My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 158

Chapter 158: Jiulong Sedan

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Chapter 158

Yueting Lake, the lake sparkling. Here is a quiet valley outside the imperial city.

Lin Chen and Ning Qingxuan, who didn't show the true appearance, stood in a gazebo by the lake.

Now, someone in Lin Chen is a little flustered and even wants to go on the spot.

"Come on~"

Under the veil, Ning Qingxuan's beautiful eyes flashed a trace of expectation.

"Miss Ning Qingxuan, is that bad..."

Someone swallowed saliva and his breath became heavy.

"You didn't say that at first, do you want to repent?"

The questioning of the beauties made Lin feel hesitant and embarrassed.

"Miss Ning Qingxuan, I am a principled person!"

"This is not in conflict with your principles? Keep your promises, justified."

Seeing that the lady did not intend to let go of her tone at all, someone's heart beat faster and faster!

How to do? If you do, maybe your first-generation handsome name will be destroyed!

But if you don't do it, then it's regret, it's not fair to others!

"Then, then I will come!"

Lin Chen gritted his teeth fiercely and put his hand to...

Put it in a jade box with a penalty sign!

Yes, that's right! Lin Chen also failed the original competition!

Ning Qingxuan came to Lin Chen to tell him about it.

The content of the comparison test set by the two was to restore Xing Tianhu's original behavior while he was cured.

However, the criminal Tianhu before poisoning was in the late stage of Tiangang Realm. After detoxification, because of being eroded by toxins, the cultivation was retreated to the middle stage of Tiangang Realm.

Yes! Strictly speaking, Lin Chen is indeed not a win!

Lin Chen, who reached into the jade box, touched and felt uneasy. If he got some punishment that was too explosive, his ending would be no better than Ning Danqing!

"Huh? What's going on?"

Lin Chen touched around and found that there was only one punishment note in the jade box!

He looked up at Ning Qingxuan in shock and consternation, who watched him with an elegant and ethereal smile.

"Only one? This little fairy wouldn't want to mess with me? If she asked me to draw Ning Danqing's one, would I really want to punish myself on the spot?"

Lin Chen hesitated, but he turned to think, Ning Qingxuan did not need to motivate himself to draw that one.

It seemed as if he had found some confidence in his heart, Lin Chen took out the only penalty sign in the jade box!

After taking it out, the penalty sign clearly stated: "Please give Miss Ning Qingxuan an adult gift."

Seeing this sign, Lin Chen froze in place!


Lin Chen looked at Ning Qingxuan inexplicably.

She turned to stare at the sparkling lake, her beautiful eyes turned back and forth, and she whispered to herself.

"The day after tomorrow is my 20-year-old gift. In my family, if I reach 20 years old, I will completely abandon my personal freedom and dedicate everything to the family.

"So, this last day will be my last period of freedom. Mr. Lin Chen, maybe also my only friend outside the family, you are unique, I want to find you to talk about my things and listen to your heart Law. I dont know if you are willing to listen."

That night, Yuexiating Lake.

The young lady, with four eyes facing each other, flashes a pure and single light between each other's eyes.

"Appreciate further details."

Hearing Lin Chen's answer, Ning Qingxuan slowly closed his eyes, and Kong Gu Youlan's voice rang gently and gracefully.

"When Chaos was born; a world of eternal flame was born in heaven and earth. The flame has the power to create and destroy the world. At that time, the first people who could bathe the flame and accept the baptism of the flame, physique, talent, fighting spirit, city There has been a transformation beyond the ordinary human race!"

"And in each family that is baptized by the Holy Fire, the most talented person is also called the Son or the Saint. I am one of the ancient families of Lingzhou, one of the Saints of the Ning Family."

Talking about this, Ning Qingxuan's always elegant and refined look appeared a complex and struggling look.

"I am different from the Holy Lady of the ancient forces. My life has been decided long ago. What kind of person should I become, what kind of path should I take, what kind of mentality and fighting spirit should I cultivate, who should I marry, Or where in your family."

Ning Qingxuan's jade hands couldn't help tampering, his ethereal voice trembling slightly.

"I was born to admire mortals, even if they are poor and vulgar. But they are free to live, even if their lives are short, but they can dare to love and hate, fight against the world, and fight against fate. Compared to my rebellious heart In terms of no one, how great and brave mortals are..."

"No! Not like that, you are wrong."

Seeing that Ning Qingxuan's emotions were getting worse, Lin Chen interrupted her.

Nian Qingxuan stared at him curiously, staring at Lin Chen in surprise.

"Mortals are not free. They have more oppression and threats to face. Even if the world is not absolutely fair, the opportunities they confer are equal. What about a well-defined life, a person who truly desires freedom, no matter what At no time will he feel that freedom is too late, he has always been free in the pursuit of freedom!"

Lin Chen grabbed Ning Qingxuan's jade shoulders with unprecedented seriousness and solemnity.

"You are just willing to admit your fate. As long as you are willing to resist fate, you will always be free, because you are pursuing the path you desire."

Ning Qingxuan stared at the serious and immature face of the young man, a touch of enlightenment and light, quietly spawned in her heart.

At this moment, the roar tears the sky!

Roar roar roar ~ ~! !

The earth was trembling, and the earth-shaking dragon roar spread throughout the capital of the dynasty.

All civilians in the dynasty looked up at the sky, no one was surprised, no one was frightened!

Under the bright moonlight; a huge real dragon with nine heads and a hundred feet is born, and the dragon is covered, sweeping the sky!

Five-claw golden dragon, Xuantian wood dragon, azure blue dragon, red flame red dragon, reckless earth dragon, ancient green dragon, ravaged robbery dragon, star falling dragon, moonlight dragon!

Jiulong is like raining in the clouds, flying in the clouds, flying neatly over the entire capital of the dynasty!

They seem to come through time and space, coming from that ancient time, coming to the world!

Even more mysterious is that their dragon capital is tied with a golden chain, and Kowloon is pulling a splendid palace chair!

It is unimaginable for all mortals to look up at the miraculous palace sedan, what kind of character is really worthy of sitting inside!

"Kowloon carries the sedan chair, where is the lady who is holy!"

As the emperor, Xing Tianhu stood in the palace, looking up at the posture of Kowloon, leaving only ants shaking like ants!

It is not just the Sky Tiger dynasty, the strong men with a radius of one hundred thousand miles are all drawn by this Kowloon opportunity, and they all cast their terrifying eyes in the direction of the Sky Tiger dynasty!

Lift the sedan in Kowloon! In the end, where is the Supreme to have this generous!

Underworld? Twenty-four domains? This is by no means a level that the secular forces can reach!