My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 159

Chapter 159: Ning Zhan

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Chapter 159

"Qie, is that guy Ning Danqing. The elder sister's adult ceremony is still one day away, and he arrived so soon."

Ning Qingxue's silver teeth bite lightly and skimmed in the direction of Lin Chen and Ning Qingxuan.

Jiulong moved forward slowly until he reached a thousand feet above the valley where Lin Chen and Ning Qingxuan were.

"This is from your family to pick you up?"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, his expression dignified!

The nine-headed real dragon carrying the sedan alone is second only to his ancient green dragon, and any one head is enough to match the late stage of the Tiangang Realm!

"Yes, I didn't expect them to come so fast. Sorry, let you listen to some willful words, but I will definitely remember your advice!"

Ning Qingxuan smiled lightly, Lin Chen frowned, turned to the nine-headed dragon in the sky.

At this moment, on the dragon's back of the nine-headed dragon, four slender figure of young people jumped.

"Ning Jia Ning Zhan, hereby pick up the lady, in order to avoid accidents, we need to return to the family in advance, please be considerate."

Headed by a young man with a war gun, he was Yu Xuan'ang, he was overbearingly cold, his face was cold, he was wearing golden armor, he was extraordinary, but he knelt down on one knee respectfully and respectfully to Ning Qingxuan with a fist.

"I see, I want to stay with my friends for a while,"

Ning Qingxuan nodded calmly, as if expected.

"Friends? The subordinates bluntly say that in these twenty-four domains, no single pariah is qualified to talk to your young lady as friends!"

The young man stood up slowly, and looked at Lin Chen, the spirit of the world was instantly transformed into a hurricane-like energy, and mixed with sharp fighting spirit to grind to Lin Chen!


The entire pavilion was overturned into pieces, just a look, the destructive power far exceeded the real!

The strength of this young man has reached the realm of Tiangang Realm! His actual age is only about 25 years old!

This kind of horrible talent is even more terrible than the Lingzhou Tianjiao Lin Chen encountered in the evil king's secret territory!

"Ning Zhan, what are you doing!"

Ning Qingxuan questioned coldly; she had a hint of anger for the first time, always elegant and refined!

"Miss, don't be angry, the subordinates just clean up the garbage for the lady. A mortal with seven realities is not qualified to stand beside the lady."

Ning Zhan respectfully said that Ning Qingxuan's tone grew colder.

"You mean, you can disrespect my wishes, right?"

Ning Zhan said indifferently and indifferently.

"The subordinates did not dare, but this time the subordinates carried the holy king's decree. They must ensure the absolute safety of the young lady. Even if the young lady's order is necessary, the subordinate's decision cannot be shaken."

Ning Zhan holds a sapphire token with the word "Holy King" engraved on it, which makes Ning Qingxuan's heart completely desperate!

Her pupils gradually lost their previous spirituality and light, leaving only apathy that gradually dimmed.

"Do these people now belong to mad dogs, the kind that will bark when they meet."

It was at this moment; the young man's chuckle sounded, and in the crack of the cracked pavilion 100 meters away, Lin Chen withdrew the Tiangang fighting spirit, patted the dust on the shoulder, and his face was plain and calm.

Ning Qingxuan was relieved to see Lin Chen okay, and then said quickly.

"Lin Chen, go away..."

"Ning Yu, Ning Long, **** the lady back to the sedan!"

Ning Zhan suddenly drank coldly, and two other youths who were both in the Tiangang realm stood in front of Ning Qingxuan.

"Ningzhan, dare you?"

For the first time, Ning Qingxuan angered and tweeted coldly, making the two young people from the Gang Gang apologize.

"Sorry, how offended!"

The two opened their arms to form an indestructible cube of fighting spirit, imprisoned Ning Qingxuan, immediately levitated into the air, and forcibly brought Ning Qingxuan to the Jiulong Palace sedan.

"Ning Zhan cousin, this kid!"

Ning Danqing stared at Lin Chen with vicious resentment.

"Is it you who made me humiliate my Ning's family? It seems to be a little bit stronger than those **** mortals. If you can hold me for half an hour under your hands, you can leave safely, if you can't, Just kneeling and crawling under Ben Shao's hips, I will spare you a dog's life."

Ning Zhan waved with one hand, a golden light barrier enveloped Lin Chen, forming a wide range of hundreds of feet, covering everything by the lake.

"Ning Zhan, what kind of Ning family man you are! Bullying your sister without accepting the baptism of the torch of adulthood, do you still want to bully a mortal who is seven or eight years younger than you!"

At this moment, the girl's squeamish sounded, and Ning Qingxue stood outside the golden light barrier, scolding Ning Zhan.

"It turned out to be Miss Qingxue, and her subordinates are preparing to pick you up. However, they must be cleaned of some rubbish."

Ning Zhan's mouth, outlined a trace of grim and thirsty!

Just when he wanted to see what Lin Chen would react to, Lin Chen hadn't ignored him from beginning to end.

His purple-gold pupil stared at Ning Qingxuan above the Jiulong Gongjiao from the beginning, her every move, and her gradually bleak eyes, all had a panoramic view!

He held the unique punishment sign and carefully placed it into the Naling Ring.

Lin Chen didn't speak, but his eyes seemed calmer than ever.

"I haven't been in the secular world for a long time, and I didn't expect that mortals are so crazy! It's time to let you wild dogs know who is the master of the Lingzhou mainland!"

Ning Zhan was very angry and smiled, his feet shook suddenly, the earth shook, and cracked in all directions!

Ten sharp Geng Jin edged out of the ground and ploughed down the ground to Lin Chen!


The land around the lake cracked one after another. Ning Zhan's fighting strength had the power to smash the mountains and rivers, which is several times stronger than the ordinary Tiangang Realm!

[The host activates a level 2 charge rune, consuming 50,000 rune energy and increasing its attack power by 240%.

"Nine tactics of God's wasteland-dark bite!"

The dark attributes of the roulette, such as the rotation of the dark system, were shot by Lin Chen on the ground, shaking the ground!

The dark lines of war swallowed the mountains and rivers, completely swallowing the domineering golden light to nothingness during rotation!

The aftermath of the fighting between the two made the whole valley crumbling, cracking and cracking in all directions!

"Blue top-level combat skills, a little skill, no wonder so crazy."

Ning Zhan's sneer came from the void, Lin Chen urged Zijin Tong, and his figure suddenly escaped into the void and appeared!

Tear ~~!

The space is distorted, and Ning Zhan holds a tiger-headed golden gun, and the distance of one hundred feet is instantaneous.

Heimong Qingtian, Lin Chen urged the Nine Tricks of the Sorcerer, to run the fire of the fire department, and the black abyss gun swept out in the opposite direction. When the two guns confronted each other, the ground at the foot of Lin Chen was broken into countless pieces!

Dang Dang Dang~~!

The gun shadow dances violently, the two guns are tit-for-tat, and the golden flames burst into flames!

It was only a dozen rounds, under the premise of Lin Chen running Tiangang's fighting spirit, his arms were still bent and his arms were bent, and he was defeated!

Looking back at Ningzhan, Lin Chen had no effect on his attack!

The strength of his body seems to be not the body of a mortal at all; when the war is running, the light is bright.

Vivid rays of light swirled around his body, this was the first time Lin Chen saw this opponent!