My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 163

Chapter 163: Compete For Places

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Chapter 163

Two old men, one black and one white, stepped into the air and stood in the void. The eyes of the old man in black robe were full of disbelief.

"How is it possible that this kid isn't in the seventh realm? How can he face the old man's attack head-on!"

"This child's exercises and combat skills are very strange, be careful."

The old man in the white robe squinted his eyes, he was like a bald old man, he actually felt a sense of crisis in Lin Chen!

"Okay, okay, it's all you own, what's the fight?"

The clouds dissipated, and the bald old man sat with an auspicious cloud floating high in the arena, lazily glancing at the two old men.

"Bald old ghost, we brought students to your college to visit and be guests. Are you treating our students like this?"

The old man in white robe smiled coldly and smiled fleshly.

"Aha~ Everyone knows this thing well, so you don't have to open your crotch and talk nonsense."

The bald old man took a sip of wine and said nothing.

"This bald old ghost, our students came out after being beaten, it's really not a thing!"

The old man in black robe gritted his teeth, but never thought about the face of his students when he humiliated the old students in the deserted branch.

"Lin Chen, how can you be so disrespectful to the guests, and wait for yourself to go to the penalty hall to receive the three hundred boards without mistakes!"

The bald old pretended to sternly scold, Lin Chen immediately shouted injustice.

"No students! It is these seniors from other branches who want to know what surprises are. I just explain the meaning and positioning of surprises to them. I can not be rude to them and don't believe you ask everyone present!"

Someone Lin and the bald elder sang together, and the black and white elders gritted their teeth fiercely, sneering.

"Bald old ghost, you don't have to pretend, since you don't welcome us here, then we will see you in the assessment!"

Black and white two old one beckoned, dozens of people who flew by Lin Chen were wrapped in fighting spirits, suspended.

Among them, a handsome young man in white stared at Lin Chen viciously. Lin Chen's eyes narrowed. This person is the strongest student of the Netherworld Branch. Presumably it was Meng Xingchen.

However, just under Lin Chen's slow rune attack, all of them could not move. Lin Chen's slap was no joke. Even his teeth were broken.

"Hey, why should everybody do that? The friction between the juniors is occasionally a little bit sparkling. It's okay if that's the case, then I won't be far away."

The old bald man seemed to sigh, but in fact drove people. The old man's face shook violently a few times and left with a cold hum!

Seeing the elders leave, the old students in the arena are screaming with excitement!

"When do you still want to hug!"

The beautiful woman's shameful red anger cheek reminded someone of Lin's existence. He smiled and landed back to the ground.

Su Lan hurried back to her sister's side, and Lin sighed with praise.

"Well built."

Su Lan heard that Qiao Ruo was burning, and turned to pretend to make a fierce white look at him.

"Okay, boy, let me take you to Class 66 first."

The bald old yawned and laughed lazily.

Lin Chen spread the wings of the Purple Phoenix, flew to the void, and nodded and smiled; "Just, I also think of this group of guys, and the old and the bald are leading the way."

"Your boy, who doesn't show the mountains and the water, let me watch a good show as soon as I come back, hahaha!"

Bald Old patted Lin Chen's shoulder with satisfaction, then waved his hand.

"You two Nizi will also come together, after all, you are also in class 66."

The bald old took Lin Chen and his second daughter into the clouds, and went to a deep mountain in the branch.


Branch; Tianqiao Mountain.

A dense room; many old students in the inner courtyard gathered together.

"Why can they occupy 5 places without effort? We are not convinced!"

"That is, it is our class 66 and Brother Lin Chen who won the gang of bitches. What did you do with it?"

"What does it mean that we are still young, and we still have a chance? Do you want to go! You have to give you the chance when you are young? Are we really stupid?"

Inside the room; many old students in the inner courtyard and the class 66 have a quarrel!

In the last team match battle with Tianyu Branch; the Wildland Branch won 15 places here, but the allocation of places has not been balanced.

Class 66 hopes to compete for 10 places, but many mentors and elders in the inner courtyard believe that the opportunity should be reserved for other old students with the greatest potential and strength.

After a round of disputes, still failed to finalize the quota.

Although the old students respect Lin Chen, the opportunity to participate in the assessment of the General Academy is rare in a hundred years!

If you can enter the General Hospital, it will be soaring and you will have a foothold in Lingzhou.

This life has only one chance, and no one wants to let it go.

It was at this moment; the door of the Chamber of Secrets was kicked!

"Noisy, noisy, what's so noisy! Such a simple question, who is more handsome, oh no, who is stronger!"

Everyone looked around, everyone in Class 66 of Yinpao's stride meteor was ecstatic!

"Brother Lin Chen?"

"The monitor is back!"

"Humph, this time the class leader is back. I see how you still suppress our class 66,"

Everyone in Class 66 immediately turned over, and the old students and elders scratched their heads awkwardly.

"What are you in a hurry, since everyone hasn't settled yet, I propose to hold a game half a month later, and our 66 class will play against you old people, the winner takes the place, the loser has nothing to say!"

Lin Chen's remarks made the old students happy, and the mentor in the inner courtyard could not see what was going on.

"Brother Lin Chen, if we are fighting alone, there are still many people in our class who are not their opponents."

At this time; Ying Liang whispered over.

"If you can't beat it, you can't beat it. If you don't have the strength, you shouldn't participate in the assessment of the General Academy. Isn't this a matter of course?"

Lin Chen smiled mysteriously, everyone in Class 66 was puzzled. Why didn't the class leader help them this time? Wasnt it consistent before?

Some old students in the inner courtyard were very grateful to Lin Chen. The mentors slammed Lin Chen, and he came out with a clear understanding of what is right and the big picture.

"Huh? Bihan, Junhao?"

Lin Chen found that Bai Junhao and Shangguan Bihan were here.

"Junior Junior and Shangguan Bihan's sister passed the assessment in two months and entered the inner courtyard, and asked to come to our class 66."

Yue Linlin smiled and puzzled Lin Chen.

"It turns out that it's easy to handle since it's here. Class 66 all returned to the classroom with me, everyone, we'll see you in half a month!"

Lin Chen waved his hand and left Class 66 with Class 66.

Ling Yu Peak; in the magnificent classroom.

Lin Chen stood at the podium, facing the whole class.

Although there is doubt in everyone's eyes, almost everyone believes that Lin Chen will not do anything that harms them.

"Yes, you are one by one, you didn't plan to ask me why I wanted to play a single ring with them."

Lin Chen laughed, and the whole class burst into laughter.