's palm slowly extended from the penalty box.

But when he spread out the content of the punishment sign; first he let out a sigh of relief, and before he finished it, he shuddered again at the corner of his mouth!

"Ha ha ha ha!!"

The laughter of Lin Chen and Ning Qingxue sounded almost at the same time, when everyone urged the war to take a closer look; this punishment sign drawn by Ning Danqing is Lin Chen's!

Penalty sign content: In the capitals most populous place, complete the following posture and last for a quarter of an hour: Turn your palms back with your back and fold your hands together. Cross your two toes into the nostrils and lick your tongue until the tip of the nose.

This punishment sign is much worse than others!

In addition to Ning Danqing's own "self-discipline" punishment sign, this is the most ruthless!

"Please start your show!"

Lin Chen burst into tears with a smile, Ning Qingxue stared at Ning Danqing with anticipation.

"Miss me..."

Ning Danqing spoke, and Ning Qingxuan's tone of voice became a little cold.

"Ning Danqing, people of my family, can't speak without faith."

In just one sentence, Ning Danqing froze, her lips closed, her teeth clenched.

"Since all the girls have mentioned this, then Dan Qing will do just that!"


In the Tianhu dynasty, the capital is located in the center of the Tianhu Square, and the flow of people keeps more than one million people at all times.

Today; as the sun sets, the crowds of people in Tianhu Square surge, and a high platform is announced.

On weekdays, the Xuanfa platform is used when there are urgent matters to be announced in the dynasty.

Today's Xitai, suddenly appeared a young man with courageous force!

He was dressed in white, with his sword and eyebrows heroic, his waist straight, and his slender figure; he had a pair of skins for a girl's dream lover.

I haven't waited for everyone to reflect on who this person is and why he appeared on the emergency seat of Tianhu Square; he made an amazing move!

I saw; he sat on the ground, palms folded his back to his back.

Then, he lifted his bare feet and crossed his two thumbs into his nostrils, so that all the people, sectarian organizations, caravans, vendors and soldiers passing by Tianhu Square stared at this handsome young man in dumbfounded!

"My goodness, what are you doing here?"

"What a wonderful younger brother, why is my brain sick? Hey~~"

"I'm a mother, this **** seems to be a master of the terrible realm!"

"Old Li? Are you sure you read it right? How could it be so young!"

"Where are the idiots who look so dignified and look better than those brothers who don't know how much, how could such a stupid thing be done!"

"What the **** is this? I haven't seen it!"

Just as the Quartet was shocked, Ning Danqing was so angry that his teeth were almost crushed!

But he tried to open his mouth, and then! The tip of the tongue slowly licked towards the tip of the nose, and everyone in the audience even aired!

Ruthless! Really ruthless!

Lin and Ning Qingxue, who are outside the square, have been rolling with laughter and tears are coming out!

"Really happy, hahaha!"

"This kid had no one in his eyes when he first entered the imperial city. He who opened an untouchable and closed a wild dog is crazy than we do not know how many times."

"Yeah, it really should be! Who made his tail go up to the sky, when we were young and frantic and became third-tier pharmacists, he was not as crazy as him."

Many master refining masters applauded secretly; Ning Danqing's strange posture lasted a full quarter of an hour, not more than a second, not a second.

"Lin Chen! You are waiting for me!"

Ning Danqing shouted angrily in front of many people in the square, then walked out of the air and left the scene angrily.

This scene scared the people's face and changed their face, walking in the air? Is it possible to be a strong man in heaven and earth?

Surprised, everyone is curious, and can make this act of Tianjiao who is suspected of Tiangang. Where is this Lin Chen, sacred?

It was at this moment; a senior official also took to the stage and announced aloud.

"Today! It is a memorable day. My Majesty was rescued and awakened today by the alchemy master, Mr. Lin Chen, the dragon's life was restored, and the king came to the world! Today, we will forgive the world, open warehouses and release food, and help the world!"

"Competitors; Mr. Ning Danqing was defeated by Mr. Lin Chen. According to the rules of the competition between the two parties, Ning Danqing has completed the punishment of the loser, hereby declare!"

As soon as this remark came out, everyone in the square was in an uproar!

The young man Tianjiao who flew away from the sky just now turned out to be a master medicine refiner!

Some sectarians are well aware that the Emperor Tianhu Dynasty is highly poisoned, and even the fifth-order pharmacist is not sure!

Another defeated Mr. Lin Chen, I am afraid that he will be even more shocked! Even the fifth-level medicine refiner did not complete the task, he was overcome by him!

"It turned out to be the content of the punishment for the failure of the test. It is no wonder that the youth just did such an act."

"It's terrible when you are a young man and you are already a master of medicine and a master of refining medicine!"

"Huh, what's more terrifying is the one named Lin Chen? He actually defeated the peerless Tianjiao who walked in the sky and healed the king of the Tianhu Dynasty!"

The strong parties on all sides have different opinions and are full of wonder and curiosity about Lin Chen's name!

Outside the square

Among Lin Chen and his entourage; Ning Qingxuan said suddenly, his tone was serious.

"Mr. Lin Chen, I have something to discuss with you, please follow me."

Lin Chen was stunned and smiled at random.

"Ms. Ning Qingxuan, do you have any rewards for me? Exactly, I also want to talk to you about something."

Ning Qingxue turned the eyes of the ancient spirits and was about to catch up with them curiously, but Ning Qingxuan dropped the command of "not allowed to follow up", and Xiao Nizi could only leave with grievances.

Xiao Nizi gave Lin Chen a fierce glance when she left. It seemed that she didn't take her with her because of him.