My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 164

Chapter 164: Han Yizhi

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Chapter 164: Han Yizhi!

"Brother Lin Chen, as long as you say a word, for us, even if you give up the assessment of the General Academy."

Gu Chenfeng's bold and dry smile, some boys nodded in agreement.

"Fart, you must go to the General Academy assessment, but it depends on you how much you can get for the 14 places."

"From now on, you will tell me one by one the characteristics of your practice skills and the strength of the fighting spirit. I will do my best to help you become stronger in this half month, and how much you can improve depends on your own."

With one wave of Lin Chen's hand, dozens of cheats of practice fell out of the Naling Ring, and everyone was stunned!

They picked up one or two volumes for a while, and all of them changed their expressions!

These combat skills are all high-level and top-level combat skills! And all are the best in the same level!

Just take a roll back to their family power, it is enough to be called the treasure of the town, the heirloom!

These are all the results of robbing the old Tiangang realm in the temple of the evil king's secret realm. Almost all of the exercises come out are inferior.

Most of them even have rare rare exercises even in the entire wasteland branch!

"My mother, Captain Lin Chen, are you the first-class sect that has robbed the entire wasteland?!"

Qin Xiaofeng shivered with excitement and said excitedly.

"There are not so many good practices in the wasteland to rob me."

Lin Chen shook his head and smiled. When the whole class looked at the scrolls of kung fu that piled up on the hill, his eyes could not help but shine!

"Brother Lin Chen, are these for us?"

The stern and honest Zhang Yu swallowed incredulously.

"Nonsense, I won't give it to you. I keep it."

Everyone in Class 66 looked at Lin Chen's eyes again, and there was already a kind of meaning to follow the oath!

I have to say that this love is too heavy!

Unable to bear the fanatical and numb eyes of everyone, Lin Chen waved and smiled and scolded.

"How come this one is sensational, although I look handsome, but you don't have to look at me like that. Okay. For female students, I'm not interested in male students."

Lin Chen's words made everyone in the class laugh out loud!

"Okay, without further ado, first report all of your combat attributes and characteristics to me!"


Lin Chen spent less than an hour, writing down all the characteristics and characteristics of the class.

After Lin Chen's departure for more than two months, almost everyone who followed Lin Chen's execution of the 6th-level characters stepped into the terrible situation.

Compared with the old students in the forefront of the inner courtyard, there is still a gap. If there is no problem in playing a team match, you can play it alone, and the strength is still slightly insufficient.

Lin Chen opened the furnace to refining medicine, and selected several kinds of Dan from the robbery seized or picked up in the attribute light ball, which can help the whole class to make rapid progress in cultivation!

Two days later

Bang ~~! !

The peaks of Ling Yu Peak continuously transmitted pure energy fluctuations, rushing to the sky, which caused the passing disciples to marvel!

"It's the fluctuation of the birth of high-level pill medicine. I really envy class 66. There is such a versatile and powerful squad leader."

"This seems to be the seventeenth time? It has been so terrifying to have refined so many high-level elixir in two days!"

"Even the Taishang elders in the refining medicine department of the inner court do not have this efficiency?"

"It's someone else's squad leader again. Look at our squad leader. Grandma's people are more dead than popular!"

Ling Yu peak, above the mountain top. A group of young men and women practice cross-legged on their own.

All the people in Class 66 were caught in a state of shock bottleneck, Lin Chen wiped a sweat, this continuous high-strength alchemy, even he could not eat it.

Suddenly, a crisp and sweet voice gently sounded from Lin Chen's ear.

"Well, is that you Lin Linchen?"


Lin Chen was so scared that the Purple Phoenix wings were all unfolded! Immediately fly into the sky, cold sweat DC!

With his current practice, he didn't even realize when someone was close to himself!

Although there are certain reasons for over-refining medicine, in this case, individuals will be shocked!

I saw; in the position behind Lin Chen, a lovely person stared at him timidly.

People with short hair like a faint frost, pale lips, pale eyebrows, and delicate skin, flowers and snow. Less than one meter six, dressed in a delicate silver embroidered shirt, the pure eyes like Qinghui Qinghui flickered at Lin Chen, flickering and curious.

"Who are you? Why suddenly approach me!"

Lin Chen was wary, he found that the other party's breath was so weak that it was negligible, and he couldn't even detect the spirit!

"Me, I also have class 66, my name is Han Yizhi... the deputy dean asked me to come to monitor Lin Chen, are you monitor Lin Chen?"

Han Yizhi was like a timid little white rabbit, as if she would cry out in fear when she looked at Lin Chen more than once.

"You are also in class 66? Speaking of which, there used to be 23 people in the original class 66. One person was cut off, and 22 people were left. There were 21 people who performed level 6 with me..."

Lin Chen recalled the calculation, and there was exactly one person missing!

"It turns out that you are in class 66, and I am Lin Chen. Classmate Han Yizhi, how did you just approach me without knowing it?"

Lin Chen put away the Purple Phoenix wings and landed in the void; curiously looked at Han Yizhi.

"I am born with a phantom physique, everything in my body will be covered by mental power. Unless someone with several levels of mental power is higher than me, I cannot detect my existence, so I often go in and out of the inner courtyard. Did not pay attention to me..."

Han Yizhi turned his curious eyes, but he didn't dare to look at Lin Chen's eyes.

"There is such a magical physique!"

Lin Chen released her spiritual power and used Zijin pupil. Apart from Zijin pupil, Lin Chen really had no second means to discover the existence of Han Yizhi!

"Your physique is very powerful, and your mental strength is very strong.

Lin Chen copied a volume of jade bamboo slips and began to portray many contents from the jade jade with his mental strength.

After a while, Lin Chen handed the jade jade to Han Yizhi, who after reading it mentally, a small face emerged with surprise.

"This is the method of spiritual cultivation?"

"Yes, there are some simple mental means of attacking and defending. If you practice this well, you may be able to participate in the assessment of the General Academy with us."

Lin Chen smiled; what he engraved on the jade jade was part of his "Tai Chi Bible". Since he was from class 66, he did not intend to hide it.

"Thank you Mr. Lin Chen! I will not tell you this jade jade!"

Although Han Yizhi was afraid of life, he understood the preciousness of this volume of jade slips, and he briskly bowed to Lin Chen.

He chatted with Han Yizhi again, and the relationship between the two became more familiar.

Lin Chen unfolded the Purple Phoenix Wing, left Ling Yushan, and randomly found a rest in the inner courtyard mountain range, and turned on the system.