My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 166

Chapter 166: Giant Whale Island.

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Chapter 166, Giant Whale Island.

The deputy dean nodded and said, "Well, it's almost time. It's almost time for your class 66. After three hours, the dean will personally lead you out."

The 15 people who went to Tiange General College to participate in the assessment were all from class 66.

They are: Bai Junhao, Han Yizhi, Su Lan, Su Lan, Ying Liang, Gu Chenfeng, Yue Linlin, Liu Lin'er, Yan Begonia, Shangguan Bihan, Qin Xiaofeng, Xiang Qinghong, Xiao Sanqing, Zhang Yu.

And, the history of the Wasteland Branch is the strongest; Lin Chen!

The next fifteen people will face all the branch geniuses of the 24 domains, and Tianjiao Junjie from the head office!

Those 66 students who did not participate in the election will not have a big gap in their hearts.

They have benefited too much from Lin Chen, and the graciousness of the Qing-level top-level exercises alone is enough for them to remember for a lifetime!

Now this team in the Wasteland Branch is already a really strong team.

Not to mention Lin Chen, the strength of Bai Junhao in a single round began to inspire the blood dragon of Qinglong to its peak to suppress Ling Tianyu!

Three hours passed by in a flash.

The 15 people resting in the arena floated without warning.

"Don't be afraid, the dean will lead you to the assessment site next."

The old bald man smiled and waved his hands. The students in the whole arena said goodbye to Lin Chen and everyone in Class 66.

In the void; a flying sword tiger is hundreds of feet huge, and everyone in Class 66 is received on the sword tiger's back.

I saw that there was a kind and kind old man standing on the sword tiger. He leaned on a cane and wore a single coat. He looked weak and could not help but wind.

"Little guys, you have done a good job. Compared to previous years, you are the best group of students in history. I look forward to your performance this time."

Everyone in Class 66 looked at the old man in amazement. Is this the dean of the dragon? It seems nothing special!

Only Lin Chen could vaguely feel that the field covered by the president's profound and vast fighting spirit was far from the level comparable to that of the vice president!

"Are you the dean?"

Yan Haitang asked curiously after a respectful salute.

"Oh, it's like a fake replacement. You don't have to be so restrained, sit down."

When the dean smiled kindly, he looked at Lin Chen's gaze and paused for two breaths.

"Boy Lin Chen, Rong Lao Tang asked a question suddenly, and I dont know why Leng Yueqi, the mentor with you, didnt come back."

Talking about this matter, the Dean's eyes are solemn and deep.

"The dean is worried. Sister Yue Qi just got what she wanted in the secret realm of the evil king and has returned to the family."

Lin Chenyun smiled blandly, making everyone in Class 66 stunned!

Sister Yueqi? When did the squad leader get so familiar with the witch?

The dean gave Lin Chen a deep look and said with a smile;

"That's good. With Lin Chen's words, you can rest assured."

"Okay, guys, the old man will explain to you the contents of the assessment of the General Academy this time. The questions for this year's exam have come down."

The dean grabbed a roll of jade jade in his arms and slowly spread it out; everyone listened to the ears and dared not be sloppy.

"This time, the assessment of the General Academy is on an island named Jujing Island, which is located outside of the 24 domains, and the credits are collected. The main way to obtain credits is to kill the beasts on the island. The students of each college need to collect Only 10,000 points can pass the assessment."

"The evaluation time limit is: 15 days. Killing a fourth-order beast on Giant Whale Island can get 2 to 10 points. If you kill the fourth-order beast alone, it is difficult to clear the customs in such a short time. Therefore, in Above this island; there are twenty nests of fifth-order beasts, and each fifth-order beast is worth 100,000 points!"

Hearing this, everyone couldn't help but slightly air-conditioning!

This is the rhythm of asking them to hunt fifth-order beasts!

Di Sha Jing Xiu is a fifth-order beast of encirclement and suppression.

Just like in front of the Tiangang Realm, the Disha Realm is equivalent to the fish on the chopping board. The Tiangang Realm can let the other party die in a blink of an eye!

"We're no better than the terrible practice, and we are going to encircle and suppress the fifth-order beast comparable to the Tiangang Realm.

Ying Liang smashed her mouth, and her fighting spirit was aroused in her eyes!

"In addition, the battle also allows students to grab points with each other, as long as they are not dead, and the disability is not counted. If it is fatal, 2000 points will be deducted. The biggest problem in this assessment is when surrounding the fifth-order beasts. , You must also beware of other students who are also participating in the assessment."

After talking, the dean raised his head and said seriously again: "I have also visited the giant whale island husband. In addition to the above two points, there are two more difficult problems to deal with, that is, the chain reaction of fighting."

"There are dozens of twenty-fifth-level fierce beasts that are connected nearby. Once the battle is initiated, it may attract the second fifth-level fierce beast. And of the twenty-five fifth-level fierce beasts, five are overlords. Perpetually occupying the giant whale island, standing in an invincible place, the leader among the fifth-order beasts!"

"Once the fierce beast of the five-headed overlord is provoked, I am afraid that no one but the students of the main school will survive."

After listening to the content and rules of this assessment, everyone fell into silence!

This assessment is very difficult!

Even, if it were not for Lin Chen to return in time to help all of them improve their strength once, even if the quota was given to them to participate, it would only be to death!

"One by one, why didn't you speak? Did the fifth-order beast scare you?"

At this time, Lin Chen's joking laugh sounded.

"Since you want to enter the General Hospital, you will always face monsters with monster-level talents in the future, don't you? If you retreat here, then this General Hospital will not go."

Lin Chen was very ambitious, and the lightly written sentences gave everyone the determination to break through.

"Monitor Lin Chen, you are so good."

Han Yizhi showed his teeth, smiling like a crescent moon.

"Oh, it's worthy of defeating the ten arrogant Lin Chen from Tianyu Branch, who is brave! We have already left the wilderness on this trip; we will be able to reach Juvenile Island in about three days."

Lin Chen was surprised by the words of the dean. After they boarded the flying sword and tiger, they didn't have any feeling of flying. How long did it take to leave the wilderness!

Everyone cherishes the time, while resuming the previous consumption, while concentrating on practicing the top-level Qinggong exercises just got.

Lin Chen sat cross-legged and ran the Taishi Bible with Han Yizhi.

He was surprised to find that if there are two people running the "Tai Chi Bible" at a certain distance at the same time, the efficiency of practicing spiritual power is a few percent higher than that of single training!

This surprise made both Han Yizhi and Lin Chen overjoyed. Both of them spent their sleep and forgetting to cultivate their spiritual power. Lin Chen's spiritual realm has stepped into the spiritual realm and has reached a higher bottleneck.

Looking at the hard-working children, the dean shook his head and smiled comfortably.

Three days in a flash; Flying Sword and Tiger leapt hundreds of thousands of miles to reach the Nether Sea near Lingzhou.

In the Nether Sea, a broad and ancient island flows on the sea, its scale is tens or even hundreds of times larger than that of conventional islands!