My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 167

Chapter 167: Ambush

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Chapter 167: Ambush!

A sword light cut through the void, and the flying sword tiger reached the giant whale island, landing on the coast.

At the coast, there were already five elderly people in Tiangangjing in red robes waiting, and the voice of the dean was heard in the sky.

"The Wasteland Branch is in place and 15 students are assessed."

The Dean came to the five old men in red robes and said indifferently.

"Oh? This session of your Wasteland Branch seems a bit interesting."

On a bench behind the five robe elders, a sackcloth elder touched the greasy mouth and looked at Bai Junhao, Han Yizhi and Lin Chen with interest.

"This is your reference jade brand this time, don't lose it."

Several old men in red clothes flipped their palms and turned fifteen red characters with the words "Examination of the General Hospital" engraved on them.

Everyone in the Wasteland Branch has just received the jade card, and a stream of light shines from the sky; it is the person of the Dark Field Branch!

Just after they arrived, they found the culprit who had beaten them, and stared at Lin Chen with vicious resentment.

"The Netherworld branch is in place and 13 students are assessed."

The old men in red were expressionless and continued to issue the **** jade order.

The sky edge flew through the meteor-like rays of light falling on the coast, and the high-level branches of the twenty-four domains gathered at one time!

Lin Chen and Shangguan Bihan were eye-openers as the two of Zijin Tong Realm who practiced to "Pingsheng Zidian"!

The characters who can arrive here are all imaginary and endless, and the largest number is Tianyu Branch, with a total of 35 people!

Among these 35 people, there is no lack of outstanding genius beyond the previous Ling Tianyu.

The branch with the least number of people also has more than 5 people sign up to participate in the assessment, and compete for the assessment quota. None of them come here to wait!

At the time when the arrows of various parties are struggling, the vision is steeped!

Swish swish~~!

The speed of breaking through the clouds tears the air flow, and ten beams of light descend, and the terrible fluctuations in the fighting gas make the sea waves start a storm!

Ten handsome men and women walked slowly out of the beam of light. Lin Chen and Shangguan Bihan reacted for the first time and looked at each other.

These ten people are precisely Tianjiao students from Lingzhou General College! The masters of the Nine Heavyweights!

"There is still a half-step sky gang environment, this lineup is really powerful."

Lin Chen was so insightful that he saw through the details of ten people without breathing, and was a little surprised.

Half-step Tiangang, this is a realm that only absolute talent can enter.

Once stepping into the half-step heaven and earth, it means that practitioners can control the timing of breaking through the heaven and earth at any time, and regard the bottleneck as nothing.

The half-step Tiangang realm that Lin Chen has seen so far has only a few Tianjiao in the territory of the Evil King Mystery, and Leng Yueqi around him.

The students of the General Academy are responsible for adding the greatest difficulty to this assessment. They not only want to kill the fifth-order beasts on this giant whale island, but also hunt freshmen to participate in the assessment.

If ten people form a team; almost all teams can be swept.

However, the hospital did not want to see this result, so after the assessment began, the ten senior college students will be completely dispersed on the giant whale island. They may act alone or may form a team at their own will.

The chain reaction of the fifth-order beasts, the competition among the appraisers, the existence of the overlord-level beasts, and the roaming of the old students from the main courtyard!

These four fatal instability factors may eliminate people at any time!

But if you successfully pass the assessment, it will undoubtedly be the arrogance of cultivation, mind, talent, luck, and all at the top!

At the moment when the old students of the General Hospital appeared, there were four old students who constantly met with the eyes of the Tianjiao of the Tianyu Branch.

Less than a moment later, the four old students were murderously locked in the staff of the Wasteland Branch, especially Lin Chen!

"Squad leader Lin Chen, we were stared at."

Yue Linlin concealed her mouth and chuckled, Lin Chen lightly turned her neck, moving the body while smiling indifferently; "No way, who makes our team of handsome men, beautiful women, the highest value is us Isnt it right to be targeted?"

Seeing that the man had arrived, the old man in sackcloth who had been lying on the soft chair got up and wiped the greasy palm.

"Well~ Since the people are already here, I won't talk too much nonsense. The rules must have been told by your elders. If you don't understand it, you don't have to worry about Laozi's fart. This time, the rest is king. As long as you dont kill someone on purpose, you can do whatever you want, and bring 10,000 points back to Lao Tzu!"

The old man in sackcloth waved his hand, and the old man in the red robe stepped up into the air, and each took away two old students from the courtyard.

Brush ~~!

The sound of the wind breaking, the ten old students were sent to different directions of the island!

"The whole Giant Whale Island occupies a huge area. It takes at least seven days for these old students to converge. You must collect enough points and hide them in these seven days, and wait until the assessment is over."

The dean quietly whispered secretly to his own students; not only did the Wasteland Branch do this, other branches also secretly whispered with his own students.

After talking, the dean also handed Lin Chen a map in private.

The old man in linen pretended to be invisible and waved a hand.

"Okay, now the assessment has officially started! All the people set off and gather in place 15 days later!"

After that, he lay back lazily on his soft chair and slept on his own.

The Tianjiao members from the Twenty-Four Domains Branch began to flood into the Giant Whale Island with their own thoughts, and the assessment officially began.

Lin Chen took out the map that the dean gave him, and this map is very detailed, recording the route on the island and the lair and route of the 20 fifth-order fierce beasts.

Even, the races and names of the 20 first-order fifth-order beasts are marked very carefully!

Lin Chen looked at it for a while, and let the people of other branches enter the treatment first. After a full lap, he suddenly looked at his eyes; he laughed.

"I have already determined my first destination, so I will look for this magic dragon!"

Hearing this name, even the old linen user's eyelids jumped a few times, said in amazement.

"Demon Blue Dragon? Isn't this one of the five-headed overlord beasts, would this kid dare to look for overlord-level beasts as soon as he came up?"

The old man in linen has not yet determined, Lin Chen took everyone into the giant whale island!


Giant Whale IslandDemon Marsh.

Here are all muddy swamps, so trapped, even the fighting spirit will be absorbed, it is difficult to break free.

There are many strange shadows lurking in the towering ancient trees around.

It is the people of Tianyu Branch and Dingyu Branch ambush here!

Headed by a cold-faced, stern young man with a single knife hanging from his waist, a deep scar remained in his right eye.

The strongest active student of Tianyu Branch, Zhao Yunfeng, is at the pinnacle of terrible realm, which is better than Ling Tianyu.

Another handsome and feminine man is a face of resentment and resentment. It is the strongest student of the Netherworld Branch who was previously pumped up by Lin Chen.

The students of the two branches have already set up an ambush here at the beginning of the assessment!