My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 162

Chapter 162: What A Surprise?

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Chapter 162 !


Without saying anything, Su Lan suddenly drew his sword; the ten-handed ice-blue combat spirit Jianguang cut a tens of feet of ice and snow avenue, the cold sword air frozen the air, and cut to Yu Hong!

"Hey, little worm!"

With a hand-made knife, Yu Hong swept it out lightly, and a **** knife swallowed the light and clutched it, strangling to kill Su Lan's sword shadow!


Unexpectedly, the coldness at Yu Hong's feet rose up and instantly frozen his legs!

The blade is sharp and Su Lan's figure emerges quietly from behind him, stabs him behind him!


A violent metal collision sounded, and Yu Hong didn't know when to draw the knife. His knife was as spiritual as to block Su Lan's sword!

"Little beauty has a little skill, then I won't let you!"

Yu Hong laughed evilly, the sword danced violently, the swordsmanship was cut off like a tide, and only one face-to-face, Su Lan was instantly suppressed!

Daoguang Jianying, each knife light is mixed with murderous, like a violent wind and rain, a knife is followed by a knife, Su Lan is only dozens of rounds and has no power to fight back!

Taking advantage of the repressive momentum, Yu Hong caught his hand and even grabbed Su Lan's plump mountains!

Let everyone scold shamelessly!

Su Lan's silver teeth clenched and her waist twisted, barely evading his clutches.

But immediately afterwards, his sword technique was even more violent, and he even reached his thigh for the second time!

"Hahaha~ No surprises, no surprises!"

Yu Hong lured with laughter again and again, with a strong possessive gleam in his eyes.

Su Lan's face became colder instantly, forcibly retreating, Qianying turned around, while avoiding the palm of Honghong, the edge of the blade carried her suddenly with a sword!

This kind of strength has made many old students take a breath of air!

This Hong Yu from the Netherworld Branch is not much more than Ling Tianyu before!


A shadow of beauty rushed to the ring and supported Su Lan, who was bleeding at the corner of her mouth, and was the twin sister Su Lan.

"My mother, I still treat the twin girls! Too pleasantly surprised, so unexpected! I want it all this time!"

Yu Hong laughed wildly and rushed towards the two sisters.

Su Lan's beautiful eyes are shining brightly, and she intends to defend her sister to death!

Because the top 20 old students in the inner courtyard are almost gone, all of a sudden, everyone can only watch as the sisters are about to fall into the hands of Hong Hong!

Tear ~~! boom!

Sword-like sonic booms suddenly sounded, and a faint ghost image appeared ghostly in the arena, no one on the scene was able to notice in advance!

The afterimage flew to Yuhong's front, kicking from the bottom up to Hong Kong's chin, kicking his bones and teeth instantly!

Accompanied by the cracking of his bones was the sneer of the teenager.

"What is a surprise?"

The palm of his hand pressed against his heavenly cover, and the young man will shoot back to his original position, letting him stand on the spot!

Yu Hong vomited blood suddenly, showing horror and fear!

He found that his fighting spirit and his body were almost too slow to work!

The Tianjiao of the other Netherland Branches also appeared in a similar situation to Yu Hong. The fighting spirit and body were as slow as a turtle, and they could hardly do even normal actions!

Sister Su Lan's second daughter stared staringly at the silver robe boy who was standing in front of them.

The silver robe rolls over, the waist is like a gun, the figure is slender, the stern eyes seem to contain the stars and the sea, the childish face, a cold and domineering face, the corner of the mouth is vaguely outlined with a wicked smile. .

When the familiar face appeared, the two sisters felt uncomfortable and unprecedented security.

Everyone in the audience was stunned in the same place, a shock that was familiar as before came to my heart

The young man grabbed Yu Hong's arm and smashed his whole person on the ground like a hammer, smashing the entire ring into pieces!

"What a surprise!"

The boy's cold drink rang throughout the arena!

Lifting his foot and stepping down, the teenager crushed Yu Hong's arm with one foot, kicking him like a ball in the direction of everyone in the Netherworld branch!

The teenager rolled up his sleeves and jumped off the ring. Everyone in the Netherworld branch can't move!

"What a **** surprise!"


Everyone slaps on the spot, fiercely pumping a few young Tianjiao!

"What the **** is a **** surprise!"

Lin Chen raised his palm, it was another mess!

Bang Bang Bang Bang!

All of them were pumped on the spot, and two of them were almost slapped on the spot, and their neck bones were broken!

After pumping everyone away, the teenager turned to face all the old students in the audience and smiled slightly.

"Everyone, tell them what surprise is."

The old students looked at each other and laughed heartily!

"The surprise is that our senior Lin Chen is back!"

"Surprise is the most handsome stand-alone king!"

"Damn, we got a traitor out, hit him!"

Lin Chen's old students laughed heartily.

Afterwards, he walked towards Sister Su Lan's second daughter and stared at Su Lan, a rare and serious question.

"Are you all right?"

Looking at his seriously concerned face, the sisters' cheeks were red for no reason.

How did this guy become so serious after going out for a while, and he was not used to it for a while.

Seemingly seeing through the second woman's thoughts, Lin Chen said right afterwards.

"Hmm~~ I didn't speak anymore, it seemed that I was seriously hurt! Look at this chest, it's all swollen, and I feel so distressed. Sister Su Lan, I'll help you rub it... Hey, Su Lan you kick What am I doing! Im with a gun, so be careful, damn, hurt!"

While Su Lan's beauty was flushed and punching and kicking the rogue, a majestic old man's voice angered.

"A big dog gall, dare to injure the students of my Mingyu branch!"

As soon as the words fell, a huge and powerful battle force descended from the sky, containing the power of crushing mountain stars, penetrating the clouds, and shooting at Lin Chen!

The two sisters were ecstatic, and this turned out to be the shot of the powerful Tiangang Realm!

"Lin Chen, go away!"

Su Lan pushed Lin Chen away anxiously, and she rushed into the war with her face!

"Lan'er, don't!"

Su Lan's pretty face was pale, Lin Chen shook her head and smiled.

"Battered the little crazy dog, and the old crazy dog also ran out. But this nizi is so stupid and cute?"

The Purple Phoenix wings spread out suddenly, Lin Chen rose to the sky and hugged Su Lan.

He flipped with one hand, and the white light flashed his palm condensed into a circular energy ball, which flew out in anger!

[The host consumes 10,000 rune energy and activates a level 2 recharge rune, increasing attack power by 200%.


The white light energy ball suddenly collided with the combatant, and an energy explosion that swept through all directions set off from the height of the arena!

Fortunately, the height of the attack erupted was sufficient, and the students were not injured.

The aftertaste of the energy explosion was scattered into light spots, dotted on Lin Chen's profile, and Su Lan in the boy's arms couldn't help but look a little fascinated.

All the old students in the inner courtyard were dumbfounded! Lin Chen actually received a blow from Tiangang Realm?

Is it that he has grown to heaven in just a few months? !