My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 16

Chapter 16: 3. Remember There Must Be Many People

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Chapter 16, Remember, there must be many people!

One of the two old men beside the young man in red immediately reacted, "Master, this kid is scolding us!"

"Damn, there are people in this Qingyang Mountain Range who dare to find the trouble of my Blood Sect, to death! First destroy this kid!"

The young man in the red clothes scolded fiercely, and the fifteen blood-clad people all swarmed up!

"Go away!"

Taking advantage of the opportunity, everyone's attention was on Lin Chen, Han Yan suddenly squeaked, and gave away the little sister and two sisters who had left him, and then stood with Lin Chen back to back!

"This young man, the grace of life-saving is unforgettable. You go quickly, let me cover you..."

The woman's words didn't finish, the star's cold light flashed, and the seven-star soul grabbing gun was held by Lin Chen!

"The gun rain wins the soul!"

Qixing Soul Rifle flashed a series of afterimages from Lin Chen's hand!

In the sky, the endless star-glowing blue light gun shadows, like the violent wind and rain, instantly penetrated all the blood-covered people who rushed up!

All the blood-clad men's defense of defense is penetrated in an instant, and they will never die!

Piles of attribute light **** fell from the air and rolled down on the ground.


Han Yanqian's eyes tremble slightly, her grim cheeks appear stunned, and fifteen elite killers with more than eight levels of Qi Refining Realm are just a stroke of this teenager's!

"Not good! This child has terrifying power, and the young master will withdraw quickly!"

The old man in the linen suit next to the young man in red changed his attitude slightly, pulling the former to quickly withdraw!

"It's not that easy to run!"

The soul grabbing gun spins back, Lin Chen liberates 30% of the blue dragon blood veins, and the left arm throws the soul grabbing gun angrily, just like the arrow from the string soars!


The gunpoint fell like a falling meteor, and the old man in the sackcloth sent the retired young man quickly, turned quickly, and the pale green fighting spirit rolled majesticly, and retreated Lin Chen's soul-taking gun!

"Master runs quickly, I'll hold this boy!"

Flames stepped in step by step, Lin Chen's figure appeared like a ghost in front of the old man in linen, and the palm of his hand shone with fierce fighting that almost turned into substance!

"Fighting Demon Fire King Seal!"

The majestic fighting spirit was shot like a raging wave, and the old man in linen was even more stunned. With Lin Chen's strength, he was able to perform such terrible combat skills one after another!

"Thousands of fissures!"

"Compete with me? Fighting demons over the ground!"

"This...? Young heroes..."

"Forgive you, Doujinjin Meteorological Seal!"

The old man in Mai was photographed by Lin Chen as a series of three strokes of the four demon seals, and the master of the four layers of spiritual realm, in Lin Chen's hands, was too late to ask for mercy!

When he saw that the blood sect's young master and his personal stewards were thrown in front of himself like Lin Chen by rubbish, Han Yan's red lips could not help but widen slightly.

Lin Chen's eyes fell on the crystal pendant hanging on Han Yan's chest, and he heartily sighed.

"really big!"

Han Yan froze, then Xia Fei cheeks, a sigh of shame, "You have seen enough!"

Seeing the beautiful lady shy and angry, Lin Chen shook her head and smiled, pointing at the former pendant and laughing: "Sorry, this girl, I am talking about the pendant you are wearing."

Han Yan had just regained her own misunderstanding, her grim blush appeared on her cool cheeks, she took off the crystal pendant on her chest, and she didn't look away.

"This is the relic that my mother left me. If the young hero wants it, it's okay for Hanyan to give it to you. The grace of life-saving is unforgettable."

Lin Chen took the pendant, and only he could see that the blue crystal in the pendant turned an attribute light ball.

The palm rests on the pendant crystal, and the attribute light sphere inside is sucked away by Lin Chen.

[The host gains 1000 Runic Power.

The attribute light sphere in this crystal pendant turned out to be able to supplement the rune energy of Lin Chen's characteristic rune!

"Can I use a wave of slow runes wantonly now? Hey, no loss, no loss."

Lin Chen, who was ecstatic in his heart, returned the crystal pendant to Han Yan, and said in a straightforward way: "The girl laughed, how can you seize the belongings of others' homes, and ask the girl to take it back. The next is just love peace, I dont want anyone to be bullied."

The corners of the two people who were tied next to each other were slightly drawn. How could there be such a shameless person!

The man who just killed their blood sect, this kid didn't even blink his eyes!

"The benefactor is really a model for my generation, Han Yan admires. Dare to ask the benefactor's name?"

"Nameless Junior, Lin Chen."

Lin Chen waved his hand while picking up the attributed light ball on the ground.

At the moment when all the attribute light **** on the scene were picked up by Lin Chen, his cultivation base completely entered the sixth peak of the Qi Refining Realm, and the pure power of the absorbed energy of blood and blood climbed beyond the 3955 tiger power!

After the elder psychic realm of the Blood Sect was killed by Lin Chen's three strokes, the purple black iron chest was dropped, and Lin Chen picked it up and opened it curiously.

[The host obtains one of the fragments of the mysterious exercise "Tai Si Bible". Note: This exercise system cannot identify the specific grade, and it is a secret recipe for spiritual cultivation. The host needs to collect four other "Tai Chi Bibles" to practice.

Lin Chen was stunned. This turned out to be a secret of spiritual cultivation, and the system still could not identify the level of specific grades?

"Young Master Lin Chen, what about the two of them."

Han Yan battled the sword on the neck of the blood-dressed youth, and asked Yinfang with a bite.

"If you dare to move Master Qin's hair, in the blood-yang city outside the mountain range, the whole blood sect will come out of the nest, and will kill you forever!"

The blood-served youth's old servant shouted hoarsely and moved out of his own forces to threaten Lin Chen.

"Oh? The whole blood sect will be dispatched?"

Lin Chen's eyes lit up and came to the two.

When he heard that his denomination had reacted, then Master Qin regained his self-confidence and arrogant sneer.

"Yes, if Master Ben died, the entire Blood Sect would go up to my father and down to the four elders, and all of them would be dispatched. But my Blood Sect has two powerful warriors.

"Senior Lin Chen, or let us let them go. The blood clan's power is not trivial. This Qingyang Mountain Range is the main venue for their criminals. We can't fight them."

Han Yan clutching the wound, approached Lin Chen and whispered.

Unexpectedly, Lin Chen went to the two with a smile like a rose flower. Putting his hand on Master Qin's shoulder, he said in a deep tone: "Master Qin, you must not lie to me!"


As soon as the words fell, Lin Chen slapped Master Qin's Dantian with a palm and shattered his qi sea, causing him to roll on the spot!

Han Yan was so shocked that her face was pale, and her cold cheeks appeared pale!

"You, you have abandoned Master Qin?"

The old servant looked at Lin Chen in disbelief, and he said with a smile.

"Hurry and take him back to call someone, be sure to call everyone in the Blood Sect! Remember, there must be more people, I'm here waiting for you, I want to single out your blood Sect!"

Looking at the young man's smiling face, the old servant's mouth was so open that he could lay an egg!

crazy! Crazy crazy! A kid who hasn't reached the sixth level of Qi Refining Realm, dare to clamor for a single to single out the whole blood sect?