My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 161

Chapter 161: I Will Make You A Mortal.

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Chapter 161 I will make you a mortal.

"Seniors rest assured that I will definitely go there."

Putting away the Heiyuan gun, Lin Chen gave a fist to Gong Jiao in the sky.

Subsequently, he jumped from the ancient Qinglong, landed outside the valley, and came to Ning Qingxue.

"Sister Qingxue, please give this to Ning Qingxuan."

Lin Chen took the punishment sign that Ning Qingxuan gave him from the Naling Ring and gave it to Ning Qingxue.

"Nice Qingxue, come on, the elders of the family have orders, but the old man has no time to consume you."

I saw; Ning Qingxue floated up and slowly flew towards Gongjiao.

Before leaving, Ning Qingxue shouted seriously.

"Lin Chen, you must come to the Ning family. My sister and I are waiting for you!"

Lin Chen did not speak, but nodded silently to her.

On the side, Ning Zhan lifted Ning Danqing, and the ancient Qinglong yelled at them, and the two looked at Lin Chen unwillingly, and flew to the Jiulong Palace.


Kowloon Tengyun drove the fog and began to fly away from the Sky Tiger Dynasty.

Lin Chen swept into the giant pit, took away all the attribute light balls, and took away a dropped attribute treasure chest.

[The host gains 750,000 points of gold energy, 880,000 points of essence of fighting spirit, 120,000 points of merit, 10,000 points of spiritual power, and 30,000 points of rune energy.

After taking away the attribute light ball, Lin Chen looked up at the starry sky, quietly staring at the direction of Ning Qingxuan's departure, and watched Gong Jiao leave, breathing deeply.

"Lingzhou Ningjia..."

After one night, the Tianhu dynasty had different opinions about the previous night's Jiulong sedan.

Lin Chen returned to the dynasty and met Xing Tianhu to implement Ning Qingxuan's previous ideas.

The rescue of Xing Tianhu was only for him to better protect the people and stop the people from suffering too much.

Lin Chen expressed his attitude to Xing Tianhu and the civil and military officials. If he could not do it, he would personally kill Xing Tianhu and destroy their dynasty!

No one in the dynasty dared to disobey Lin Chen's wishes. Everyone knows that the war outside the dynasty last night was caused by this seemingly childish young man!

After completing these, Lin Chen immediately left the Underworld and returned to the Wasteland Branch.


In a boudoir in Jiulong Gongjiao, the lady slowly opened the note with only two lines engraved on it.

Please give Miss Ning Qingxuan an adult gift.

I will make you mortal.

A ray of purple veil fell down, and the woman's ethereal and gentle smile echoed in the boudoir.

"Then I am waiting for you."


Wasteland; Tiange Academy.

The bald old man who was sitting in the void suddenly opened his eyes suddenly, and a sharp scoring passed across his eyes!

"Who is sacred, dare to break into my Tiange Academy?"

Ziyan streamer across the sky, the speed is extremely fast, leaving the bald old Yan Yan to wait.

"Senior bald elder, wouldn't even his own students recognize it?"

The young man's chuckle resounded through the sky, the purple phoenix wings flapped, and when Lin Chen stepped into the air in front of the bald old, there was a playful smile on his mouth.

"Lin Chen? Good fellow, why did you come back! Huh? You broke through to the seventh level of the real world!"

The bald old man appeared in a ecstatic color, and when he looked at Lin Chen, he found that he gave himself a light sense of crisis.

"It seems that you have gained a lot on this trip. It's just right. Someone came to play today. It's time for your kid to come back!"

The old bald smiled, and someone in Lin also suddenly realized that he showed an unpretentious smile.

"Yeah, there are people who dare to come to our wasteland branch to play, and the bald old man can rest assured that I will let him go!"

College square

More than a dozen figures stood still, and two students from the Wasteland Branch were still in the pool of blood.

"On the basis of this broken place, we can still win the quota of 15 examinations of the General Academy? No one believes that the sky is broken!"

"This is the desolate branch that defeated the Tianyu branch? Really false, how can I find someone who has taken my one?"

A young man with a sword in Jinyi ridiculed and laughed; the hundreds of old students in the inner courtyard were filled with indignation!

They listened to the bald elders saying that this group of people was a distinguished guest of their barren branch, so they did not dare to neglect.

Unexpectedly, the other party not only did not appreciate, but also dared to hurt their inner courtyard!

"Hey, what's the calculation of the Tianyu branch, our Netherworld is the first branch of the 24th domain this year!"

"I said to you, even if you go to the General Hospital for assessment with your wastes, you will be killed. It is better to give us the quota to our Netherworld branch. In the future, our brother Meng Xingchen can also be a guest of your branch and love you more. The girl student, ha ha ha!"

A group of young men and women humiliated every old student in the inner court who was humiliating.

They can clearly see the strength of these guys. Hong Fei, the top 25 and 29 in the inner courtyard, Xing Tianshen senior can't even take the two moves of these guys!

They are Tianjiao students from the Netherworld branch.

This time, I participated in the assessment of the General Academy and passed the wilderness by the way, to see how the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is in the legendary defeated Tianyu Branch.

"What the **** territories Lin Chen, dare to claim the first of the twenty-four domains, what kind of shit, are a group of shrinking turtles!"

"If you have the ability, ask him to come out and fight with my senior Meng Xingchen!"

The two youths spit and spit in disdain, the corners of their mouths sneered!

"You are not allowed to insult Lin Chen's brother!"

A icy sword sword slashed into the void, and the two young Tianjiao's eyes condensed, and the turquoise fighting spirit condensed the palms, and the palms were shot out, the airflow collapsed, and turned into two cruel claws!

The two sides collided with each other and exploded the turbulent waves!

The lady walked slowly with her slender jade legs, her eyebrows were curvy, her figure was beautiful, and she had the beauty of national fragrance. The light blue dress outlined her exquisite and full figure. Frost glanced at the dozen people.

"Wow, there's a need!"

The young man in Jinyi who was wearing a single sword blew a whistle and looked greedily at her exquisite figure.

"You doubt we can, but you are not allowed to insult Lin Chen's younger brother. Also, this is not the place to start. If you want to fight, just follow me to the arena!"

Leng Yanjia is Su Lan who acted with Lin Chen before!

After these four months of transformation, her ranking has been ranked in the top 20 of the inner courtyard, and her true strength is the top 10 level!

"Come, there are not many chances to fight this kind of super girl, you give way, I will go first!"

Jinyi Youth laughed evilly, followed closely behind.

Everyone looked at each other, some ran to notify the elders, and some followed to the arena.


More and more old students from the inner court gathered, and everyone shouted in support of Su Lan.

Ranked above the competition ring; Su Lan and Na Jinyi youth confronted each other.

"Beauty, how about you or me? Yu Hong is notoriously good at treating women!"

The young man of Jinyi Yu Hongxie smiled, and before he finished, the sword sounded!