My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 165

Chapter 165: Class 66 Top 15 In The Inner Courtyard

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Chapter 165, Class 66Top 15 in the inner courtyard!

[Tiandao Picking System 2.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen

Cultivated as: Qisha Realm.

Ultimate strength: 99.99 million tiger power.

Qi and blood energy: 92.81 million points.

The essence of combat: 93.22 million points.

Spiritual strength: 150,000 points.

Essence of exercises: 2.04 million points.

Mindset: "Nine Tribulation of Creation" (15%)

Xihui exercises: Bahuang Xuanhuo, True Water Gui Yuan Jue (100%), Tian Gang's fighting spirit (100%), Taishi Bible (20%), Shenhuang Jiu Jue (60%)

Possess a special treasure: True Flame Purple Phoenix Wing (40%)

Possess blood energy: 2150 points for the blood of the dragon and 10,000 points for the blood of the purple pupil.

Characteristic Runes: Slow Rune Level 2, Corrupt Rune Level 2, Recharge Rune Level 2,

Rune energy: 620,000 points.

The energy of each element: 4.2 million points in the fire system, 4.01 million points in the soil system, 4.1 million points in the wood system, 5.08 million points in the gold system, and 5.05 million points in the water system. The lightning system is 1.75 million points, the wind system is 1.29 million points, the light system is 2.79 million points, and the dark system is 980,000 points.

"System, I want to use the essence of the exercises and practice the highest proficiency that can be mastered in "Genesis Nine Tribulation.""

[The host consumes 1 million points of merit and is practicing "Genesis Nine Tribulation".

Massive memories poured into Lin Chen's mind!

Before, he was unable to practice the Nine Tribulation of Genesis in depth. The reason is that there are no two qi attributes of light and dark; and his other elemental energy attribute values are not enough to meet the limits required by the mind.

Lin Chens elemental energies now have millions or even millions of attribute values in addition to the dark system, which is far more than the past!

The memory of the cultivation of the Nine Tribulation of Creation was surprisingly long, and it took a full half a month.

During this period, the entire class of 66 people have already gone out! Start a one-on-one duel with old students in the inner courtyard!

When Lin Chen opened his eyes again, his proficiency in "Genesis Nine Tribulation" had reached 30%.

"It turns out that the chaos of the Five Spirits is just laying the foundation, and the creation of the Nine Tribulation is the time to shape the complete body!"

"When any one of the nine types of combat stats reaches the peak, you can forge a special attribute bloodline that is unique to that combat stat!"

Lin Chen's heart is silently running the fire of the fire department. A pure energy is injected into Lin Chen's bloodline and even the limbs!

Lin Chen fired a red flame burning all over his body, he lifted his fingers, and a beam of fire directed the light towards the sky!


Two thousand feet above the sky rolled up a flame and exploded, burning all over the clouds and turning into fiery red, and finally evaporated.

Such destructive power is comparable to the sky!

"This is the physique of fire, and the destructive power is comparable to the first stage of Tiangang Realm. If you use the Nine Skills of God's Wasteland, you may be able to play a later stage of power without using Charging Runes!"

Lin Chen shook his fist excitedly, and before he wanted to make a combat attack that was comparable to the Tiangang Realm, he had to use the Charging Rune.

But now you only need to switch to a special bloodline to have this destructive power!

This is just an incomplete special bloodline. If all nine kinds of fighting spirits are transformed into special attributes, the strength is unimaginable!

"The conversion to a special bloodline also requires a minimum of 4 million attribute values, and my basic five-element energy meets this condition."

Transformed into a special bloodline, which consumes a great deal, Lin Chen can only use this as a killer weapon.

"Huh? Did everyone in the class go out? I have been closed for more than half a month?"

Lin Chen's Zijin pupil looked at the top of Ling Yufeng Mountain, there was no one left, the Purple Phoenix wings spread, and flew to the inner courtyard.

Inner court; arena.

A large number of students gathered in the arena, including the students from the outer court!

Just after Lin Chen arrived at the scene, he heard the cheers and exclamations of the audience! And the result announced by the elders!

"Bai Junhao, defeated No. 1 in the inner courtyard, Xiang Dingtian!"

"Shangguan Bihan, defeated the 15th in the inner courtyard, Huangfu Ling'er!"

"Yue Linlin, beat the 11th in the inner courtyard, Liao Ying!"

"Liu Lin'er, defeated the 10th place in the inner courtyard, Tang Qianyue!"

"Yan Haitang, defeated the 8th place in the inner courtyard, Longhuang!"

"Gu Chenfeng, defeated the 7th place in the inner courtyard, Yang Feiyu!"

"Han Yizhi, defeated the second place in the inner court, Zi Yuexin!"

"Su Lan, beat the third place in the inner courtyard, Xia Feng!"

"Su Lan, defeated the 4th place in the inner court..."

Even the deputy dean and bald elder, who were accustomed to the wind and waves, were shocked!

Only half a month! The 66 classes have changed dramatically!

Not only does the whole team break more than two realms, everyone at least masters more than one level of senior and top-level combat skills!

Lin Chen's "Nine Skills of the Sorrow" is also a top-level youth, only 60% of his proficiency can explode attacks close to or comparable to the sky.

Even if everyone in Class 66 has only learned a little bit of the top-level combat skills of the youth, it is by no means comparable to the ordinary lower-level and intermediate-level exercises!

"Just kidding, a Bai Junhao who had just risen from the outer court actually defeated Senior Xiang Dingtian?"

"What do you know, I heard that Bai Junhao and Lin Chenchen had unearthed the most outstanding genius before entering the college!"

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sage's senior on, didn't have this term, it is estimated that Bai Junhao is the biggest dark horse!"

Many old students have different opinions. As of the arrival of Lin Chen, 66 classes have all won 14 examinations of the General College!

"Don't we all disappoint you."

The woman's light and graceful voice sounded, Shangguan Bihan smiled like a flower, staring at the back direction of the arena.

Everyone looked curiously along her line of sight, and one after another the astonishing surprise sounded!

"It's Senior Lin Chen!"

"Wow, it's a real person! Really handsome!"

"Hee hee, Senior Lin Chen is so immature."

"Sister Xue is in school?"

A large number of students fanatically rushed up, holding the moon to Lin Chen's stars, so that he had to unfold the Purple Phoenix wings to fly into the arena.

Falling into the arena, Lin Chen saw a glory of purple gold in the depths of Shangguan Bihan's pupils, and couldn't help but wonder.

"Your Zijin pupil has advanced to the fourth level?"

"Yeah, thanks to the fact that you helped me eliminate the hidden dangers of blood awakening, and also made me a panacea for me to break through to the second level of Disha Realm, and the realm of Zijin Tong successfully broke through."

Shangguan Bihan smiled, no one could imagine that such a soft and weak woman could actually defeat the top 15 in the inner courtyard!

"Well, you Lin Chen, I didn't expect to hide such a hand for us, ha ha ha!"

The bald old came out of the air and laughed with pride.

Everyone in Class 66 gathered around Lin Chen, Yue Linlin took the lead in curiosity.

"Right, Captain Lin Chen, I wanted to ask you before, why didn't Leng Yueqi's mentor come back with you?"

"Leng Yueqi's mentor has an opportunity and a fortune, and he will return to the family first."

Hearing Lin Chens words, the old bald and the dean glanced at each other, revealing an unspoken smile.

An old, obscure voice came from the sky; it made the audience quiet!

"Students in Class 66, congratulations on being the latest top 15 in the inner courtyard. Please prepare yourself now. Three hours later, you will immediately leave the centralized location for the assessment of the General College."