My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 160

Chapter 160: Ning Defeated

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Chapter 160: Ning defeated!

"But so, die!"

Ning Zhan disdainfully sneered, the tiger-headed golden gun was smashed into the air, the space was twisted and turbulent, and I wanted to smash Lin Chen's head with a blow!

[The host activates the slow rune of level 2 and consumes 50,000 rune energy. Activate a level 2 recharge rune, consume 100,000 rune energy, and increase attack power by 300%.

A gray-white fulu suddenly appeared in the space between the two, and the fighting and movement of Ning Zhan suddenly stopped!

The purple phoenix wings flapped the purple flames, Lin Chen's already ready-to-go palms suddenly flipped and shot, and the front was shot in front of his breastplate!

"Thunder burst, light and anger!"

The thunder of the thunder is like a series of electric dragons running through the void, and the energy of the light is exploded into a fist-sized energy ball. The entire valley has set off a huge energy storm that illuminates the whole night!

"How could this kid perform such a terrible attack?"

Ning Danqing, who was watching the battle, changed his face slightly, and was afraid of Lin Chen!

The energy storm passed away; Lin Chen urged Zijin Tong and couldn't help crossing a trace of surprise!

In the void; Ning Zhan walked in the air, his hair covered in chaos, and the armor at the chest shattered, revealing a faint trace of blood.

"Minor injury? Is that 300% of the energized rune, but only a slight injury caused by breaking his armor?"

Lin Chen frowned, and under the cover of Zi Jin Tong, he vaguely saw an energy that he saw for the first time flowing in Ning Zhan's body, making his life extremely tough.

"Lin Chen, don't fight him! Ning Zhan has received the baptism of the torch of my family, you are not his opponent!"

Ning Qingxue was anxious and reminded Lin Chen.

"In terms of mortals, your strength is still bare, but in front of my family, you can't even count a ant!"

The golden warfare turned into a fierce tiger of dozens of feet, and Ning Zhan stepped on the golden light fierce tiger, and the sneer sneered from the top.

"Today the young man wants to see how much the flesh of this torch baptism!"

Lin Chen drank suddenly, his hands shoved in vain, and the gray light disillusioned the void!

The aura flow of space instantly becomes extremely slow, as if the time has slowed down, the expression of Ning Zhan, the appearance of horror for the first time!

[The host activates level 2 slow runes, consuming 400,000 rune energy.


The gray-white fulu was born, suppressing the heavens and the world, and included in the galaxy! Stuck the space!

400,000 Rune Energy! This is the first time Lin Chen has used so many rune energies to urge a special rune!

The powerful rune energy made Ning Zhan even unable to ask for help, leaving only panic and panic in his pupils!


Ning Danqing's complexion changed suddenly, and she gritted her teeth hard, exerted her abilities to show her skills, and the golden light jumped into the space, assaulting Lin Chen behind!

"Jin Feng broke the sky!"

Ning Danqing's cold drink suddenly sounded behind Lin Chen, and his palm turned like a sword-like light of Geng Jin, angering Lin Chen behind him!

"Vile, two dozen and one attack!"

Ning Qingxue secretly called badly, Hao teeth nibble!

"Qinglong! Come out! Let me see if you, the body baptized by the torch, can withstand my full attack of the Qinglong!"

In the electric light and fire stone, a piece of green dragon claw pushed across the mountains and rivers in the void, and the anger was reprinted. A claw tears the fighting spirit of Ningzhan!

The dragon tail swept through the galaxy, carrying the rage of the power of the collapsing starfall, and shot Ning Danqing in an attempt to sneak attack!

The dragon's claws were lifted high, slammed down, and the stormy Chaoning battle ran over!

boom! !

The whole valley is filled with earth-shattering energy storms, and the gas barrier set up before the Ning War was completely shattered!

The energy of the entire lake began to evaporate at a rapid rate, and the terrible energy fluctuation shattered a thousand kilometers of ground cracks!

Ning Zhan was beaten to the bottom of a thousand kilometers deep, his ribs were broken, and his flesh and blood were blurred. Even the body baptized by the torch could not withstand the fierce bombardment of the ancient green dragon!

The mad attack lasted for nearly five breaths, and Ning Zhan only broke through the rune energy!

"The potential tiger breaks the soul claw!"

Ning Zhan propped up the seriously injured injury, bluntly fought back with a blow, and slightly shook the green dragon claws that had been smashed over by the turn, and he fled to the ground.

"Baguang Xuanying!"

Ning Zhan, who desperately urged the life-saving secret method, turned into eight mysterious lights and fled to the void outside the valley.

The fusion of eight mysterious lights, the figure of Ning Zhan once again appeared in the void, and gazing at Lin Chen's direction, his eyes were filled with shock and doubt!

In the void; a behemoth is coming to the world!

It is nearly two hundred feet long, shaped like a long snake, lying on its limbs; has five claws, a unicorn head, a carp tail, a horn like a deer, a long beard, a scale like a sapphire, and a dragon pupil radiates through the stars and the moon!

"Roar Roar ~~!"

Perceiving the emergence of stronger dragons than them, the nine heads of the real dragon roared with anxiety; they stared at Lin Chen's ancient green dragon with hostility.

"This kid turned out to be an ancient green dragon out of thin air? Where did he come from?"

Ning Zhan covered her wounds and looked shocked!

He didn't even notice any signs beforehand, and Lin Chen still hid such a terrifying green dragon!

The most important thing is that his strange trick to seal his fighting spirit and body!

There is no sign when the secret method is shot, and there is no fluctuation in the fighting spirit! Unpredictable!

Lin Chen stood on the top of the ancient Qinglong's head, holding the Black Abyss, suffocating like a dragon, gazing at the world, and dominating Kyushu!

Ning Qingxue gently covered her red lips with her hands, her eyes were colorful, full of excitement and shock!

Ning Qingxuan above Gong Jiao all had ripples in his heart. The original dim expression rekindled a glimmer of hope!

More than three months ago, Lin Chen was just a psychic realm under the war spirit.

Today, less than four months later, he has the strength to match the Tiangang Realm!

At this time; Ning Danqing's screams resounded through the valley.

"Ah! Cousin, cousin, my hand!"

Ning Danqing fell in a huge pit, his right arm was missing, and was crushed into **** by the slap of the ancient Qinglong!

"It seems that the body baptized by the flame is not very beaten."

Lin Chen's eyes were like a knife, and he sneered. The ancient green dragon spit out a breath of dragon, and locked Ning Zhan aggressively.

"Enough is enough, don't fight again."

It was at this time; the situation was changing, and a constant old voice of the old man came from the Jiulong Palace sedan.

The nine-headed real dragon, who was still uneasy before, heard this voice and immediately became ashamed.

"Elder Sha?"

Ning Zhan bleeds at the corners of his mouth, rises from the air, and punches Gong Gong.

"Ning Zhan, our trip is just to pick up the young lady to leave. This young man has proved his strength. If you fight again, you will insult yourself."

The whispered voice sounded like water.

Although Ning Zhan's expression was extremely unwilling, he did not dare to disobey the old man's will and clenched his fists in both hands; "Yes, Ning Zhan knew."

"Youth, this blue dragon is from the same origin as you, not from your captivity or domestication. You have proven your strength. We will never make you more troubled, but the return of the lady on this trip is not to be delayed. If you have anything, You can find the Ningjia in Lingzhou in the future, of course, if you can grow to this height."

The old man's voice came into Lin Chen's ears across the air, and he could see at a glance that Lin Chen's ancient Qinglong had the same origin as him, and his strength far exceeded that of Ning Zhan!

At least, it is also a strong man with more than six levels in Tiangang Realm!